Rapid Response Hotline Launched Today by True North Organizing Network and ACLU to Respond to ICE Operations in Humboldt

true north immigrationPress release from True North Organizing Network:


True North Organizing Network (True North), in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Northern California, soft launched a Rapid Response Hotline today to respond to threatened Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity in the region. Humboldt County residents who notice ICE operations are encouraged to call (707) 282-5226 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The phone call will activate community volunteers who have been trained to observe and witness ICE raids, wherever they may take place.

Since May 2017, True North leaders and staff have partnered with the Northern California chapter of the ACLU to build a Rapid Response Network to respond to heightened fears of ICE raids on the North Coast. So far, more than 50 local leaders comprise the Response Team, and have been trained to respond if unforeseen ICE activity is reported and verified in Humboldt County.

“If we would have had this Rapid Response Hotline when the ICE raid at Sun Valley Farms occurred, we would have seen a very different outcome,” True North leader and one of the Sun Valley Seven (name not used for the protection of her identity). “With our current situation of immigrant families being torn apart and targeted, this is an urgent matter. Where else can we call for help?”

She stressed the importance of the hotline as a tool for immigrant families, and offered assurance that reports would remain confidential. In addition to dispatching volunteer responders during an incident, True North Organizing Network will provide training for residents of Humboldt County who want to accompany victims of immigration raids through the legal process. This includes legal resources, moral support, and helping families navigate the processes and stress of an immigration enforcement action.

“Many of us are watching the public erosion of basic human decency, and keep wondering how we can put a stop to the trend. This is one small, simple way: be there for our neighbors in crisis and just show up, one human being looking out for another,” said Brenna Silbory, True North Rapid Response Network Design Team member. “We all know that when Humboldt pulls together on behalf of our own, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Immigrant residents make up a vital part of our local community, and deserve to be treated with dignity. True North Organizing Network encourages all community members who want to stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors to participate in a free Observer and Know Your Rights Training on Saturday, January, 27, 9am – 12pm at the Arcata United Methodist Church, 1761 11th Street, Arcata, in the Sanctuary. Visit www.truenorthorganizing.org/immigration for more information about the Humboldt Rapid Response Network.



  • then again, here is the sensible alternative….


  • Just tell them to get a real job, instead of just hanging out waiting for ICE Raids!!
    Seriously folks, If you are here Legally then you do not have anything to worry about…Many folks had years to take care of business but, Oh my? Too Busy to file for Legal Status? Sucks being you!!

  • Well I know State and County laws prohibit people from interfering with or derailing investigations/law enforcement. I’m sure there are federal statutes as well. Phone records exist and I wouldn’t put it past the fed to surveil them for participation or attempts to reach the hotline.

    Just saying. Be careful out there. CA has been declining into an out and out declaration of war and defiance of the federal government. This could get ugly before it gets pretty again. Meanwhile though, enjoy the job market opening up for Americans.

    Here we go: Obstruction of justice, federal code: https://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-1728-protection-government-processes-obstruction-federal-criminal

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Don’t these Anti ICE people have jobs? If not, they need to get one and contribute to the tax base for the County and the City or Community they live in. These people are in my mind, sort of treasonous to the USA. If you are here illegally, you need to be sent back to your home Country and try to come back as a Legal Citizen. No wonder that we don’t have good jobs, wages or other things, as so much is being provided to the people who has snuck into the Country the wrong way. And don’t call me a racist, as in my younger days, our closest friends were Hispanics who came here legally and had business’s in my Home Town. I even was supposed to marry a Hispanic young lady years ago. And a lot of my fellow co-workers are African-American.

  • Why not walk them through the process of applying for citizenship instead?

  • Immigrating takes about 7 years. You will need to return to your home country, and apply.

    If you have a needed skill, find a sponsor willing to hire non-citizens, like Jerold Phelps Hospital, and they can apply for a H1B visa.

    Good luck!

    OH, and Immigrations is doing the job we pay them to do, which is keeping illegal immigrants from taking up residence, and working in our country. If you need asylum, return to your home country and apply at the US Embassy.

    California is not a region of Mexico. Please make a note of it!

  • It is a shame that the illegal immigrants face consequences for their crimes and the employer, like Sun Valley Floral, do not. They should be put out of business.

    On the topic of eroding human decency, employers like Sun Valley take advantage of illegal immigrants labor, allowing them to reduce the conditions and compensation for employment.

    If you care at all about the rights of workers, boycott Sun Valley Floral!

    • it is because he (the majority owner of SVF) is the Chair of the Humboldt Republican Party. he also a part owner the new Samoa, which can be called the new Section 8 Samoa, its going to be great.

    • Better plan on not buying any cut flowers or produce for that matter then

  • “Many of us are watching the public erosion of basic human decency, and keep wondering how we can put a stop to the trend”. Yes many of us have watched groups like this jump in and complain about criminal rights but yet the average citizen has no rights to be protected from the criminals that victimize them over and over. What do we do when the “illegal immigrants” continue to violate our laws and then flee back to mexico. They return and commit the same crimes. Remember when the hispanic drug dealers were arrested in Fortuna and the group immediately used the fact that they were “illegal” to claim that the families were traumatized by ICE just being there. They had no contact withg ICE unless they were involved in the crime. Yet they used that as a catalyst to protest and completely take away the fact that these drug dealers were removed from the area. I agree that monitoring keeps our checks and balances in place, but why aren’t these groups ever working for the average citizen who is just trying to survive. I agree with Mariahgirl. These groups would be better serving by helping them through the citizenship process rather than enabling them to continue as is. I have neighbors who are here illegally working in the “marijuana industry” and when asked about applying for citizenship, they just shrug their shoulders. California is becoming a waste land for the lazy and criminals, because the average citizen gives up and lets them have their way.

  • There’s a bunch of illegal immigrants growing pot up in our national forest by Fish Lake, i c e better check that out.

  • Informants names will remain confidential… yeah, right.
    Good luck with that!

  • I was very pessimistic of our society and then I read these comments and have some hope.

  • That’s not going to end well for the person that shows up to the raid.

    • “Both sides?” CRMINALS DON’T HAVE A “SIDE.”

      True North is a terrorism cell. They support illegals and other criminals and are working to undermine the core beliefs of real Americans. They need to be raided!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Time to fire up the prank dial and prank owl websites for some snickers….

  • I honestly don’t understand why people think illegal immigrants have a right to stay here. ‘Law-abiding’ or not, if I snuck over the border to Canada and started working under the table and using their universal healthcare system, I’d expect to be deported until I could complete the paperwork to immigrate legally no matter how bad my home country was. The tax system legal citizens pay into cannot support a large base of illegal citizens on top of ourselves. I don’t even know how people can purport that illegal citizens are here and paying taxes, exactly how does that even work? Can you pay taxes without being a citizen or having a social security number? Show me the receipts on that one.

    • the owner of Sun Valley already did show the receipts of his illegals after he was raided by ICE in 2006ish. Taxes were taken out and taxes were paid. dead peoples SS numbers work just as good as living and it all goes to the same place. so it boils down to the fact that illegals pay tax but will never reap the benefits of it in the end.

      • Nonsense. He did hold taxes but they were not “dead people’s” numbers. They were assorted numbers, each needing hours of work to have records corrected, including contacts with the true owners of numbers. And even dead people’s records have survivors getting benefits. It costs a lot of money to fix.

        He was notified repeatedly for years that the wages did not belong to the people he reported. He just ignored it until the raid. Then had the nerve to get the idiot board of supervisors to write a letter of support for his crappy behavior.

        Now for a dose of reality. Many times dishonest employers don’t send in the taxes they withhold. Later the person who had the wages files for benefits when they become illegal or get a green card or a survivor does. Now the law says the earnings need to be put on the right record. The liability is on the employer, not the wage earner, to pay the missing taxes. However this employer is unlocatable, out of business or simply ignores requests to pay. Meanwhile the benefits are paid based on best information. When no taxes have ever been paid and probably never will.

        • my employer missed a SS digit of mine for 6 months and it was paid to someone else’s #. it effected me in an adverse way. how do you think it effected the person that got my SS in a gain scenario? and it still hasn’t been corrected no matter how many forms I send.

          • Multiply that by thousands and thousands to get an idea of the mess using wrong social security numbers causes. And in the case of illegals it goes on for years. It might have been a gain to the incorrect number holder but it most likely was put in a massive hold file because the ID information did not match. There are not enough bureaucrats in the world to fix all the messes.

            • its a gain, end of story and your spin. Most employers (not DeVries apparently) pay the tax and its a gain to the country and the number holder. the workers never see a dime of it.

              • It is hardly a gain. Given that those jobs would have been filled by other workers , who would be happy to work those jobs if the market for labor wasnt flooded to the point that employers pay less than living wage. And while the ones that do work pay some taxes, they do not pay all and often have family members here that take from the social programs at higher than average rates.

                • Doesnt take into account all the veribles. Many of those studies are biased as well. And i truely dont see why they should recieve a tax refund reguardless.
                  Apples and oranges . What about the fact that persons from where ever that have no legal right to be here let alone work are infact doing so ? Labor is a market. That is fact. As with any market when there is more of a product then demand the price for thst product goes down. So in the labor market more workers = less pay for the workers. If there were less workers, the employers or the labor buyers would be forced to offer higher pay and benifits in order to get the required labor. By allowing this non regulated labor market of illegal workers to flood the market , the price of labor has been driven down in many areas of the market. There by making it impossible for a legal worker to support their family working in those sectors of labor.
                  A perfect example of this is the canibis field. Huge numbers of Americians in this area working hard in less than perfect conditions farming, but pay is there and most could make a living, now we have excessive production and we are seeing a shortage in profits, with legalisation we will see alot of the jobs becoming regulated and labor prices flucatating untill thelabor market settles with market prices, in order to make more, owners will seek cheapier labor and labor prices will drop even more if illegal unregulated labor market workers are allowed in. We have seen it in the price per unit folks are paying for trimmers as well as hourly workers some but it will get worse. That is the effect of illegal work force. So it is not merely taxes they might or not pay. It is the jobs they take from legal workers and the way they basicly drive labor market through the floor making it a sector no legal person can afford to work.

      • Using a knowingly incorrect social security number is a crime. Yes they may be paying taxes but they are doing it in an illegal manner. I guarantee you knowingly falsifying stuff like that would get you deported out of any other country; just because they ‘paid taxes’ doesn’t make it ok. It’s still illegal. It says all over any job application and W2 form that knowingly falsifying any of that information is a crime and will get you canned immediately in the very least. They should just go through the legal route to become a citizen and do it right.

    • Part of getting a work visa in canada is taking a test that you mist pay for to prove you can read write speak and understand english. Just think of the outrage these groups would have if here in america we adapted something similar.

      • Yeah and be vetted to have an actual reason to come in to the country, I.e. have a job offer, needed skill, or be going to college there. They don’t need any more weight on their infrastructure and honestly I think that’s a large reason why American politics and budget are so out of whack.

    • Good call…I totally agree!

  • Question: how come the people in “true north” dont have one thing to say when one of their own “illegal “ citizens got busted for 2lbs of heroin ; or when one of them got busted for domestic violence; or when one of them got busted for shooting a police officer who was responding to a violent “domestic abuse” call. On and on and on….
    Many of these “illegals” are not angels, and are in fact dangerous violent criminals… it’s hard to take this organization “true north” seriously when they at every turn minimize these facts .
    No other country, including Mexico, would ever allow anyone that is not a citizen of that country to go there and say,not only am I staying illegally, but , I don’t have to follow any kind of rules while I’m there and I can also demonstrate and hold up signs that say “fuck the police“
    If anybody from other countries did that in another country… what do you think would happen to them?

  • What about our homeless Americans, especially veterans!Everyone wants to cry about illegals who are sucking our welfare and medical systems dry.They are taking jobs away from our children.What part of illegal don’t people understand?Get legal or get out!!!

  • Is this a joke

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