This ‘Gentle’ Lady is Looking for a Forever Home

From the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

Dena, 5 Years Old. Pit Bull, Female

This girl is just the sweetest dog ever! She is easy to walk, gets along well with all dogs, is very gentle and loves people, even though previous owners have not returned the favor. Her hair and skin have been affected by a lack of good food and proper care, but will continue to improve on a healthy care regime.



  • I’m wondering how many of these beautiful pups are given up because the people couldn’t get a place under the rental laws about certain types of dogs not being allowed. It would be good for the public to know how many animals have to be given up even though they had a loving home because of these cruel rules.

    • Good question. Otherwise people may assume these are unwanted or difficult pups. Many pitties the super lovingest.

    • A rule that came about because so many landlords have had to clean up expensive messes after a tenant with animals leaves or been sued when a tenant’s dog attacks on the premise they allowed the person to have it even when the tenant didn’t inform the landlord.

      Personally I didn’t adopt any dog until I owned a place and knew the dog would have as secure a place as possible. Most of these dogs are picked up on the street and no responsible owner would do that. Does the County shelter accept surrendered animals?

      Maybe these rules have the good effect of keeping irresponsible people from being irresponsible with a pet. It’s hard but maybe having a dog at all when you are insecure is what is cruel.

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