Major Injury Accident Briefly Closed Hwy 36

Major injury Crash traffic accident crashAt approximately 1:12 a.m., a Toyota pickup went off the road on Hwy 36 between Bridgeville and Swains Flat around mile marker 21.88. Three people were injured and taken to Redwood Memorial Hospital. At least one person received major injuries.

At approximately 3:49 a.m., the road was closed for recovery of the vehicle. The road It was open again in about eight minutes.



  • I wonder if they ever found the last guy who wrecked on 36??? Last I read he was still MIA after his wreck!!! Sorry to hear of yet another wreck on 36 especially this part of it!!! This recent one is only a couple of miles from me!!! Not even close to being some of the more dangerous places on this narrow winding mountain road!!! Hoping all make a speedy recovery!!! Not to mention paying attention to driving, especially on Hwy 36!!!

  • I wonder how many wrecks there’s been on the 36 in the last 5 years or better yet how many people have died on Highway 36 Last 5 Years I wonder

    • I don’t know the exact count but any at all is too many in my opinion!!!!

    • While I was waiting at a road construction spot I talked to one of the Caltrans workers out there. He said that there is literally an accident every single day on 36. Immediately after that conversation while driving through the construction zone some moron in a brand new suburban decided I was driving too slow and tried to pass me and the pilot car! He Stopped before he went past the pilot car luckily.

  • Contact the Traffic Engineer at Caltrans in Eureka. They keep accident statistics. They can be reached at their public number. I think you will find a large increase in both accidents and fatalities on 36 in the last five years.

    • I have absolutely NO doubt of that at all with the increase of Growers out this way there has been a LOT more traffic on this road & these “Noobs” don’t know the road for Shizzle, thereby causing more wrecks!!!

  • Nothing good happens after midnight…

  • Mean road , bad weather , drive like you want to live… A long time hopefully.

  • Any update on this Kim?

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