Redway Man Arrested for DUI After Colliding With a Utility Pole

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Brandon StrasserOn January 21, 2018, at approximately 2023 hours, Laytonville CHP officers received information regarding a possible DUI driver at Gravier’s Chevron.  Officers responded and observed a Ford Excursion matching the vehicle description turning westbound onto Branscomb Road.  An enforcement stop was initiated.  The Ford yielded to emergency lights and sirens at the intersection of Branscomb Road and Bauer Road, but prior to officer contact, the vehicle fled westbound on Branscomb Road.  The vehicle ultimately collided into a utility pole in the 700 block of Branscomb Road, causing downed phone lines.  The downed lines caused damage to one CHP patrol vehicle.

The driver, 37 year old Redway resident Brandon Strasser, was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and evading arrest.  This incident is still under investigation by the California Highway Patrol.  Thank you to Laytonville Fire Department, Cahto Tribal Police, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office and Mendocino County Roads Department for their assistance.

The phone company was contacted to repair the downed lines.  One way traffic control was conducted for multiple hours.



  • It’s a felony DUI when you cause property damage

    • It’s usually only a felony if you cause injury. Property damage is a ” wobbler” , can be charged as misdemeanor or felony. Usually charged as misdemeanor..

      • That is true Ice, but this fellow was driving on a license already suspended for dui priors and also had a warrant for failure to appear. Oh and guess what,, he is already out on bail. Wondering how that is going to turn out,,,

  • They are not sending us their best or brightest….

  • Damned utility poles, dancing all over the road! !!

  • So prior to stop there was damage to a pole and a chp car hit the lines causing damage. Seems to me like an officer with all their supposed training and driving skills that allow them to use laptops cell phones radios radar all while driving , should be able to avoid such things. Just my 2 cents there but chp shouldnt be attempting to cover lack of skill on officers part and pining it on this guy.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Did you think that the pole was in the road and the officer had to go over it to continue pursuit? Just a thought.

  • Glad he did not kill any innocent people, but i heard California is passing a law to protect drunk drivers running from the cops if they know a possible illegal alien, but were afraid to ask cuz it doesnt really matter.

  • Someone needs to be a uber driver up here , could make good money probably

  • When drowning your sorrows because no one will buy your weed goes wrong.

  • Sober Driver Available.
    Immaculate driving record.
    Up to 5 passengers seated legally but prefer 4 or less.
    Brian Reamey

    • Nice spam bro. I don’t know if serious, but I got a good chuckle either way.

      • Totally serious, I owe my community a huge debt of gratitude. They were there for me and my family in our time of need. If I can help a few people get home safe then that is exactly what I’ll do.

  • Im glad no one was hurt or dead

  • Thought I recognized that mug. Brandon’s a Woodman creek local but maybe hits the jack a little to much. Hope things work out and glad no one was injured.

  • One thing I noted was his expression of inebriated satisfaction.

    Oblivious or pleased with himself?

    • Cabin in the woods

      I was unfortunate enough to have a photo session in the Humboldt Hilton long ago. They took the booking photo right as I was being released. The young lady working the official COP camera was very easy on the eyes.
      My smiles were involuntary. 😉

  • ….those things come from outta nowhere

  • So let’s wrap this up: Bail (payoff) amounts are set at the county-level.

    Hey Brandon Strasser: “We don’t want your ass driving in Laytonville anymore. You have no right to put people in danger.”

    Strasser was released in 4 hours (WTF) bought his way out for only $4,500. What the hell? A multiple time DUI no drivers license no insurance done this before….evading and gross negligent accident….

    Sheriff Tom Allman: Any thoughts here?


  • dreadway garbage.

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