[UPDATE 8:34 p.m.: Body Has Been Located] Male Body Reportedly Found Decomposing in the River Near Fortuna, Says Sheriff’s Department

Death investigation, coroner, sheriff HumboldtAt 11:48 this morning, law enforcement received a report of a body in the Eel River near Fortuna, according to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department. A report from a witness puts the body as being found west of the Hwy 36 interchange with 101 but that has not been officially confirmed.

Karges said personnel are “still trying to retrieve the body. It is in an area that is inaccessible.” Karges said that this is a “female body in the water…It seems the body has been there for awhile. It was decomposing.” 

UPDATE 2:50 p.m.: According to Karges, she misunderstood. The body has not yet been located. She told us,

 I just heard back from our sergeant on scene at the Eel/Van Duzen. Our deputies have not yet located the body. They are still trying to find it. The information I gave you is what was reported to our dispatch center by the reporting party.


UPDATE 4:24 p.m.: A body has been located, Karges tells us. She will update with more information when she can.

UPDATE 8:34 p.m.: According to Karges, a deputy Coroner has confirmed the body is male. (This is different than what was originally reported.

No foul play suspected at this point, however an autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday. Body was recovered on the south side riverbank of the Van Duzen River 1000ft upstream from the mouth of the river. The body was reported to our emergency communications center by a fisherman in the area. We were able to retrieve the body via boat.

UPDATE Tuesday: Fisherman Locates Body Near Van Duzen Bridge

NOTE: The title of the story has been changed to reflect the information released by a Deputy Coroner.



  • Stay safe Humco, hold your loved ones and tell them you love them.

  • More sadness. I hope this will answer someone’s worries, however sadly.

  • How do they know its a female? Could it be the missing man from the wreck on 36 two weeks ago?

  • They just got a boat on scene

  • 4 sheriff vehicles and the coroner just came up off the river bar.

    • I was told they now have retrieved a body.

      • Any word yet if male or female?

        • Are you assuming there’s only two genders? Not very pc of you.

          • J Dubbs. you had to make this about you. Guess what smart guy, there are only two genders. the rest are delusional and need some kind of help. cutting off your dick doesnt make you a woman. it makes you nuts. stop supporting insanity.

            • Jesus said be nice

              And having a heart doesnt mean you have compassion or care for others.
              What’s it to you if someone identifies as a different gender? What do you say to the folks born with both who then have doctors decide a gender for them in the first few hours of life??? Look it up, there are lots of doctors who have written about it.
              Sounds like the christian cult gotcha, they are really concerned with others genitalia and what they do in the bedroom. Needing to be harsh with other peoples sexual preference usually means that someones hiding something in the closet 😉

            • Totally agree.

            • Sorry you have to put up with this, trans ppl. I support you. Ppl used to say that gay people were mentally ill because, of course, ppl’s identity and desires MUST match what was in their pants or the world would just END, I tell you. We tortured gay ppl with dangerous drugs and wrong headed ideas to try and ‘cure’ them, but now we know that gay is one of many natural variations of human sexuality. Wish we didn’t have to do this all over again with trans ppl.

            • One of the sanest, kindest, most community-minded people I know changed genders. She was given Citizen of the Year for her service to this community. If she’s crazy, the whole world needs to get some of that crazy.

          • Well since most cant question a body to ask them what gender they id as , one has to rely on body parts to make that determination, it isnt about pc or not pc it is just the way it happens to be. It should be a quiet reminder to all about how in death most of our problems really arent all we think they are while we are living. Treat each day as something special and try to make a differance while we can.

            • No this isn’t about pc or not pc! This is about a life that ended and it is sad that it has been turned into another stupid gender debate! Prayers to the family of this loved one they have lost.

              • Concerned citizen

                Agreed, there was a body found that will be identified as male or female… Point of this thread should not be the gender question… It should be concerned over someone that has died tragically. Hope & pray for their family. Very sad.

        • I just updated. The body has been determined to be male and “very decomposed.”

  • Do we know if it’s female for sure yet? Sad to all.. prayers go to the victims family.

  • And right about now someone out there is beginning to sweat just a little.

    • Or someone had an accident, like slipping off a cliff or rock into the river.

      Not everything is deviant. Thinking that way only increases unnecessary fears.
      We have many many wild areas with slippery clay soil, steep slopes and the Eel is actually flowing pretty fast right now. Even experienced locals drown in the river.

      • Lol, ok RIPer, I’m sure that’s it, whatever you say

        • J Dubbs- A body has been found. Somebody lost their life. Please have some respect. Feel free to troll and joke on neck tats, weed busts, and other such stories but what you are doing here is not cool or funny. Somebody is about to learn that somebody they loved is dead.

          • So when someone gets busted for weed and it turns their life upside down you think it’s respectful to joke about it? You should check yourself before checking others.

            • I think it’s hilarious! I joke about it and publicly proclaim that we need more busts and more eradication. You see…they CHOSE to break a law in order to make money. They knew the risk. And actually- the penalties now are very small compared to when i got busted and did years for 24 pounds. And people had every right to criticize me- I CHOSE to do that because I was making money by doing so. i didn’t cry about it like a little baby like people do these days, pretending I was a “victim”. I bucked the fuck up… Today’s busts have trivial consequences and I do laugh at all the pussies who make it out to be “life-changing” and “horrendous” because they put themselves into that position by their own choice. You should check out your mental state because you have a serious lack of logical reasoning. BIG difference between a body in the river and a greedrusher getting popped.

      • We have had two recent missing person upriver. 1 male missing with mental health issues a month or two ago… and one male in the last two weeks from a MVA with suspected head injuries… I imagine it is one of those gentlemen 🙁

  • I want to know if this was Quincy Tod Mendes?

  • Agreed .. someone has died. Whom I am sure many familes are sick at heart not knowing ifit is their loved one or not. And how did this get into dicussion about genre? Come on people .. wait for the full facts and have a heart. Who ever this person was, I’m sure he/she/they (?) have family and friends that are dealing with heart wrenchng emotions.

  • Great follow up work miss Kym!! Thank you for all you do.

  • I bet it is Quincey, and what a terrible loss…a great friend to my children who have been combing the river banks looking for him for two weeks.

  • People are blind and unconditional caring is lack of what we all were raised to be. Many of us were raised here and lived and have loved our lives. These intrusive people on our community can say what they will but those who lived and loved the person knows no matter the circumstances, that person was still apart of our lives. They will(whoever), was found will be missed.

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