SaQi, Ultimate Fantastic and Esch Performing at Cupid’s Arrow Deities and Diva’s Ball

From Fraktal Productions:

Join Burningleaf and Fraktal Productions on February 14th for Cupid’s Arrow, an evening of culinary bliss, live music, dancing and decadent live performance art. Indulge in the private upstairs dining room for a beautiful five course feast with live musical accompaniment at 6pm or arrive at 9pm for the Deities and Diva’s Ball.

Musical artists include Nevada City’s very talented producer and trumpet player saQi & four piece ensemble, Ultimate Fantastic both of Jumpsuit Records. Local talent DJ and Producer, Esch opens up the night. Guests will enjoy a specialty cocktail bar, photo booth, vendors and a special performance by Kristi Nolai as she creates her magnificent fruit artistry on live models.

A portion of the proceeds of the night will be donated to the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center, a Local Non Profit. Guests are invited to dress to their hearts desire! Costumes encouraged.

Tickets for 6:00pm. Dinner are available at the Inn at 2nd & C and on for $120 this includes a cocktail, glass of wine and ticket to the show. 9:00pm Show tickets are on sale at the following locations: SHC in Garberville, Peoples Records and Wildberries in Arcata, or online For more information or to volunteer contact  707-223-3849

What: Cupid’s Arrow – the Deities and Diva’s Ball.

Where: Eagle House – Eureka

When: FEB 14. Dinner 6pm. Show 9pm

How much: 120$ dinner. show 20$ in advance at Wildberries, The Peoples Records, Eagle House, SHC and brown paper tickets. $25 at door

Music by: ESCH, SaQi, Ultimate Fantastic

The Historic Eagle House provides a perfect ambiance for dancing and revelry.

saQi is a classically trained composer, producer and trumpet player. saQi creates deep and funky dance floor jams while still maintaining a grace and musical sophistication to engage the listener.

Ultimate Fantastic creates an unparalleled combination of intelligent lyricism and spine melting R&B vocals upon a foundation of meticulously produced original bass music.



  • Eagle House used to be GREAT

    Now it is nauseating.

    Really sad what the new owners did to the place. I long for the old days when it was the best place to stay in Old Town. I could even park my Harley INSIDE back then… Now it costs WAY too much for WAY too little.

    Enjoy your rich kid Valentine’s Day, usurpers.

    • So what? Some fortunate kids didn’t take their trusts for granted, you jealous? They officially entrepreneurs now! Props!

      • Let the Party Begin

        Glad you said it, Fortunate Kid, when and if you watch the movie (Book is in the publishing stage now) you will see exactly who that fortunate “yellow-bellied coward” boy really is!! Fish living in fish bowls forget about the oceans, he put a young woman and her 70s + mother in bed crying for days, the word’s like the pinnacle of Evil or Monster comes to mind. He’s referred as the poster boy of pathetic in the book The women and her boyfriend were moving to Southern Humboldt from the Silicon Valley area. The women’s mother always gardened in there front yard, Sunset Magazine wanted to feature the house but they didn’t want the publicity, her next door neighbor who was also in her 70s gardening on the property line was pulled into the carport and raped. They wanted to move the mother to a quieter safer place. The boyfriend moved to the Southern Humboldt area to get established and the women was finishing school, becoming a Clinical Art Therapist specializing in sandbox therapy for children who’ve been traumatized, she was going to open a Waldorf school in Southern Humboldt, her passion was to help the children. They were planning on getting married. The poster boy of Pathetic got together with a dirty old hag and a few of his friends and took advantage of the young women being naive, the dirty old hag stated she isn’t so innocent anymore, the poster boy and his friends basically destroyed the young woman’s life, you can read about it in the book. What the poster boy didn’t know was the BF ran the women Self Defense program’s for the City of San Carlos and the county of San Mateo for over 15 years and is a highly accomplished Martial Artist with a # men and women under him who have been teaching martial for over 20 years in the Bay Area, there setting up a program in Humboldt County warning women about people like the Poster Boy of Pathetic to promote the book they hope will become a movie! The BF says to kick his ass is easy, demonstrating a higher level of the Martial Arts he just laughs @ him. He feels to have the people read the book and hopefully watch the movie, people will discover who the Poster Boy really is and they can mock him in public and shun him with the face of disgust. My Psychic ability see a divorce coming for the poster boy but then again maybe there clouded and his partner isn’t that wise after all she’s is married to the poster boy of pathetic who created conflict with one the largest Martial Arts group’s in the World. Here they are setting a World Record with over 10,000 people

        • Put down the Kool-Aid!

          • There will always be scumbags in the world guess your one of them, putting a 70 year old women in bed crying with her daughter. Poster boy of Pathetic great name for the looser, can’t imagine the bad Karma this looser created. I will Buy the book and keep an ear out for the class.

  • Thank you to the producers for supporting humboldt wildlife care center, they are an amazing group of people who dont get the credit or funding they deserve!!

    Also great to see a historic building in eureka get some TLC, its worth it to just see what theyre doing with the place 😉

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