Southern Humboldt Community Park Receives Grant to Continue Progress on Sports Fields

This is a press release from the Humboldt Area Foundation:

The Southern Humboldt Community Park was awarded a $7,500 grant from the Monroe Tobin Family Fund, a fund of the Humboldt Area Foundation.

“Back in September, we were fortunate to receive a $10,000 grant from the Vera P. Vietor Trust, a fund managed by the Humboldt Area Foundation,” said Ross Huber, member of the Community Park’s Board of Directors. “We used that funding to launch the planning and engineering phase of the Southern Humboldt Community Sports Complex. And now that we have this generous grant from the Monroe Tobin Family Fund, we are that much closer to completing the engineering phase of this project.”

The Community Park has also received an encouraging $1,250 in donations from the community to finish the engineering phase. It will need more donations of money and energy from the community to make this sports complex a reality. “The response so far has been good,” said Huber. “We’re getting closer to finishing this phase, and the time will come when we’ll need to launch a large fundraising effort for the final phase, where we break ground on the sports complex.”

The Community Park hired Stillwater Ecosystem, Watershed and Riverine Sciences to lead the engineering effort. “Stillwater agreed to generously donate $1,800 of labor costs to us, and an additional $350 in equipment,” said Kathryn Lobato, Executive Director of the Community Park. “They have a stellar reputation and we couldn’t be more pleased about this partnership.”

The Park’s Board of Directors formed a community group in charge of determining the use of the future sports complex, known as the CASH Committee – Community Athletics of Southern Humboldt. “If you have some extra time and energy that you’d like to commit to this project, we’d definitely ask you to consider joining the CASH Committee,” said Huber. “We need your ideas, optimism, and support.”

For more information on the CASH Committee or how to get involved in this future sports complex project, community members may leave message for Ross Huber at the Community Park office at (707) 923-2928.

To support the Southern Humboldt Community Sports Complex with a monetary donation, supporters may visit and click the yellow “Donate” button off to the right. Donors may also call the Park Office at (707) 923-2928 to arrange a financial contribution.

For more information about Humboldt Area Foundation, please visit their website at



  • Thanks for posting this Kym.

    Its amazing the Park Board could get $17,500 in local grants and not have one meeting open to the public about sports fields or the formation of C.A.S.H.

    According to their own “Water Supply and Demand Analysis Memorandum” by GHD:

    “The purpose of this technical memorandum is to present a water demand and water supply analysis for existing and proposed new facilities and events hosted in the Southern Humboldt Community Park (SHCP) to determine if the water available on site is sufficient to meet proposed future demands. The Park operations will include a variety of potable and non-potable water uses. This water supply and demand analysis was prepared to to support the utilities and services section of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) being prepared for the SHCP.”

    5 acres of turf grass sports fields irrigation require approx 4,843,825 Million Gallons of Water (minimum)

    10 acres (proposed) of turf grass sports fields irrigation require approx 8,764,111 Million Gallons of Water (minimum)

    Guess where this water is being diverted from? Yup, the South Fork Eel River, between April to October each year. The totals for sports fields do not include approx 2,740,000 Million Gallons used during the same time frame for farming, i.e. 10 acre private vineyard, 30 acre private cattle grazing, 10 acre private row crops and does not include water use for events, festivals, camping, new restrooms or development.

    The Garberville Sanitary Districts (GSD) intake gallery is 400 yards downstream from SHCP’s diversion from the South Fork Eel River and has the capability of pumping over 2,000,000 Million Gallons per month (@ 12 hours per day). BTW, that’s over 26,000,000 Million Gallons a year.

    IMHO, if I depended on the South Fork Eel River for my domestic water use downstream from the SHCP, it’s not the drought you should worry about…

    Also remember to Thank Kathryn Lobato (Paid SHCP Executive Director), as she is also on the Board for the Humboldt Area Foundation.

  • So how come the Southern Humboldt Community Park is having private “planning” meetings and promoting their Sport Fields without allowing the public to weigh-in? It just goes to show you that the Southern Humboldt COMMUNITY Park is nothing but a private development scheme and private Rent-A-Park!

    The Humboldt Area Foundation is providing the public “planning” funding for this proposed non-profit project. Having a private “planning” meeting with a private for-profit Business and Visitor Bureau is not a public process.

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