Fortuna PD Wants to Renew Funding From Measure Z for Two Officers

Press release from the Fortuna Police Department:


Fortuna Measure zIn February, the Fortuna Police Department will be requesting that the Board of Supervisors renew funding for two important officer positions that are funded entirely by Measure Z sales tax money. Funding for these positions must be secured each year from the Board of Supervisors who ultimately authorize the allocation and expenditure of these funds.

The two positions are a Fortuna Police Officer assigned to the County Drug Task Force (DTF) and a Fortuna Police Officer assigned as a School Resource Officer (SRO) for the Eel River Valley.

Since starting her new position last July, SRO Lindsey Frank has made some very positive contributions to students, faculty and families of students in schools from Scotia to Loleta.

In addition to her regular law enforcement duties on campuses, Officer Frank is a mentor in Fortuna Union High School’s “Change the World” program. She has also been involved in many student activities at the elementary and middle schools, helping to set a positive example for students.

In a notable, recent action, Officer Frank assisted in an actual lock-down of Ferndale High School following the escape of an inmate from a county work crew in the area.

Moreover, in the past year, our DTF Agent has helped to interdict over $5 Million in illegal drugs and seize over half a million dollars in cash related to illegal drug activities. These seizures included large amounts of heroin and methamphetamine that would have been sold in the Eel River Valley.

The Fortuna Police Department has been able to re-activate and maintain these two positions thanks to the Board of Supervisors, and we are optimistic that we will continue to have these vital positions funded in order to continue making a difference throughout the county.

Measure Z is a County initiative passed in November 2014 by voters to help fund “Public Safety” and other “Essential Services” with the addition of a half-cent sales tax in Humboldt County.



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