‘They’re dropping like flies,’ Claims Article Written by Mendocino Farmer Referring to Growers Leaving the Business

Late harvest marijuana Fall

Last bud [Photo by Kym Kemp]

“They’re dropping like flies,” says Kevin Jodrey, owner of a Southern Humboldt dispensary, in a piece for CannabisNow written by Nikki Lastreto, co-founder of Swami Select cannabis. He’s talking about marijuana farmers leaving the industry and moving from the area.

According to Lastreto, who is judge at the Emerald Cup,

It began to become apparent last July or so. As light deprivation crops were beginning their harvest season it started to dawn on many growers that they had yet to sell any of their 2016 harvest. People were sitting on 100-plus pound loads and no one was buying. And if someone did offer, the prices were so ridiculously low, hovering between an average of $500-$800 per pound, that they were insulted and refused. At first. After a few more months, they were happy to accept $500 for a pound of beautiful sungrown cannabis flowers. But it seemed like a crime and it was hurting everyone.

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  • I saw this coming it’s a good thing I had a bad year .just my own medicine for myself .or if be in the same boat .

    • im sure you have to use your e mail to post here. so no matter what you think or are told your not anonymous on this sight. not sure its a good idea to tell everyone what bid deal you think you are because you are growing pot. not paying taxes, for years. the IRS is going to love you guys. one thing about the police. they might not be fast, but there not stupid. they have all the time n the world. they have you on google map. all that stuff you just have to brag about. your breaking fed law and admitting to it. you guys aren’t that smart are you. im sure many of you have pictures and videos too. what do you think the paper is going to do when the feds come and want your info. think Kim is going to jail to protect you. maybe she will.. you know what up in Calaveras county. the police said there going to use the videos that people have made of them selves. new city government just changed the law. first they get the tax. then change the law. now illegal to grow out side. remember what john Wayne said . life is hard. its harder if your stupid. good luck your going to need it.

      • You do realize you can put in whatever email you please ( even one that doesn’t exist ) ? You’re looking pretty stupid trying to make somebody else look ignorant , buddy.

        • first im not your buddy fucking trolls.e mail didn’t know that. ya i look stupid. not as stupid as the morons that over payed for the land and then tried to grow weed in the fog. how did that work out. they should start there own brand. maybe call it powder mold kush. lol Facebook, instant gram and all the rest is enough to arrest them. check out calaveras news papers. im not making this up. there coming for you. just like in Mendocino a few years ago. call me names , say what you want. $10,000 a day fine. not paying taxes for years and then making a video about it. not real smart. ill see ya in the paper.

          • You dont know anything about taxs!
            It was legal to make money off prop 215 it was reasonable compensation for work done.

            The only way they could get you for not paying taxs is if you were enrolled in the new program.
            There is absolutly no fear of the IRS and you are spewing garbage.

            • He knew how to spell taxes.

            • JOJO did i trigger you. I’m sorry. i didn’t know how sensitive you are. i know why don’t you go to your safe place and pet a kitten .The only way they could get me for not paying taxes is if I were enrolled in the new program. lol . so if im all over the internet for years, bargging about how much i make selling pot. drive a $50,000 truck. . take vacations, post pictures on Facebook. make you tube videos of me out spending money like its on sale and have no means of income ill be ok. that’s good to know. wow JOJO your so smart.
              again. the Feds and the IRS are not stupid. there slow because they have all the time in the world. believe it or not there coming for you. good luck

    • This comes from my heart:


      Let’s just look at the facts: 1. dispensaries do not need your weed, they are growing their own. 2. big ag is already here and gearing up to become more efficient. 3. the county and state are going to tax the living daylights out of anyone who tries to go legal. 4. Jeff Sessions will not let this become federally legal and so you will have to continue to launder all of your ‘legal’ weed money if you want to put it in the bank or invest it in anything legit. 5. uncapped grows are just around the corner. 6. properties are currently sinking in value. 7. there are not enough non-cannabis related jobs to support everyone. 8. anyone who is skilled, young, has money or connections outside will leave in order to find work that allows for a decent quality of life. if all you know how to do is grow, trim or sell weed, now is your time to learn how to nurse, drive a truck or program a computer. No one is going to save this way of life, accept that times have changed and it is time to start working on plan B.

  • That’s exactly what I said would happen when people just kept putting more and more greenhouses up ever summer. Simple supply and demand. The demands high but the average income doesn’t allow everyone who wants it to buy the good stuff. But if you make too much high quality weed and it exceeds how many people can afford high quality then you’ll have to sell to the remaining demand who still want it but aren’t rich. It’s wonderful to see the greed that ruined Humboldt inevitably save what Humboldt was suppose to be. Farmers who aren’t rich but have all that they need, dont work for the man, land in the middle of no where, good neighbors and homegrown food.

  • The Greed Factor finally caught up with all the Newb “Green Rushers” who were gonna “get rich quick” growing dope!!!! Long overdue but taking some who have been here the whole time down as well!!!

  • Is $500 a ridiculous price for “medicine”? I guess it is if your the Shkreli type.
    I say hooray for legal and affordable dope, finally!!!

    • If you factor in the cost of soil, nutrients plus the months of hard labor that it takes per plant growers are actually taking a loss at $500. Dispensaries are still charging $20-$60 an 1/8 of an ounce depending on quality which means dispensaries are making over $2000 a pound selling $20 eighths. So Mom and Pops who grow organic premium quality are out and the big timers that grow quantity over quality are pumping it out. As for the people that came here to get rich quick and used bad practices I say good riddence that they are going back where they came from but for the people that help build our communities and used good practices it sucks for our community and we can start seeing more empty business buildings in our small towns.

    • Except the prices at the consumer level (dispensaries) have stayed the same or gone up. Woomp woomp.

      • Not for me (at the consumer level), but I can see that being the case for some.

        • Golf clap for you 👏

        • Then I doubt you are purchasing from the LEGAL market. I have not seen one place lower their prices and I work with many dispensaries.

          • Are you serious? Do me a favor. Download the Weedmaps app. Search in Sacramento under “deals”. Ounces of indoor for around 100. Outdoor for 50-75. Many include a vape pen or gram of wax at that price. Tax free. Delivered to your door. Wake up and smell the ganja brotha…..

            • Yeah if you are okay with bottom shelf garbage. They have had these deals on stuff that has sat and got crusty musty before legalization. I see a lot of 1/4 that are over $100 and ounces around $360-400. Look at those same places menus much of it is just the same prices as before legalization or higher. And don’t forget to ad the 25% tax on top of the price you see.

              • Come on. I sold my farm in Humboldt and live in Sac. I get top shelf delivered for 100 an oz all day long. I bought 8 different ozs from 4 different delivery companies just before New Years because I was afraid of big changes. Since New Year’s a ton of new delivery services have opened and prices have gone lower! The quality is seriously top notch. I am blown away each time. Tons of greenhouse and indoor here.

              • Tax free. Free delivery. 2 prerolls and an edible thrown in for a good review. Check it out bro. All the cool kids are doin it…

            • “tax free”, hahahaha. Just know you are getting taxed. If in fact you can actually purchase at that price, just know it will not pass testing and they are trying to dump it before june. Also, just because its listed at that price, doesn’t mean they actually have it. “wake up and smell the ganja brotha”

              After reading your comments, it occurred to me you may be lying or you are not dealing with a permitted delivery service. I believe there are only 2 in that area. For a fact, one of those two only deal high quality and no $100 oz you speak of.

              • Thank You. I love how he calls it “top shelf” when those very places have like 3 tiers above it. Also nailed it on all other levels.

                • Nobody is paying top dollar for weed. Face it. The scam is over. For the cops. For the growers. We had our time. There was plenty of profit to make a good future for yourselves. I hope you didn’t snort most of your profit up your nose like many of my neighbors did.

              • Download Weedmaps and get back to me.

              • 2 delivery services in Sac? Haha!!!! Download Weedmaps and get back me.

                • Too bad we can all use aliases on this blog, because I doubt these folks that claim to work so closely with the legal dispensaries would talk to potential customers this way as they do here.

                  If they were working 9 to 5’s like most of us, I doubt they would be shelling out the extra dough for the “top of the line” stuff.

                  Cry all you want about not getting the illegal prices you are used to in a legal market.

            • Even if you are getting oz’s for 100 dollars thats still ripping off the grower. There are 16 oz in a pound. At $100 each thats $1600 . The shops are selling it at more thantwice the price they paid for it. That is a ripoff for any grower. No matter which way you spin it.

              • Seriously? That is how retail operations work. They double the price that they buy things for. They charge no tax, yet have to pay taxes. They have to pay delivery costs. They have to pay employer taxes. That is how business works! They are buying top quality pounds for 6 hundred. Even though many people are investing millions into the game, you must admit that there are thousands of central valley farmers with their land paid off, low property taxes, federally provided water, low cost laborers, busloads of low cost trimmers, flat land, soil 30 feet deep, closer access to the market and processing facilities. Those guys will sell for $300 a pound and make a killing. You won’t be able to tell if its outdoor, greenhouse or indoor.

                • “You won’t be able to tell if its outdoor, greenhouse or indoor.”
                  obviously not. you think you’re getting top shelf lol

                • You are obviously not aware of how much it costs to grow weed. You cant just grow it in the ground and sell it legally anymore. I know big time growers who got their entire crops denied for sale because of a bit of microscopic dust. You are describing ma and pa grows that dont have to meet the regulations that are now in place. Everybody doesnt get to sell to clubs. Your weed has to meet strict standards. Growers also have to pay taxes, wages, and for water, soil, fertilizer and anything else needed to grow the plants. Youre obviously not in the loop on how it all works.

                • old grower your right. see it all ready.the self proclaimed growers with shit weed are done. guys that can grow will be fine. no different than any other business. the real farmers who know how to plant in the ground, save water, grow there own clowns are doing fine. there getting 700 to 1000 a lb. why you ask,they have organic healthy produce that people want. not this fucked up stuff that smells like hay. what a bunch of cry baby’s. either get with the program or mac Donalds has open job interviews 3 to 5 tomorrow.

      • Come see for yourself

        Have you seen prices in NV dispensaries ? it’s pretty much 60 for .5 gram of any concentrate, pen cartridges 60, Khalifa kush is 85 an 8th these are all pretax prices. they pretty much have to charge more because of the high taxes. I’m sure some are killing it though.

  • Why is anyone surprised?
    Supply is outpacing demand.
    Did growers think that legalization of recreational use was going to create enough new consumers to support high prices even though everyone and their cousin either expanded an existing grow or started growing and a substantial number of users are now growing their own instead of buying now that the possibility of prison over 3 or 4 plants in the tomato bed is no longer a realistic worry.
    This is not a “crime”, it’s not even a tragedy, it’s the completely predictable result of too many producers creating too much inventory to serve a limited market.

  • show me a fuckin tomato or ANY other ag crop that goes for $500.00 a pound and I’ll grow that,I love this shit.After 50 plus years with the herb.It’s in my DNA

    • You can’t compare soaking wet tomatoes to dried herbs. Comparing cannabis to saffron or something like that makes a little more sense.

      • Or tobacco? under $2 per pound

        • Makes a little more sense but also less labor intensive unless you just start grinding up entire plants into prerolls. Currently farmed completely different as well. Standards for pesticides and fungicides don’t allow that style of farming.

        • thing is Kim ANY professional farmer
          ie agricultural managers for the mid to large farms in the salinas valley and other large produce areas..
          the larger factory farms laugh at current methods of cannabis production.
          once its truly legal like any other crop such as tobacco grown in the south then economies of scale will set in
          such as the lower 40 completely planted with cannabis for extracts only..
          and industrial scale machinery created to both farm the highest quality crop under such conditions
          and extract same economically with the extracts the market has chosen..
          ie live resins extracted from LN2 frozen fresh plants means no storage for curing and at scale are probably considerably cheaper than curing processes/extraction
          time * storage square feet + environmental controls and energy cost) vs LN2 and immediate extraction of live resin and to market in a far shorter time scale..

          BIG question is whether the market will ever grow that large.. in the midterm it will be labor intensive before we get to that phase.. IF cannabis ever does become completely legal to farm properly..

          nb probably NOT until it is a legal not licensed farm crop that is legal not simply licensed/specially taxed.. in all 50 states…
          ( The Marijuana Stamp Tax act was overturned in 1969 in Leary v. United States, and was repealed by Congress the next year. and the Controlled substances act was not enacted till 1970 supposedly leaving 6 months where cannabis was legal in federal law.
          I was 18 at the time & was consuming cannabis but of course was totally unaware of this at the time…)


          • To farm properly? So Anon if If I’m understanding you correctly your saying big industrial ag is the only right way to farm?

            • nope I am just saying what will happen when big ag gets involved.. not its the right way..
              its just current cottage & greenrush methods of production are quite inefficient..
              once its actually legal organic methods can be more efficient at scale than small pocket plots.. (but less efficient than big ag at tonnage not quality) its a matter of labor costs…and again farming for live resin production is a question of how much LN2 you want to consume producing extracts

              ps just looking at planning for large market shares as cannabis based products steal market share from the alcohol and tobacco segments..

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Ginseng, saffron, vanilla bean. Those all go for over $500/lb if you got the land and conditions to cultivate them. And those you can eat. Saffron will make it here in Humboldt but is seriously back breaking labor intensive and you need probably 8-10 acres of it to make good money. But it can be done

    • Agreed I’ve been “Smoking Rope” since I was 18 years of age, I’m 66 now & still using Cannabis!!!

    • how bout one of those big trees that we’re known for… the other ones.. real big… um….


      the demand for cannabis is huge. travel some.

    • Some pu’erh teas can get crazy expensive!!! Also truffle mushrooms & ginseng root. Truffles are in the mid $3K range. . . hmmm used to be able to trade a pound of weed for that.

  • True growers never die, long live Humboldt…We will survive..

  • Still $40 an eighth a few hours south.. what do the 2 (TWO) TWO!!! Humboldt Co dispensaries charge? We can thank the Failure-to-Plan Commission for leaving us with no where to sell. Were I on the board every little town from Leggett to Mad River, everywhere cannabis ABOUNDS, a storefront, lounge, and infused dining would also be = As of Jan 1st. Jodrey’s right. Here I am expecting something positive from any government agency. Jokes on me. Still love it here (though long overdue for an extended break, but I worry for our future. You think we have a “drug” problem now???

    • Well said. An eighth of what? Surely not an ounce? Is it an 1/8 of an OUNCE?

      • Yeah… is this a trick question? An eighth of 28 grams (one oz.)= 3.5 grams= about what used to go in a little black film roll container.

    • 20 in san rafel and 15 in berkely. How many hours south did you say. I know it’s 20 in Santa Cruz and 25 in slo 35 in la. 30 in san Diego. Now on a funny note it’s 50 in old mexico on the tourist beaches. I do know someone bringing it down there

    • Arcata alone has more than 2 dispensaries….

  • Does anyone know what the round-about price of plain, stoner pot costs through a “legal” outlet? I have no idea. Thanks in advance, af

  • You could see this bubble from a mile away. Classic supply and demand dynamic here. The clubs grow their own and have no need for your extra 200 pounds. Maybe consider getting an actual job now that you realize your product is nothing special.

  • True story. Medical grade clean tested sold to local dispensary for $400. Very next day that product listed on the menu for $50 an 1/8 oz. Doing the math…that is $6400 a pound if sold by 1/8 th. Yes overhead, taxes, payroll cost, but if you are selling say 1-2 pounds a day… not including Vape cartridges, shatter, and all of the other edibles, I will be generous add in for that and say gross of $17,800 per day. So in a month $534,000. A year over 6 million. Taxed at 75% as there are NO federal tax deductions allowed in a cannabis tax filing. Feds get 4,806,000. It is very lucrative for the federal gooberment to keep it illegal! Then the state and local taxes come in… Who wins?

    • Well, since there are 5000 grows for every dispensary, it makes perfect sense that their prices hold or raise.

      Start 40 dispensaries this year in one county, then you’ll see retail competition, and lower consumer prices.

      • Setting up, getting approved and licensed for a new dispensary is running roughly 1 million minimum to start. If you dont have deep pockets it is not a game you can join.

    • Your wrong, there is tax deductions on the federal level look at IRs Sec, 280e. It lists the types of deductions you can take, however you cannot claim your inventory of marijuana as a cost, this mainly applys to dispenseries.

  • Well the Girl Scout selling her cookies across from the Humdoldt County Collective yesterday was making a killing. I’m not sure it was a good idea as their booth was 25 feet away and might have been improper but not illegal.

    • I suspect she could set up outside any grocery store that sells alcohol and nobody would blink.

      • Yes! If GS can set up next to businesses that sell tobacco, liquor, and Pharmaceuticals (which are far more harmful then cannabis) why not! Know your market and your community. For the record, we were set up behind Nu Games, which just happens to be next to The Humboldt County Collective. Big thanks, mad love and respect to the owners, employees and customers of both The Humboldt County Collective and Nu Games! Thank you for helping my very hard-working, dedicated Girl Scout and entrepreneur reach her goal (only 45 out of 600 boxes left to sell after running 9 cookie booths in 2weeks). Both businesses had the kindest and most generous customers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️💛💚

      • BINGO! Exactly right Kym. Funny how worked up people get over a plant, yet have no problem with booze everywhere in their kids faces.

  • I don’t like Flys and I’m enjoying their dropping immensely.

    If you havnt yet found a way to live well selling at 500 per than you have no business trying to make a business.

    • Isn’t the biggest problem people complaining about is that they aren’t selling at any price?

      • My inside reports are that weed is being moved at the same pace as years past.
        The problem is most growers have little experience, high hopes and no background in business or ag.

        What is not the same as years past is the price per. So the problem is people aren’t selling, in the hopes they can get impossible prices in such a flooded market.

        But don’t be mistaken, people are buying. Why overpay?

  • If you aren’t ready to sell for 300 this season, don’t plant. Go home.

    • Po ick ur battles

      Where do you weirdos get your numbers??? Pretty funny

      • The numbers come from talking to dispensary owners, growers, emerald cup staff/participants. Hearing what trimmigrants have to say from the “feilds”, reading tax law and most important…not having my head in the sand. 🤣

      • If you aren’t prepared for the worst, you might not make it.

        If you plan for 300 per, and make 500 per, it’s better than planning for 1000 and sitting forever.

        There’s no saying that 500 is the bottom for a pound of weed in a bulk market.

        If the Feds wanted the $, and allowed national sales and commerce of pot than 300 per is much more realistic in my opinion.

        Since the Feds don’t care about the $, and there seems to be national sales and commerce, well the groundwork is there for a lower price still.

        There is no Noahs Ark for this flood. And, high prices were a result of the war on drugs, which is failing.

        Now, let’s watch for the bottom over the next 2 years.

      • From my finance register that’s where. You need 500 I got you.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    No. The biggest problem is that the growers complain no matter what!

  • My cuz is sitting on a hundered bummer wish I could help him.

  • Po ick ur battles

    As an outlaw grower, I remember when I first started hearing Kevin jodrey talking on the radio and I finally knew what greenrusher meant. Why do all of us believe people like him and Estelle fennel all of the sudden? Cut out all these folks. P.s. outlaw grower does not mean that I have ever blown it up more than forty plants… Grateful to be able to share this kinda of info now, as opposed to the 90s

    • I remember when Kevin Jodrey showed up and started selling huge numbers of clones- thousands at a time- to very very large grow operations. I never liked people of that size taking advantage of our blessed situation. I knew where it would lead us. And I was right. Jodrey was an original greenrusher- back in the 20th century. Now he’s telling us what’s up?! Yeah Kevin- you helped make it this way you friggin’ moron! Thanks alot, bro!!!

      • Not to mention, all his clones had russet mites and most were not the strain he claimed them to be. When he was the grow manager at the Arcata dispensary, the flower was garbage. He couldn’t grow his way out of his own way. Total joke.

        • Lol yes! Kev talks huge but his work speaks for itself, bunk clones and flowers. I’ve had the same experience, misslabeled and bug infested.

  • Sold my crop no problemo, dep @ 1-12 fullterm greenhouse got 8-9 all day in the flooded market. The thing is you have to have great product to sell anything. I stopped doing full sub last season, ghouse only. If you’re still growing big ass outdoor plants from seed, I’m sorry but no one is interested in the low low grade with inconsistent smelling lbs. Grow clones og or sour still King in ghouse and ya still gotta hand trim. If you’ve been doing this long enough your infrastructure is built and you can still profit on the eventual $4-6 that lbs will be sold at next year. You’ve gotta do it right, dry right, trim right and handle your flowers with love. Machine trimmed schwag ain’t selling anymore. It used to be anything would eventually sell, but that’s not the case, you have to give a shit and take pride in your work which takes time and skill

    • Also want to say that growers who are in the legal market are going to be up against big ag, they are growing acres upon acres all over Central and so cal, on ag land with cheap immigrant labor. This is going to be a different beast, these big ag people will flood the market for years below cost to capture Market share and push mom n pop out. Name of the game is vertical integration, if you ain’t integrated prepare to die on the vine.

      • Just read several articles about the majority of the products being produced down south being highly contaminated due to pesticides, fertilizers, and other residues in the greenhouses, or other facilities taken over to grow mass cannabis. Hmmm…chew on that thought. Damn.

      • History repeats itself. Cali is years behind colorado. That was the scare there too. Weed will always sell. I squished a lot of mine I can get 1600 wot of rosin from a unit that cost 4 I don’t know if I’m going to grow or just finish process others buds

      • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

        I couldn’t agree more. I see big AG as a blessing sort of like a Budweiser. Sure they will get large market share however people will always seek out better quality products, like Fall River IPA for instance for those with the pallet and discernible tastes. Diversification is the name of the game until things settle down

    • You gotta understand that now there are even more people than ten years ago that understand that full sun seed herb is the best all around. The strongest, the best tasting rain flushed , Grown on the same dirt, amended with manure and covers, a year taken off every seven…year after year, the seeds get better and better. Planting in April and not watering til August. Five lb plants, manure from own animals, no plastic other than hoses, which can be exchanged for new ones and recycled by the company… Full sun from seed is the only future for real cannasuers and suesses. The knowledge spreads with the extracts bro.

      • Lol keep telling yourself that. Fullsun outdoor organic isn’t capturing any more of the market share anytime soon. If ya wanna sell lbs ya gotta adapt… Plants grown from seed are inconsistent (a serious concern if you wanna move more than a few lbs at a time). Fullsun degrades apparence and nose of the flowers.

        • Po ick ur battles

          You are just wrong. Its a plant and a plant with always perform better in the sun, except your bred out clones.. Maybe not all big time hustlers like you. And I’m sorry, your mistaken. No matter what you and your yuppie friends tell yourself, outdoor organic from seed is the truth. Always more stoned. Always feels better. It’s just better. Get it? I’ll bet you grow “medicine” right?

      • That is some Cannasaurus Seuss hype.

  • Love to say it: Dudes right!

    • I disagree. Full sun organic advantage:
      1) no clones, which means, no route for bug infestation. Bugs are a major problem for growers who use clones, because of the testing requirements for ‘legal’ sales. There is really no good way to kill all the mites that plague indoor growing organically. There are some techniques, but nothing that really works well.
      2) no clones means no artificial lighting. No diesel generators, no wiring. This equals low overhead. Light pollution is a huge problem that is annoying many people in the hills. Full sun organic seed start doesn’t need any lights.
      3) Unique quality. You can grow your sfv og or wedding cake anywhere in the country, with the same results. The real growers up here can grow great quality, *unique* varieties from seed that you can’t get anywhere else. With good techniques, you can achieve consistent results and reliable quality. If you’re a newbie you will probably not have good results.

      Low overhead and top shelf quality is where it’s at and where it’s always been. Everyone who is trying to grow indoor in the outdoors will be sorely disappointed. Mites and chemicals and high overhead will put you out of business.
      Full sun organic is the best, and it’s what we will be known for. Not Og McDonald’s weed

  • Know a lot of 10-50 lb growers and they are still sitting on last years. Can’t even get $500-$700 for it. Check out inland property prices with multi green houses and permitted. A whole bunch for sale, but the prices are 1-2 mil. People spent that much thinking they were going to pay it off in a few years, but now are stuck with hundreds of lbs. Wait a year, and inland property will be for sale on foreclosures.

  • Wtf does Kevin Jodery know?? It’s the Greenrushers that are drooping like flies. Locals aren’t going anywhere. Who’s sick and tired of the Greenrushers being the voice of Humboldt?

    • Monoculture is stifling.

      Missing SoHum, but the community I’m living in now has so much more to offer.

      Maybe something else can now see the light of day now that the pot obsession is waning…

      • Well here’s a sticker for you. If your new community is so grand, then why are you here to gloat? [edit]

      • Because SoHum was my home before you were even born, pilgrim.

        I simply couldn’t afford it any more. The congestion, the dysfunction, the *lack* of culture.

        I moved to facilitate my own growth as a person, cuz Pot Culture bored the fuck outta me!

        • Oh are you Native American? This pilgrim is curious? Anyways good for you but gloating is tacky & rude. Do u just not recognize bad taste? While thinking your somehow higher than thou cause u moved away. Pin a rose on your nose. Go enjoy your newfound utopia and F O!

    • Hopefully all of the people that are actually from other states that don’t even register their vehicles in California will fall flat on their faces and leave our county. They have no respect for Humboldt county.

  • Hopefully all of the people that are actually from other states that don’t even register their vehicles in California will fall flat on their faces and leave our county. They have no respect for our counties or state.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Too bad it’s not meth dealers droppin’ like flies…

  • Still makeing a living its not that bad depending on if your property is paid for allready if it stays the way it is now i live just fine the rest of my days

  • Wow. The only comment that had made sense in this whole thread. Good riddance to the carpetbagger green rushers. They sure as hell will not be missed.

    • Didn’t any of you happen to notice that Lonely Planet named theCalifornia Redwoods Coast as the number One best travel destination in the USA for 2018? (And it wasn’t anything about pot.)The naturally wonderful things that are here need to be appreciated by all of us. People who will be visiting will want to experience Humboldt for all the right reasons. Put yourself in their shoes and create a mutually enriching experience. Help meet their needs and you will be meeting your own needs as well. Try to remember all good things. Walk and talk peacefully to all you meet. Feel how strong life can make you. Let new ideas come to you of how to move forward. The answers are still blowin’ in the wind.

      • Oh right that little fluff piece that forgot to mention the few hundred abandoned cars on the side of the road in sohum , the tweeker village know as garbageville and redway . The insane amount of property that that has occurred over the last few years . The shitty drivers , the low class white trash . The fact that this is the most illiterate area in California . The shitty ( but at the same time ) insanely high priced restaurants. The only places i ever considered decent are trinidad and Shelter Cove .

        • Excuse you…LonelyPlanet made this designation and they are not fluff. Shelter Cove is a hard place to get to and people will need to be stopping in Gville & Redway going in and out. There are people working to make Garberville a good looking town. Why don’t you pitch in and stop your negative outlooks.

  • Born n raised a broke hillbilly. Made millions. always prepared for the worst including living like a broke hillbilly again. The Purge….that’s what we need.Did any of these “legal” growers ever think of investing 100s of thousands of dollars into anything other then another weed gamble…just saying?

  • Awww, the poor dope growers are starting to squirm… You couldn’t hack it in the real world, so you ran away to the hills to make millions real quick, with no real business plan. You raped the land and exploited small, peaceful communities to make a mountain of cash. Unfortunately, you were too high to invest your money and you let the wealth go to your head… too many eggs in one basket and you refused (or were too stoned) to see the signs of the market collapse. I was ridiculed for years because I actually decided to get an education and (gasp!) work a 9-5 in Mendo. It was (and still is) hard work. Now I see people, who once looked down their noses at me, scrambling to find jobs or jumping into another hair-brained scheme to get rich quick. Time to get a real job or kick rocks. Sell your giant truck, get a practical car and use the last of your cash to pay for an education.

    • I agree BigFoot. It will be interesting to see how all the delusional folks make a living. Most have believed their own bullshit for years. So many fake businesses and an entire generation of people who have very few skills. Sad really. Also their perception of their own worth is skewed. Wait until they get hungry enough to actually go to work and find out they aren’t worth 100s of thousands a year.

      • My hope is that all the attention and focus on growing in the hills could transfer to a real local ,food based, agricultural paradigm shift. Our food is produced in far reaches of the country and we must not lose sight of the importance of FOOD, in all of our lIves. Charles Ostman , founder of general hydroponics has talked about the importance of taking responsibility for local food production. I think a silvered lining in all this could be used to truly bring some agrarian ideals back to this area. If these counties were cut off , permanently, what could this area support in terms of population. Let’s focus on bringing good locally grown food back to the Co op.

  • This affects everyone, fyi. The store owners, carpenters, waitresses, teachers. When an economy collapses everyone suffers. Property values plumit, schools lose revenue because families move away and the atmosphere is generally depressing. Ever been to Happy Camp? It’s a post- logging town that was very unfriendly to cannabis and it is suffering. I just don’t think laughing at growers makes much sense because when the growers fall so does the economy that has relied on them.

  • good thing flower is still going for way more $ money in other states,and concentrates is where the money is atm anyway,no worries here!

  • What, you all didn’t think flooding the market was the Feds plan the whole time? This is just another WTO type policy to kill independence, target independent minded people, and shut down political decendants. Hello, that is why Cannabis was illegal in the first place, to target vietnam protestors, and people of color.
    Now, they are targeting the community economically. However, I feel the triangle has set itself up for this, as sad as it is. The triangle hasn’t been good to the rivers or environment. Maybe a few, but not enough. We have created our own undoing. If you act in an unsustainable way, that is just the natural order of things. Maybe its time for folks who are just here for money to leave. I do realize this affects us small people here as well. However, when this all started, we didnt come out here for huge profits, we came out here to go back to nature, and live a life free from smog, traffic, and industrial insasanity. The old times who came out here with a hope and a dream, and very little cash at hand didnt know how they were going to make it, but they did. This is just the new challenge. The old
    timers had to worry about the copters coming for 1 plant, now, we have to worry about out neighbors with 10,000 plants. Just a new challenge. I understand why the old timers want to leave. They are in thier 60’s and 70’s. Its hard to live out on the land at that age. They have put in thier time, and times a-changen. This is the next wave of back to the landers challenge, and the odds are not in our favor. But when have they ever been.

  • My cousin grows in Co and has been complaining since Dec that theres no one buying there. He thinks 2k an lb is still doable but hes also bitching about the lack of buyers. Go figure.
    Last I looked. CO bud in phoenix is going for 1200/ lb. Lots a risk driving through rural AZ w/ bud. Ask Mrs Waters. How was it working in the kitchen?

  • Legal Canadian farms are liscensed to grow over five hundred thousand kilos each. Game Over California.

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