Man Arrested on Multiple Counts of Molesting a Child Under 10 and a Child Under 14

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Mark DareOn 01-26-18 Humboldt County District Attorney Investigators assisted the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau with the arrest of 55 year old Mark Allan Dare on the listed charges.

Two counts of oral copulation/penetration of a child ten years old or younger
Two counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 years.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 445-7251.



  • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

    Cue the vigilante…..

  • Lock up this “Prevert” (he seems like his sexual partners extremely young) & throw away the key!!!!

  • What is going on? So many stories like this in the last months. Was there a change in policing or reporting that caused more to be found? Were they ignored until now? Or is it that they are being reported publicly when they weren’t before?

  • POS…..

  • Wow so original!!!

  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The police, meaning sheriffs and prison guards will protect him from any inmates who wish to do him harm. The Justice system is broken.

  • According to a posting over in LoCO he’s supposed to be innocent & the girls in the mix are spreading lies about him!!! According to what is posted there at least!!!

  • The look on his face says guilty! You ever hear the saying about how a guilty party will sleep in jail the first night. He looks like a sleeper. In his situation I would assume a charge like this to be extremely stressful. He doesn’t look to be stressed out at all. That also makes me think that this has happened for longer than what anybody knows so far.

    • Check Megan’s law and see all the clusters of just registered offenders in Eureka. Seems this happens more often than not. ..
      But the man deserves a fair trial, innocent before proven guilty. If he is innocent or guilty which is the decision of a trial, this will destroy his life either way..

    • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

      Ladies and Gentlemen! MEET JACOB! A professional ‘Face Reader’!!
      Have a new Baby Sitter? Teacher? Boyfriend? Neighbor? SEND THEIR PICTURE TO JACOB!
      Jacob can ‘conclusively’ decide whether they are a child molester, bad guy, ‘perv’, or if he’s just plain guilty (of something, for sure)!
      Hurry! Get this AMAZING OFFER while reactivity, fear and paranoia are AT THEIR PEAK!
      Email: Jacob@GuiltyWithoutTrial.con

      • Yes truly a special talent. A proven method perfected yrs ago in Salem, Massachusetts.

        • in 1692, a judge in Mass determined that there are no witches, only accusers. the accusers were prominent men of the community and the victims (witches) were young women. “Still Casting Shadows” is a great source of obscure info even for Eureka’s past.

          • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

            Was likely a tactic to keep women in fear, so they would shut up about whatever societal or personal abuses they were enduring. ‘Don’t speak out, or else!’ Change the “or else” consequences and apply it to women thru patriarchal history (and, for that matter) to all discriminated groups.

      • Sounds like jacob sells snake oil also.

    • hope you’re not or ever will be a juror . “the look on his face says guilty”. the mind can be a tricky piece of equipment when operated by a moron.

  • One of those Devils Lettuce smokers.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    That’s true devils lettuce. Leads to all the rest. Please Sessions come in and clean Cali. Col. Wash.& Ore. Up. This community likes to switch blame, alcohol guess what you have a heroin, meth, weed, alcohol epidemic right in front of our face humbolt.

    • Alcohol is the real gateway drug [edit]

      • Drone pollinators inc.

        Oh the poor me. So much wah wah up here. More cops at Rays foods the better. Let’s clean this new slum put up.

    • Alchohol causes brain damage!! In the last year doctors learned NO AMOUNT IS GOOD FOR YOU!! Not even a glass of wine!
      Please find me the bottle of alcohol that kills seizures, kills cancer, insomnia, oppiod addiction. PTSD… I will be waiting, you have fun with that!

    • except this guy is a registered republican from Ohio. I gathered that he left everything in Ohio and was hiding out in the Lost Coast based on the fact that he didn’t forward his mailing address. he has a criminal record in Ohio and use to work at a high school. but hell feel free to be ignorant while on the internet with all of this information at your fingertips.

  • Please don’t assume he’s guilty. 25 years ago I was accused and never arrested because the cops realized my daughter told the truth. Was going thru a custody battle and someone decided to make up the allegations. As far as I am concerned, the worst charge any innocent man could face. Let’s hear the facts and let the jury decide. If these girls made these stories up, maybe a few days in juvenile hall would scare them straight !!!

    • Very true , there is little to no punishment for false charges such as this, and most of the damage is done by one getting assuced name and face put on blast, and maybe a single line if anything if the claims turn out to be false.
      However if true it is serious and will have life long effects on the victims.
      I truely hope proper leg work was done prior to arests such as this , but always questioning.

    • I totally agree. I sat on a jury for an accused child molester here in Humboldt. The man spent 8 months in jail & lost everything he owned waiting for trial. After hearing testimony from cops, parents & the victim, the jury found him not guilty very quickly. It was obvious that the child & her mother lied to everyone. The cops who testified, plus their recording of the interrogation were bone chilling. They were horrible and bullied the defendent unmercifully. It was an eye opening experience for all of us on the jury.
      I was left with the feeling of having witnessed mortal combat between the DA and the (very fine) public defender, but the DA was not looking for justice; only for a win.

      • Drone pollinators inc.

        Must be a relative.

      • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

        Thanks for your story. Hopefully people will READ IT and may it give them pause before they condemn.
        Accusations like this, TRUE OR FALSE WILL RUIN A PERSON’S LIFE!!!

        • Yes, true or false, even if no charges are ever filed after an investigation it can ruin a person’s name. There are a lot of women who accuse the male to get sole custody or a divorce. Not all are guilty.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    Wow that be seriousness. Happy adventures with that. Dang comments like this really show what our community is about.

  • He cant fly drones anyhow.

    • Drone pollinators inc.

      Could be true, PG&E will do all the work for us. Oops sessssssssssssssssionssssssssss. Finally the herb don’t come around. One hit wonder Cali buds. Welcome to reality humbolt.

  • He looks like a fucking white walker

  • I have more faith in humanity since this blog has touched others in many ways. There are less judgmental folks on the North Coast than I thought…and yes the sad part for this gentleman is his life has been changed forever, guilty or not. My name remains in a police file for the rest of my life for an unfounded accusation. This is a tragedy for the good men in society who protect their own !!! Women who coax their children into making false statements should be tried and if found guilty, jailed…

    • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

      Have you checked the Federal ‘file’, database for accused child abusers? (If a person is investigated, DAs are supposed to supply the info to the Feds). You can write them to ask if you are in it. A friend of mine did that after he was accused. Turned out he wasn’t in the file. While his life and reputation are forever changed, he was at least relived that people would not be able to use that database to cause him more harm in the future.

  • Cabin in the woods

    Hello Kym,
    I apologize for any comments I’ve made that suggested harm toward the subject of the article written.
    I haven’t commented on this particular perp, but I’ve certainly commented outside the lines on others.

    I appreciate your site, your reporting & your time. I don’t mean to waste it w/ unnecessary filtering & editing on your part. I know it’s more than a full time job for you as it is…..

    It wasn’t so long ago that you could write a letter to someone & you had time to think about it’s content before mailing it. Maybe the letter would sit on the table for a day or even a week.
    Now all you have to do is push the enter key. Sometimes it gets the best of me.
    I’ll keep it cool, so I don’t play the fool.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Compassion Does Not Preclude Penalties

      If you are sincere, like you sound, admitting your weakness is to be commended. Now, the challenge is for you to actualize that more aware and controlled self….. That can be the more difficult part of change!
      May it go smoothly for you!

  • I did fed time for the devils lettuce seen over 500 convicted child molesters he’s guilty as hell look at him he did it

  • For everyone on here who doesn’t know this guy. This is false and wrong. This man has been a family friend of my family for years and has been a deacon in a church for years. He recently Lost his job and him and his wife were planning to relocate. The kids he apparently “sexually molested” were mad that they were up and leaving there place of residence for the past 10 years. They made this up. Keep in mind I have known the two kids involved in this case with this case and I will be the first to tell you they are brats and horrible children we have been praying for for years now. They are also his step children. This wrong and the truth will come out eventually.

    • Many predators and horrible people attend church. It’s not a morality indicator. Kids who accuse adults of sexual abuse have to endure a traumatic, humiliating, and scary process to see a case through the judicial system. Consider the possibility that your friend is not who you think he is, behind closed doors. He was not arrested and charged solely based on a disgruntled former partner’s accusation.

      Pedophiles can be your unassuming or awesome neighbor, friend, or family member. They go to great lengths to ensure that no one would ever suspect them, and would even publicly defend them. Coming to terms with the possibility that someone you respect may be quietly destroying children’s lives is very difficult. If you think this experience is rough for him, imagine how awful it would be for the victim to read a public defense of their abuser.

  • Child molesters and rapist may have to register but they don’t do hard time. If he is found guilty he might get 5 years then he will be back out to do it again!

  • He is horrendous, makes me so sickened!! I had complained to the gym that he was recording girls and people in the hot tub, his boy was out of control and had fits of anger man times. He was around all of the kids playing in the pool and hot tub with his phone out.

    I am not the only person that had a problem with him, he is evil, creepy and vile!!!!!!

    I complained a few weeks ago, I had been uncomfortable around him for many months at the gym. I confronted him after he kept looking at me turning around when I could get out of the hot tub, he came up to me and was slimy and acted like he didnt hear me.

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