‘Miss Piggy’ is Looking for a Forever Home

From the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

Miss Piggy
5 Years Old
Pit Bull Mix

UPDATE: According to the Humboldt County Shelter manager, “We will be having reduced cost adoptions all next week 2/5 – 2/9. Adults are $50, puppies 6 months and younger $80, seniors $35…We also have reduced adoption fees of solid black cats to $50.”



  • I hope someone loves her forever

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    These have been an eye opener for me as I had no idea of the sheer volume of animals that need homes. Each picture makes me wonder what the skinny is on how they ended up where they are.

  • Of course there are many abused dogs but, there are also many dogs bought as novelties by idiots. They put as much thought into their long-term ownership of a dog as they would while purchasing a bottle of wine.

    When their snotty little brat kids get tired of the dog in a couple or years, if lucky, it’s time for it to go.

    Other dogs are bought as status symbols by those types of morons who believe cars and clothes are also their status symbols. These poor animals are often left chained up out back to “protect” the clown owner from those who want their clothes and cars because all that shit is really important.

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