[UPDATE 9:12 p.m.] Woman With Head Injury Following Crash, Several Vehicles Spun Out on Hwy 101

traffic accidentA woman has an injury to her head following a traffic collision at approximately 8:38 p.m. Her blue sedan struck the guardrail on Hwy 101 southbound about a 1/2 mile north of the Humboldt Hill exit. According to scanner traffic, there are “numerous vehicles off the roadway” due to spinning out in standing water.

Medical is responding to the one accident.

Please be careful if driving in the area.

UPDATE 9:12 p.m.: According to Mark McKenna, our reporter on the scene who spoke to Humboldt Bay Fire, the female driver of a Subaru hit the center divider and then came back across the roadway near the end of southbound onramp. The woman received a small head laceration but was not transported. by ambulance. [See also post about hail in Eureka here.]

Humboldt Bay Fire at the scene of a traffic accident caused by hail

[Photo by Mark McKenna]



  • Looked like 2 cars spun across the median and were in the northbound lanes and the other 2 cars were scattered across the southbound lanes. Scary scene!!

  • That area on both sides of 101 gathers water on the road very quickly, really do be careful there!!

  • And just prior, there was a lot of hail on the road and people were not slowing down.

  • They passed me I was doing 45 They were doing probably 60 – 65. I didn’t see the wreck because after this driver cut in front of me to pass a car in the fast lane driving slow. Another went from the fast lane into the slow lane to pass.

    • You know, those subarus are all wheel drive. And many people are not crashing because of barely cold , wet weather.

      I’m glad this person’s allright but hopefully they learned something tonight.

      • Physics Always Wins

        I know, I own one. If you can’t make contact with the road surface with your tires because of little hail balls, it doesn’t really matter how many wheel drive you have. I drive 101 everyday at 65 to 70 miles an hour. Guess what, 95% of all drivers will go past me! It is not a race track out there. If it gives you some kind of power trip to drive well over the speed limit, maybe you should take your aggressions out, playing some kind of sport. It would be safer for everyone.

        Most people have not had to deal with injuries that come from a car accident. I got hit head on in a Volkswagen bug 34 years ago by a drunk driver. I deal with
        my neck and back problems constantly. Many people think it can’t happen to them. The 40,000 + people that died on our nations highways in 2016 probably never thought it would happen to them either! Drive safe like you life depends on it. Because it does! Yep, driving is a privilege, not a right!

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          They don’t care. Pedal to the metal . . . . . I guess California did away with drivers’ ed in high school years ago. Stupid move; way more costly in destruction, injury and death than the cost of a good instructor.

        • How do you know who’s not passing you?

          • Physics Always Wins

            If you use your rear view mirrors in a driving distance of 30 miles or so, you can see who is traveling about the same speed as you are as they don’t ever get out of your sight. You also have to take into account the people you pass that are going less than the posted speed limit. 95% is just an estimate. Some days maybe it is 75%. If we had more Highway Patrol officers here to hand out speeding tickets on an average of $200 a ticket and a increase in your insurance cost of 2 or 300 %, we would find out real fast if we do indeed have a speeding problem!

  • That weather was crazy, heading west on Herrick taking the on ramp south on 101, road was covered with icy slush, people need to slow down, dangerous driving conditions

  • This is just another case of too many women drivers on the road at the same time. The sooner we get those autonomous cars on the road, the safer the roads will be for the rest of us to drive on. It is well known to those of us who drive on these roads all the time, women drivers CANNOT judge distances and/or speeds very well. We see it quite regularly, sad, but true.

    • I aint never ridin in no autonomous car. If it aint gotta driver, it aint a car.

    • WOW bigblok442

    • Such self importance extends to beating uppity women if they don’t keep their place. It’s well known that such attitudes lead to that behavior.

    • “suck it bigblob”, from an awesome female driver

    • I have seen plenty of male drivers who can’t drive very well in good conditions !Boy are you a MSP! I feel sorry for any woman that you are,with! Actually I doubt you have one that would have anything to do with you.

      • Ya. Some of these male drivers have big trucks with big wheels and they rev their engines and gun it. I refer to this behavior as ‘ the little dick syndrome’.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Plenty of women love abuse and second-class citizen status. Don’t ask me to exlain it, if you can’t. Look at the female votes for Trump or Ray Moore. ‘S’plain that one to me, Lucy. Melania Trump had her pick of billionaires world-wide and chose a vile, empty suit. ‘Splain it! Oh, cool, DJT had his fling with Stormy when son Barron was brand new. Maybe we’ll see a huge voter turn-out in the mid-terms. Oh, please.

        I don’t get MSP. Did you mean Male Chauvinist Pig?

    • Excuse me but how many years have you been driving? I am female, have been driving for over 50 years with no tickets, no accidents and have not been the cause of any accidents. I see the younger guys driving their suped up trucks as being more of a problem than anyone else. We travel 299 a lot and you would be amazed at the number of these trucks that seem to have to use 2 lanes thinking they will get there faster than anyone else. There is also the texting, phones and the people that seem to think when they are entering the freeways that everyone should look out for them and get out of their way. Driving on 101 the other day pulling a trailer in the slow lane with a car beside us in the fast lane we had a person coming on from Arcata that did not even look at the freeway until they were next to our trailer.

    • I refuse to accept gender plays a role. Infact it really is disturbing to even hear someone state that it might. I personally know several women that drive otr and local routes that have perfect driving records . Maybe it is just the quaility of females you expose yourself to that has you thinking this way. My daughter who is not even old enough to drive on public roads can drive better than most drivers i have encountered in this area. She can back a trailer around blind cornors driver crawlers through some super rough areas . I certainly hope by the time she gets out on the roads people like you are no longer on them.

    • Danika Patrick says “f#$k you”

    • Wow. You have…’issues’…dont you? Well, seek help, really, and meantime hope you have fun back in 1855!

  • Things that make you go hmm

    Kym- do you consider the anti women driving comment okay?😕

    • I won’t delete a comment like this because the best answer to ignorance is information.

      Here’s an easily digested article that points to studies showing that women, on average, are better drivers. (Please note: This is on average. I am not a better driver than my husband.)http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5092299/Women-NOT-bad-drivers-men-problem.html However, they tend to be less confident in their abilities.

      And–fun fact—while women consistently have safer driving records overall, men pay lower rates at some companies. So…it pays to shop around. Especially if you are a woman. Here’s more info on that.

      • Then why is that not the same as sweeping negativities on race? Wouldn’t it just be better to let the best answer be information then too? It can’t be that disrepect based on race has a worse history of abuse than the history of disrespect based on gender.

      • I guess my comment, that you deleted about the women’s march, although in jest, must have rang true. Or is it just me that you keep deleting? Seems that other you let spew

        • There is a traditionally “endearing” quality to laughing at women drivers. And women have generally accepted it or at least were willing to let it ride, using it as a tool for avoiding things they didn’t want to do. A sort of a shared and useful way of distributing work, like women taking care of sick men while men clean up storm damage. Men clean cars but not bathrooms for example.

          The only problem comes that some people take the idea so seriously and universally that contempt for fully half the population gets taken to damaging lengths where women are actually deprived of livelihoods, health and even life.

        • The “cum on” in your handle (which is not one you have used before) led me to believe you were making an unacceptably crude statement about the women in the march.

      • That also depends on age. It bothers me that when aca was being passed and rates based upon useage and genders were being talked about the upriasing and fuss that was generated over the health care side of the cost differances, yet it is widely known that teen males pay the highest rates for auto insurance. In all fairness if risks are factored for one type of insurance it should be allowed for all insurances and averaged out, regusrdless of gender. That is my issuses though maybe even a pet peve , yet i understand in our changing world it all takes time.
        Something people should be aware of however is that the companies that are developing the tech for the self driving cars and trucks have been fighting to place the responsibility of insurance on the owners of the cars and trucks instead of taking the responsibility of their programs on themselves. That places the owner , or primary rider in a position to trust their tech to a point they will be legally responsibile under the laws that are being passed instead of the companies that put these self driving autos on the road.

        • People need to understand that someone always pays for government regulation. Who pays is frequently based on political clout or correctness.

  • Just a reminder, slower vehicles must move to the right notwithstanding the speed limit!
    I know people are stupid and want to speed but you shouldn’t “rolling roadblock” them. It promotes dangerous passing on the right.

    • The road is not the place to prove that you have some control over the exterior world, because you don’t.

      • Ha. Where I mostly drive, moving right is a 200 ft drop off a hillside. Pulling into a turn is periodically possible but those driving fast are usually too impatient to be waiting for them happen. Like running up a rear bumper is their idea of encouragement.

        • I should have clarified that I was referring to highways with 2 lanes going the same direction like the “safety corridor”.

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