Woman Missing After Allegedly Abducted by Boyfriend

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

Khadijah Britton

Khadijah Britton

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is soliciting the public’s assistance in locating a missing person who was possibly abducted and is considered “At Risk”.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating a domestic violence incident, involving and armed subject, who may have abducted his girlfriend at gunpoint.  The Sheriff’s Office was contacted on Monday, February 12th, about a possible kidnapping that occurred on Friday, February 9th, around midnight.

Negie Fallis

Sheriff’s Deputies spoke to witnesses who advised that Suspect Negie Fallis arrived at the location, armed with what appeared to be a small derringer pistol, and demanded his girlfriend, Khadijah Britton, exit the residence and speak with him.  Witnesses indicated Khadijah exited the residence where a physical altercation occurred between the male and female before they both entered a black Mercedes sedan and left the location.  Khadijah has not been contact with family since that time.  Negie who was wanted in connection with a previous domestic violence incident in January, related to the same victim, is also outstanding at this time.

The case was assigned to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Detective Unit for continued investigation.  Fallis is known to frequent the Willows are and the Grindstone Rancheria in Glenn County, Lake County, and Covelo.  We are requesting anyone with information related to the whereabouts of either individual to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at 707-463-4086 or the Sheriff’s Tip line at 707-234-2100.



  • He does not look like a nice person. Hope she is found safe.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Oh crap! So freeking scary! Hope she is okay? Im worried.

  • Wherever,u are whomever No’s something she’s someone s daughter or mother or aunt,sister family y can’t u all help.its all that happens no more blessing hopefully she gets her life jus like he will.

    • wow, grammar plz. I can tolerate some short txt but at least make it understandable! good grief there IS an intelligent way to go about it

  • The neck tattoos aren’t a sign of good judgement, nor a sign of someone you want your baby girl to date – IMHO, anyway.

    I sure hope she is found ok.


  • Damn i hope they find my cousin.!💔😓

  • Looks like he didn’t get much love when he was a kid

  • No one seems to mention that she is also strung out on drugs too. And if she got drug out from a party why didn’t the people from the party turn it in than?? And how long has he been her boyfriend and all of a sudden he’s so dangerous. Innocent untill proven guilty that’s someone’s son too can t just blame him. Maybe they are all high on drugs and probably don’t even know what’s going on probably don’t even know what day it us. Come on how many times have people got on a good one week at a time. In none of these post of missing persons has it mentioned anywhere that they are possible under the influence of Narcotics. Meaning you don’t have no sense of what your doing half the time. I would feel really bad of he got shot for no reason. Because now he is considered armed and dangerous. A good reason for cops to get him HAPPY.

    • Then that would be a perfect time for him to contact the sheriff and meet with them. So he won’t get shot. Innocent until proven guilty. So If he is innocent he needs to contact authorities before he does get hurt.

  • The other thing that isn’t mentioned is the false statement she made to law enforcement and then retracted later and admitted that she lied. Also is not mentioned that her family threw her out after she went back and fixed her false statement. And when she was out in the cold at night with no place to go, did the people who are “so worried and concerned” take her in? No! The person who is the “Suspect” went and picked her up when she called upset and crying because they are friends and even though they are not together anymore he still cares to much about her to leave her out in the cold abondoned, hurting, and alone. After that she told multiply people that she was gonna head outta town and didn’t have any reason to stay. So she didn’t tell the people who turned their backs on her. Can you honestly blame her?
    We as a society are so quick to always believe the negative and if someone doesn’t look how we think they are automatically a bad person. And there is always 3 versions of the truth. Your truth, their truth, and then the actual truth.

  • He needs to turn himself into the authorities and clear his name if he is innocent.

  • I don’t understand a lot of you. It states there were altercations, between the two,before leaving “Together “.Also stated, domestic violence, this not the first time.Why am I seeing red flags,where you are deaf and blind.I hope she is found safe and alive.Just my opinion .

  • My thoughts also why didn’t the family step in before all this got crazy this man has been her boyfriend for awhile now. And for family and friends to let it go on for so long why didn’t anyone step in and get her into a drug rehab along time ago?? Why wait so long for something bad to happen.

  • It’s awful and scary watching your daughter turn into a victim. Domestic violence is real. It’s well researched and documented. Meth is numbing as people progress further into relationship and substance abuse it is awful for their families. Dv is a felony charge. There needs to be different protocol for thsee situations. My heart goes out to her family.

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