Woman Injured After Fall at Trinidad Beach

Ambulance and fire trucks at Trinidad Beach.

Ambulance and fire trucks at Trinidad Beach. [Crop of a photo by Lori Dengler]

At a little after noon, about a 1/2 mile north of the parking lot on Trinidad Beach, a 24-year-old woman fell and was injured, according to the scanner. She received a three-inch laceration on her head. Emergency personnel responded and took the woman to the hospital.

UPDATE 3:45 p.m.: Another person, a 72-year-old male, was also slightly injured when they fell from a horse just before 12:30 p.m. on Clam Beach which is about 6 and a half miles south of Trinidad Beach, according to the scanner.



  • Only idiots attempt to ride horses. They’re too big!!! Sorry. YOU’RE IT!!

  • Idiots? Sounda lika you no-likada horses, well suck it up Buttercup. This here is still the old west, youall shouldn’t otta talka lika dat! You mitta pissa offida the horseman of this county. Moron, more on this on the 5 at 5 news!

  • Idiots are too big to ride horses?

  • Arrrr dee deee,too old for horsey, I like canned creamed horse meat! https://goo.gl/images/G4thsP

  • If this isn’t an education about the ugliness inside way too many people…

  • Look at all the resources involved in “rescuing” someone with a 3″ cut. No wonder we cannot get things done, we spend too much caring for idiots. How about some personal responsibility?

  • This site’s comments are an education into the ugliness of anonymous posters every day.

  • Thanks, Kym….

    Funny how the need for moderation changes when (some) people are forced to use their real names. It’s almost like they are embarrassed by their own opinions.

    Btw, I agree with most every position of yours that I’ve read over the years.

    • Afraid of retaliation more likely. Even with being anonymous, some people like to hunt posters, hardly bothering to read them before attacking. Loading their weapons with acceptable sounding ideas creates an even worse problem. It shuts down discussion because no one seems to think it necessary to be honest or civil as long as they’re being nasty in the name of a cause beloved by the herd.

      Such posters are not better humans obviously- just better at sniffing out the most advantageous and safest opinion to unload. Generally it’s not the opinion itself that is awful but the personal attacks favoring vile insults. Why that is acceptable to some is really strange but it comes from right and left pretty equally. Well maybe more from the left as they accept lots more things as good causes making it an acceptable excuse to be vile .

      • There is no need to put political affiliation into the equation, imo.

        Stay off horses?

        Wasting money for responding to fall with three inch gash on head?

        These opinions are ridiculous, imo. And they only represent those posted in this thread.

        • I quite agree, some of these comments need a BIG shovel to be dealt with properly!!!

        • Just an observation. It seems that political posts are especially fertile ground for raising up little trolls to be big ones. IMO. I guess it was uour comment about agreeing with Kym that got me thinking about it.

    • I used to think that being anonymous made things worse. After watching the comments on Facebook, I no longer believe that. Here’s one from today. https://www.facebook.com/RedheadedBlackbelt/posts/1983412611873382

      • Thing is , people who use their real names and have jobs can be fired for comments they make on line if they are 2 outside the social acceptable norms. If this was the case 80 years ago there would still be seperate drinking fountians. The very same folks that make the loudest fuss about equality freedoms and rights in my experance seem to be the same ones demanding others lose theirs. On line bulleying is bad right ? But it is perfectly acceptable to bully and harass those who do not think act or agree the same way someone else does. Double standards seem to be victorious more than anything else. Kym does a fairly equal job of moderating this site allowing anon posting, and for the most part keeping things civil. It is why her site tends to have more respect among readers than others from himboldt.

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