Undercover Buy Nets 11.5 Ounces of Heroin, Says EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Doroteo Lerma-CastilloOn January 25, 2018, at about 11:00 a.m., Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) conducted an undercover buy bust on the 400 block of W. Harris Street in Eureka.

Detectives had arranged the buy with 34 year old Doroteo Lerma-Castillo through text message. Lerma-Castillo arrived at the designated location chosen by him and was met by detectives. Lerma-Castillo was found to be in possession of nearly 11.5 ounces of heroin and was taken into custody without further incident.

Lerma-Castillo was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for possession and transportation of heroin for sales.Heroin



  • I hope spoon man goes away

  • Well got to give credit where credit is due good job epd much better than your usual quarter ounce does he have his papers .

  • Finally some good police work. Get that junk out of here.

  • No he will get his karma

  • Figueiredo’s rest in peace. Not the first time junk was sold on that property. 😮

  • Nice work EDP!!! Looks like they got a mid-level guy, some-one supplying the dealers. Wonder if he’s cartel, or just a local working for the cartel. In either case he sure doesn’t look very concerned in his booking photo.

    Used to be you’d go to prison for at least a decade or two if caught with that much heroin, but not any more. If the Sheriff’s are still running the jail like they used to, he’s probably already been released on his own recognizance so he can flee the area.

    It’s amazing how many people busted with multiple pounds of heroin and/or speed were immediately released by the Sheriffs once they were brought to the jail. All of the big busts were by APD, EPD, FPD, not the Sheriffs. Makes you wonder what the hell is going on…

    • Seems like you have a huge chip on your shoulder. Why should we pay to house people that cant afford to bail themselves out , but allow the folks with loads of loot to roam free until they have been found guilty by the courts or jury ?
      White collar crooks can steal millions , hell 10s of millions of hard working peoples money allowing folks to lose their homes and never even see inside a back seat of a police car.
      Just dont get why do many folks are so steamed about jails releasing folks when they are over crowded, yet never want a jail in their back yard or to pay for one

      • Why? Because they keep committing the same crimes while released. Or simply disappear. Now that’s costly- tracking down for trial. At least with large enough bail some of that cost is recouped.

      • I would way rather pay for a jail to house a merchant of death that is responsible for ruining life’s and entire families and killing who knows how many human beings with his poison than fund “environmental scientists” who are proud of finding poison in 7 owls.

      • AntiC…..You’re reasoning is what’s wrong with our system. The real question is why do courts keep releasing career criminals to go out and repeat their crimes? I get it….our props, DA and governor have created this. The same gas stations, stores and businesses keep getting robbed by the same people. The same dealers keep getting busted, let out and dealing again. How is that solving our crime problems? It encourages them to keep doing it, knowing there are no consequences. Once may be an ‘honest mistake’; but after that, it shows no respect for other people and their property. There needs to be harsh consequences for people like this and others who choose to be a continued threat to society. Good, honest people, and our children, deserve better.

        • My reasoning is that if we stopped having laws that made folks crimminals there wouldnt be as many. I dont agree with controling others way of life simply because it doesnt fit into my values. Just as you are i have the right to destory our lives , or not others also have that right. Many drink themselves to death others eat unhealthy still others use drugs . The only differance is one of these happen to have laws against them yet all are equally as harmful. Infact there are studies that prove pure herion has zero negitive long term health effects other than how they are taken and what people will do for it. Yet eating wrong drinking to much all effect long term health. So if one was to look at things with a open mind, they would see very little differance and would not support filling jails locking humans up like anamials simply because they have a addiction. Jail is not the place to clean up nor is it a place to simply hide those who we dont want to be around. Freedom is just that. You have the freedom to live your life as you wish just as every other person around you has. You do not have to like how they live their life ,but you also dont get to tell them not to live it as they wish based upon your values or beliefs. The exception is direct harm to others, no one has the freedom to cause unwanted harm to another. Arrest and jail folks for harm or crime they commet to afford their habbits not the habbit itself.

          • Unfortunately you need to google the difference between democracy and freedom.

            • No i know the differance, however we are a republic, we have the freedom to persue happiness in all forms, just as we have the freedom of speach freedom to believe in what ever we want be that some magic dude in the sky or that cows are holy, we even have the freedom to not believe in such things. We have many freedoms and once folks stop attempting to take each others away the better we all are.

    • Not EPD. POP seems to be doing all the drug busts.

  • isn’t that Tuko from Breaking Bad?

  • Fry this Bastard. God Bless…

  • Ok, this MF was NOT a lawful citizen! And what does “True North” have to say about this creep coming into our country /community to be this violent drug dealer!
    This kind of fuckery has to stop, and thanks EPD for busting this low life and getting him off our streets. But now what? What will happen to him? Can they trace where the stream of drugs are coming in from?

    • Are you reading a different story because I didn’t see anything that said he was from a different country?

      • Common sense would indicate such.

        • Why? The most obvious immigrants are the pasty ones from Europe. He could be native.

        • Latinos are the largest population in California. I don’t know how someone can confuse common sense with assumption. Now I’ll assume common sense means ignorance.

      • You must be a true north member….always minimizing your friends sleazy drug dealing crimes.
        How bout you try and be a champion for our whole community and speak out against these fcks coming in and reaking havoc and victimizing our community?
        Your silence is deafening and Noticed

        • What is a ‘true north member’? Are they from above the Mason/Dixon line? Are they Inuit? Siberian maybe? Or is this just another adolescent xenophobic buzz word your find pleasure regurgitating? Please clarify.

    • People are starting to believe that this True North organization is really a “propaganda wing” of the cartel ring , specializing in diverting attention away from all of the illegals that are here and committing crimes against our community.

      • fear is one hell of a drug. I wonder what the demographics is on crime committed in our community. I would say greater than 90% is local, with 9% from out of the area and 1% from out of the country (if that). your comment is propaganda and falls under fear mongering. the war on heroin will be won with education. when there is no demand there will be no supply.

        • “….when there is no demand there will be no supply…”

          Why is it that it’s mostly your friends from the “1% from out of the country” that’s supplying all of the heroin? Just stop your bsing.

      • ‘Paying Attention’ could you please divulge the exact percentage of illegals in our community, since you are the expert on the invading rebels of the south. All I’m reading is idle chatter with no facts, a delusional fantasy novel of fear.

        • Hey “ common scents” look at the above photo of your illegal friend: FACT not idle chatter = he was just BUSTED for possession for sale of almost 1pound of HEROIN here in EUREKA.

  • As of this morning Lost Coast Outpost report he’s still in jail thank God

  • roundhouse to your face

    heres your cultural enrichment

  • amimissingsomething

    Is he an illegal alien? Mexican National???

  • they are here because of the demand. that’s it. its not like they created the demand. all of this black tar come from Mexico. in 1990 the heroin in Eureka was also black tar from Mexico, not much has changed except the demand is much higher, which is what we as a community need to solve.

  • Kym, can you explain something for me. I’ve noticed that the time on the reply’s are jumbled up. They’re not consistent, ( I believe that’s the word ). Can you help me understand this?

    • My guess on your question is that all the ‘far left’ comments are in date order and time order. They started on the 25th pm, and went to the 26th all day. The comments indented under all those comments can be made at any random time, so those will not be in a chronological or time order. I believe I’m right and that helps, and hope Kym agrees.

    • Livin’ Easy is correct. The comments are shown from oldest to newest EXCEPT those that are replies to an earlier comment are indented

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