APD’s Juvenile Diversion Program Offering 11-Week Class Series

From the Arcata Police Department:

Juvenile Diversion’s primary objectives are working with youth and families to decrease dropout rates, decrease students entering continuation high schools, and decrease the number of youth entering the Juvenile Justice System. One of the services Juvenile Diversion offers is The Parent Project. The 11-week class series is geared to help parents improve adolescent school attendance, performance, reduce family conflict, curb drug and alcohol use, prevent runaways, gang involvement, stop violent behavior and develop strong, in-home prevention and intervention strategies. The Next Parent Project Series will be hosted by APD’s Juvenile Diversion Counselor, Cedric Aaron, and School Resource Officer, Victoria Marr. The series will begin on March 8, 2018 and hosted at Arcata High School.

Funded by Measure Z, Arcata Police Department’s Juvenile Diversion has closed 104 cases. Out of the 104 closed cases, 76 participants have successfully completed the Juvenile Diversion Program and 16 were referred to Probation. Currently, Juvenile Diversion has 65 open cases.



  • Kids with options are more likely to do better in society. Especially now as society seems to be devolving by electronically marginalizing individuals. Talk amongst yourselves.

  • I moved almost every year as a child. It was hard on my schooling. I went from being a straight A student to a struggling student very quickly. Had to do remedial math for 2 years. By the time i was doing well wed move again and id be placed in math classes far beyond my skills. I asked for help, tutoring all kinds of stuff and basically got told by every teacher that i was full of shit. My trancripts stated i passed this class (with a D-) so i should be able to do it. As math became a part of every subject i really struggled. I got put in a continuation school that couldnt even provide enough credits for the students to graduate. I asked if i could talk to the principle about getting more credits. That idea got me suspended. ? ? Guess the teacher was afraid i would get her in trouble? I wish they had programs like this when i was younger. Could help alot of struggling kids.

  • People are separated by their obsession with their electronic devices.

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