Sangha Tattoo Having Grand Reopening Tomorrow

This is a press release from Sangha Tattoo:

Sangha Tattoo will be having a grand reopening this Saturday, January 20th from 12-8 pm which will feature four bands in an open concert area, the Va Va Voom Burlesque vixens, free beer for those over 21 and free barbecue.

The event will also include raffles for tattoos, piercings and jewelry, and the concert will be headlined by Rosewater, a popular Grateful Dead tribute band. They will start their set at 5 pm and the Vixens will be doing a performance inside the shop during intermission before the second set. Also playing will be Suds, ChopsJunkie and hypha.

Sangha Tattoo is now employee owned and has transitioned into a tattoo/piercing/jewelry boutique. Sangha would like to have it known that it is still the same crew of employees as before, but with a few additions to the family and with a different aesthetic and feel.

This event is meant to show that Sangha is a friendly, welcoming, community environment and a safe space to all.

For additional information, go to Facebook at Old Growth Tattoo is becoming Sangha Tattoo Studio, or on Instagram at #sanghatattoostudio.



  • f*ck yeah!


  • Free beer!? Where is this place? Ill hang out with some freaks for free beer 🍺

  • Always listening to bs

    That’s what I said, Free Beer hell yes!

  • Oh darn, I gave all my tat money to Food for People and Planned Parenthood

  • I don’t understand why so many ads and press releases have NO address or contact info.

    • Many utilize links. For instance, the first link in this goes to the event page on Facebook which has location details.

      Most ads on my page, if you click anywhere will take you to the business’s webpage.

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    I want some of those facial tattoos that make you look scary-crazy! Let’s see, how about “Born to never get a job” on my forehead, along with a nice Charlie Manson swastica…

    Tattoos are for sailors, convicts, and losers…

    • And my dad…a lifelong Republican who was a heavy equipment operator–a handsome, hard-working man.

      • That is beautiful Kym. Thank you

        • Not a tattoo person myself but, my dad was and faced prejudice because of it. Once he and my mom were held on the Canadian border because of his tattoos. I guess they thought this hard-working man was undesirable because some of his ink resembled gang designs.

    • I agree, tattoos are low class. It’s always especially disheartening to see an otherwise attractive woman bearing the mark of the socio-economic inequity

      • I just don’t have words…for your mindless prejudice. Humans have decorated themselves with tattoos since the beginning of time. To describe them as “low class” marks you clearly as someone who believes you are somehow better than another, which actually reveals you as the opposite.

      • Umm, hmm is WRONG! I wil agree that while I have seen some tattoos that are very unfortunate in the placement and style, you cannot make a blanket statement regarding all tattoo wearers.

    • Tattoos existed long before sailors, convicts and you.

    • Hrmm, sorry you feel that way. Guess the tattoo i have planned to get to honor my friends that died , makes me a loser. Even though they died while serving in the military.
      I would like to think that most people in this world at least try to not judge a book by its cover. We are all guilty of it at some point but most of us grow out of it. Heres to hoping you can grow personally past such shallow thoughts. Good luck.

  • I’m going to get a Vagina tattoo on my penis!!

  • groba dude osnt trustafarian

    ref: above story

    Wanted Felon With Tattooed Face Captured Walking in Eureka

    What else is there to say? Tattoos appear to be a step away from normative behavior, a finger in the face of society, possibly one’s parents and family. Not much wonder tattoos are favored by addicts, and the partners of pot farmers…

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