Redwood Run 2018 Moves to August

Redwood Run 2018For many years Redwood Run has been held the second weekend in June and for much of the last 20+ years it has been held at River View Ranch in Piercy. This year both the date and the location are changing. The Run is moving to August 17 through August 19.

At this point, the host of the non-profit event, Kiwanis of the Redwoods, is not yet ready to release the location but rumor is they’ll be able to make an announcement soon.

Hopefully, soon after that, they’ll release the band lineup.

Meanwhile, check these photos from earlier Redwood Runs to get in the mood.

naked woman on a motorcycle peace sign

Peace [Photo by Kym Kemp]



  • Long overdue they moved it… early June had too much wet weather.

    Don’t know if will ‘save’ the festival or not, baby boomers are getting old,
    and young folks aren’t interested in Harley’s anymore.

    Harley is coming out with an ‘electric’ bike… dunno what sort of sound it will
    make, unless they provide it with an amplifier and speakers.

    • Riiiight. So much better when it’s 100° and the river has turned to scum. As a 34 year attendee, June is better. One year it was in July. If you were there, you hated it.

    • In the entire history of the Redwood Run, it has rained exactly twice. Are you in danger of melting? I think not.🤣🤣🤣

  • It would be nice to camp at frenches camp.

  • That instrument cluster on the tank has got to hurt.

  • The river is full of algae by then

  • Better it should just MOVE😨☠

  • what a shame the new members of that club have stomped the festival into the ground. A shame indeed.

  • As a motorcyclist, I stay away from drinking, drugs and sexist shit.

  • Don’t know if I want to go to a party with the ____’s____’s could end up being your last oops I mean the northern chapter of the _________’s oh the club’s I’m not supposed to say their names good luck with it anyway I don’t want no pickle

  • Red and White on my left and right , it’s out of pack ride.

  • I remember in the 80s and 90s it was a really big run now it seems to be geting less bikes every year

  • The RR organizers were left high and dry when the new property owners decided to 86 the RR.

    Guess they had no choice other than August or suspending the RR until 2019.

    That said, June is my favorite month for road trips. Moteling it in Fortuna by Eel River Brewing Co and riding in Humboldt County works for me.

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