Multi-Generational Center in Fortuna Offers ‘Affordable’ Rental Space for Public, Private events.

From the Multi-Generational Center:



  • Do you know what’s up with ASIS in Garberville? Their voice mail box is full, the office is closed (a handwritten note posted on window Jan 24th saying working at home) Can’t log into site or email. It’s been dowm since Wed evenming.

    • ASIS had a glitch. They had to transfer from one server to another and are up again – if my email access is any indication.
      They DID tell us they had to change a few obsolete passwords and are calling those people to let them know.
      I was in touch with them through their Facebook page (yeah, sometimes it’s useful, not a waste of time) and got a response… Including what they’d done to change the password, without using the actual password itself in the description. Your mail program will have to be reset for a new server addie…
      Sucks, but you’ll get all the information you need to do it. Hey! I managed it and it only took me two days to get it right!

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