Construction Work on 36 Continues Through Summer; Plan for Delays

Hwy 36 signTravelers should continue to anticipate 30-minute delays on the federal highway construction project on Hwy 36.  According to Kody King, the project’s public information officer,

[On] February 6, 2018 we will be flagging the entire project limits and anticipate this to become the normal closure until April 1, 2018. This takes place from Post Mile 36.05 to Post Mile 40.44. We will have up to 30 min delays during this entire period like we have been doing during this winter period. We are taking advantage of the good weather and making some great progress on the project. As a reminder to everyone we will begin the full closures again on the project on April 1, 2018

King said that the upcoming closures on 36 will be similar to the ones last year “except they will cover the entire limits of the project.”

On April 1 through November 1 (or whenever the project ends), Hwy 36 will be closed from Post Mile 36.05 to Post Mile 40.44 during certain hours which are listed below

Closure Times: The Highway will be closed to public traffic from 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 5PM Monday thru Thursday. As well as 8AM-12PM AND 1PM to 3PM on Friday’s. There will be a travel window between 12PM and 1PM where we will let traffic through the closure for an hour. Flagging will take place before and after these times with up to 30 min delays.
Contact: If you need questions answered or have any concerns feel free to contact the contractors Public Information Officer Kody King at (707)273-9097.


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