Rio Dell Man Pleads Guilty to Eight Armed Robberies

Press release from Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

Christian James Shepard Shepard suspect in armed robberiesToday District Attorney Maggie Fleming announced that Humboldt County Judge Christopher Wilson accepted a guilty plea from 27-year-old Christian James Shepard of Rio Dell. The plea agreement stipulates that Mr. Shepard will serve 25 years in state prison for committing eight armed robberies in violation of Penal Code section 211, and one attempted armed robbery in violation of Penal Code section 213(B)). Mr. Shepard also admitted to a sentencing enhancement for discharging a firearm during the course of one of the robberies.

Between November 3, 2016 and November 18, 2016, Humboldt County was plagued by a series of armed robberies occurring between McKinleyville and Garberville. Through investigation spearheaded by Detective Ronald B. Harpham of the Eureka Police Department, it was determined that a red Pontiac GS6 was being used as the get-away vehicle in the robberies. It was also determined that Mr. Shepard was the owner of this same vehicle. On November 19, 2016, Rio Dell police officers attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop on Mr. Shepard as he was driving the Pontiac, at which time Mr. Shepard fled from the police up Monument Road into the mountains of Rio Dell. Ultimately, Mr. Shepard was later apprehended and taken into custody by Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Following his arrest Mr. Shepard’s red Pontiac was searched and officers located evidence linking him to the robberies including clothing and multiple firearms. Additional evidence of Mr. Shepard’s guilt was found by forensic experts on his cellular phone. The apprehension of Mr. Shepard and investigation of these robberies was accomplished through assistance from a number of local law enforcement agencies including the Humboldt County Sherriff’s Office and the Rio Dell, Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, and Ferndale Police Departments. Sentencing is scheduled for February 27, 2017.

Earlier Chapters:

Surveillance video of a robber

Still from a surveillance video of one of the robberies.

Here is a list of armed robberies that occurred during the time period that Shepard pled to being active: 



  • What a dumbass

  • You really messed up your life, kid.

    • That doesn’t look like acne on his face but meth scabs … if so he messed up big time before he even went robbing!

  • This is the type of sentence our judges need to continue to hand out. Time to clean up this county. The people have been victims way too long. Great job, judge Wilson!

  • Good luck. Prison is no fun for a dope fiend.

  • Is he the robber or just the getaway driver?

  • 25 years is a long time. He looks like he has a chip on his shoulder. That will be knocked of before he gets out of Q.

  • [edit] After a dozen times of pointing a large caliber handgun at people in public, your chances slim tremendously; someone will eventually be able to defend themselves. Shame.

  • bye bye asshole

  • This complete moron deserves every year he gets in jail.

  • Wow!!! Another sentence that matches the crime!! I might just be able to move back to Humboldt one day if they really do put a cap in grow size and inforce it plus put the criminals in jail for more than a night!! Maybe soon you’ll only be able to bogart one property to grow on and land prices will drop and people like me who don’t rape the land for profit can afford to live there!!! Good things are happening!!!!

  • Just a reminder that we are all human.
    Kid screwed up. He’s definitely paying for it.

    • We all have the same choices to make in life. It is sad when people can’t make the right choices when dealing with basic life scenarios. This guy is lucky to be alive.

    • “Screwing up” is forgetting and burning your dinner. A series of robberies should not be trivialized by calling it “screwing up.” It was being a thief. Worse it was choosing to threaten other people with death while being a thief.

      And 27 is not a kid. Indeed we are all human unless some animal has learned to type. But most don’t do what he did. So yes, they are a better human than he is.

      Humans should not be handed sympathy for the results of their crimes. Usually humans are already looking for excuses for their behavior. As the oft repeated saying goes, they are not sorry they did it, just sorry they were caught.

    • Screwing up and terrorizing/threatening with weapon in face, are completely different. White Christian Terrorists are a huge problem. Including cops. Lock them up!

      • What are you talking about? What does white Christian have to do with it? I hope you’re not as racist and ignorant as you sound.

    • Yeah. Eight times

    • Robbing people at gun point is a bit past “screwing up”.

  • He doesn’t have meth scabs anymore and has gained weight. He looks quite cherubic now. However I think 25 years is appropriate. That was quite a reign of terror!



  • Going away on a deep sea fishing trip for the next ten plus years. Might as well get a degree behind bars kid or like the rest learn more dumb shit.

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