[UPDATE 1:34 p.m.] Radio Granada Reports That, According to Family and Friends, the Body Found Near the Confluence of the Van Duzen and the Eel Belongs to Missing Person Ivan Linan

Ivan Linan

Ivan Linan

A Spanish radio station, Radio Granada, began reporting today that the body found Monday at the confluence of the Van Duzen and the Eel River belonged to Ivan Linan, a Spanish national that went missing in November on Hwy 36.

According to Google’s Spanish to English translator,

Marta Cárceles, who is a friend of Ivan and has been in contact with the investigation at all times, has explained to Radio Granada that “we can now confirm that it is Ivan”, and has detailed that “we can confirm it by the photos received from there, they show the tattoo he has on his leg. ” It also confirms the…outcome of a test of the victim’s dental record…

The family intends that Ivan’s body be brought to Spain without the need for DNA testing, as requested by the California police, because this procedure delays the repatriation several weeks…

Linan went missing, according to a friend, after becoming progressively more paranoid. “From thanks giving he started making strange coments about people trying to hurt, kidnap ir take pictures from him,” wrote Iban Fernandez, who was driving the car that Linan was in when he disappeared.

“We were in our way to met our friend’s on [Hwy] 36,” Fernandez stated, “when suddenly he grab the steering wheel and we Crash with a fallen tree…After that he got agressive, hitting things and me…We where fighting during a while, and when i tried to get help…he ran away into the woods.”

UPDATE 1:34 p.m.: The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, Samantha Karges, confirmed the above information. “We have positively ID’d the body as Ivan Linan,” she said.


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  • My condolences!

  • Rest in peace Ivan….

  • Maybe the ID is confirmed but what about the autopsy?

  • This is bad. The State could force them to have an autopsy to verify cause of death EXCEPT …. it is more illegal aliens outside the law tying up Humboldt and CA resources.

  • Such a sad ending to this situation. From Thanksgiving until now, I wonder the story? Peace to the family.

  • I’m so sorry. Mental health problems are an ever growing GLOBAL crisis.

  • Thank you very much Kym for your selfless work around Humboldt. My prayers go out to the victims family. It’s never easy to lose someone.

  • Liberal hypocrisy

    A most unfortunate situation

  • Investigate the friends story. May have invented the “script ” for a cover. The likelihood of a stranger picking him up and throwing his body in the river is minimal and against the odds unless he fell in crossing the river and drowned. Something sounds amiss on this story ! So sad to see another life lost…

    • Completely possible. I had 3 belgians working at my place one year, one of them got drunk and threatened to kill the other two. Luckily the 15 other people he didn’t threaten to kill in flemish got him under control and dropped him off at a gas station of his choosing. Some crazy idiots come over here looking for “the work”

  • awful but not surprising


    Hate to say it but, guess here in Humboldt, if you get in a fight with someone and you are the only person to live to tell the story, the police believe your side.

    I’m hoping there is more info to come, that will confirm that the friend’s story has been thoroughly corroborated/vetted. Can’t say I’m betting on it, here. Nothing against the friend and if all involved are telling the truth, I’ll eat my words. The lsd story, to me, just sounds far fetched. An individual with zero history of mental illness or substance abuse does LSD and loses it? I know the anti drug users will shred this, but generally only someone already delicate would have such a severe response . Did anyone else have a bad trip? To me, this seems just OFF. Now, someone going hill crazy, that might make more sense. But I just dont buy that a professional mountain guide went hill crazy.

    Anytime around unregulated harvest pay day, you must ask some standard questions about this disappearance. Like. DID HE GET PAID?

    Either way, were all in the dark on how this individual ends up in the river.

    This definitely wouldn’t be the first time we all wish the dead could tell us the truth. Condolences to the family in Spain, cannot imagine the heartbreak and agony of not knowing for months. To be so far. I really hope the friends story actually checks out.

    Unfortunately, if the family wants to skip autopsy, I don’t see many more questions being answered.

    The Van Duzen near Carlotta, where he was reported missing, is such a beautiful place. Idyllic on the right days on that river. I hope that he experienced at least some of that blissful serenity before whatever happened, happened.

    • Not all that is sold as LSD these days is really it. Many dangerous Cathinone based research chemicals are sold as LSD these days, with results like this common…

      • Plenty of analogs being sold as LSD. Yes, people that seem to not have mental issues can have a bad trip and it can have long lasting effects. I’ve seen it whittle people down before. Changing lives forever. If he did have any previous episodes of “weirdness” then, to me, the LSD could have played a major roll in his behavior. Very sad situation. A drug that can liberate the mind can also destroy it. Poor guys was just trying to make some money working with a wonderful plant, having a good time while doing so. The river is dangerous and deceiving. It could have looked manageable to him and simply lost his footing, cold water hits, you panic and its all down hill from there. Nothing but love to the family and friends.

  • I am from his hometown in Spain and I read in local newspaper that he had had previous sympthoms back here in Granada but never this serious. Not sure if true and I dont even remeber if it was on the radio so take it with a pinch of salt. Descansa en paz Iván.

  • A man Who has mental problems appears inside the river dead after fighting with his friend who were on his to the airport?
    It’s really strange. In any missing person case, the last people who was with him have the keys and I bet his friend knows more than he has spoken. We will see it when the results of autopsy are public.

  • LSD is not for everyone.

  • Mytruckisahillbeater

    It wouldnt bring me closure if it was my family member,, what if ssomeone thought he was acting loony by the rd and shot him n kept driving or ya know in vegas theres been 4 homeless men killed th is week theres a serial killer in vegas all victims were black homeless men but im not saying the same serial killer is invloved, im saying there is a thing called bumbashing and its the one of the montsters that do live in ppl todaay, remember the 2 burned guys in our area? I dont even think it was the same guy who set them on fire garberville guy got burned way worse than the arcata guy so if it was the same guy than the aracta victim would have sucessfu lly been burnt worse

  • “Professional mountain climber?”

    What company supported this wacko?

    I don’t believe that at all. And, I’m a professional mime.

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