This ‘Winsome Gentleman’ is Looking for a Forever Home

From the Humboldt County Animal Shelter:

FELIX – ID#A084894 is a male, gray tabby and white Domestic Mediumhair. He is 7 years old. FELIX is a stunning cat who illuminates a room with his majestic eyes and his lively and vivid pelage. See this winsome gentleman today at Humboldt County Animal Shelter and prepare yourself for a life of joy, ever-so resonant in this precious animal.



  • None of these sweet critters carry the caveat of “neutered with current immunizations.” Are they, or not?

    • They will by the time they leave the facility (mandatory by state law). I never could figure out why they bother to mention they haven’t been neutered yet. You can’t get a non-neutered cat or dog from a shelter.

      • At the county shelter, I paid more for a cat that was not yet neutered, because they ask the adopter to pay for the procedure. Maybe that’s why? Already neutered animals are cheaper, at least at that place.

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