Central Labor Council Endorses Candidates for District Supervisor, Superior Court Judge Candidates

This is a press release from the Central Labor Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties:

The Central Labor Council of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties (CLC) has voted to endorse and support Lathe Gill for Superior Court Judge, Mary Ann Lyons for 4th District Supervisor, and Steven Madrone for 5th District Supervisor.

The CLC, which represents over five thousand workers and sixteen affiliated unions in Northern California, has chosen these candidates because of their exemplary backgrounds in community service, educational achievement, and passionate work on behalf of our environment, our communities, and for the working families in our counties.



  • S Knome Madrone will only get about 35% of the vote because he’s so unlikable and such a hot head . And the woman Lyons will probably only get 35-37% of the vote because no one knows her and she hasn’t done anything .

    • Someone needs to send a memo to Sungnome madrone that he is not electable. He has a really hard time working with people and it’s true that he does have a bad temper. He would make a very ineffective Supervisor because of it.

  • Are there 3 candidates competing for the 4th District seat, including the incumbent?

  • Be very careful about electing a probation minded judge. Haven’t we had enough?

  • So the Central Labor Council endorsed Mary Lyons for fourth district Supervisors who has never done anything? I think the other two Democrats in that race must be totally pissed off!

    Obviously the Labor Council doesn’t care about qualifications or experience but just looking for who can line their pockets the most.

  • Mary Ann has been in the community for decades, demonstrated a high level of ethics and has a social consciousness. She is not an alcoholic and not entrenched in the old boy nepotism of Eureka. She’s highly educated and has a strong grasp on the very serious issues which plague Eureka.

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