And, Then Aftershock! 5.0 Quake This Time

5.0 quake mapAccording to Redwood Coast Tsunami Group, there was a

5.0 aftershock of this morning’s M 5.8 offshore of Cape Mendocino. The 5.8 was at 8:39 am PST and the 5.0 was at 9:24 am. Nothing too unusual about these earthquakes. The Mendocino fault is one of the most seismically active areas of the state. But they are a good reminder that we live in earthquake country and a larger or closer quake could happen at any time. Check out our Living on Shaky Ground preparedness magazine at or request a copy at (707) 826-6019.

Earlier Chapter: Earthquake Estimated to Be a 5.8 Hits Off Coast



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