[UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: It Could Spread to Roadways Near You] “It’s Hailing in Eureka Tonight!”

A reader, Polly Kinsinger, sent this in saying, “It’s hailing in Eureka tonight!” At least three vehicles spun out on Hwy 101 around the Humboldt Hill exit though the chatter on the scanner said this was due to standing water photos from the scene show hail on the roadway. (See more here.)

Hail on Hwy 101.

Hail on Hwy 101 near the Humboldt Hill exit. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 9:21 p.m.: According a tweet by the National Weather Service in Eureka,

Small hail can quickly collect on the road resulting in very slick conditions. If you find yourself driving on a hail covered road, remember to slow down by easing off the gas pedal. Do NOT slam on the brakes & try to avoid overcorrecting as you could lose control of your vehicle

UPDATE 9:24 p.m.: According to Kinsinger, “The hail and the water have frozen together to make a sheet of ice.”

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: The hail could impact roads all over the North Coast, according to the National Weather Service and shared by Caltrans.

“This is an urgent safety message for motorists from your National Weather Service in Eureka. Small hail is expected in Del_Norte and Humboldt counties including highways 101, 199, 299, and 36. Multiple reports of small hail on roadways in the vicinity of Eureka this evening. Small hail is possible through the night and into tomorrow morning. Small hail can quickly accumulate on roadways resulting in very slippery conditions. Motorists should slow down and make sure their headlights are on. If driving on a hail covered road, go easy on the brakes and steering wheel to avoid a spin out. Instead, ease off the gas pedal to slow down gradually.”



  • Hey NWS folks, what are the temps around eureka right now?

  • People are dealing with ‘feet’ of snow in half the country, along with ice and freezing temps. We have 1/2 inch of hail, and people don’t have a clue how to drive. Some of these people are as dangerous as a drunk driver. Pretty sad. Hope everyone is ok.

    • Why be critical and say it’s sad? If we were used to having hail or snow on the ground people would understand how to deal with it and know how to drive in it. Last night’s hail came and went pretty quickly. The motorists effected probably didn’t even know it had fallen when they drove over it.

      I seem to recall many a YouTube video of vehicles crashing and sliding out of control caught on cameras in places where snow and ice are a regular occurrence.

      If we could all step back, stop being judgmental, and accept that we are all human, imperfect, yet doing our individual best to traverse this physical world, there would be a lot less hate, fear, war and human suffering. Love…

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        They didn’t know it had fallen when they drove over it? Safe driving demands awareness of ambient conditions and adjustment in driving to those conditions. They couldn’t see the street? Pull over, call for a tow, get off the road. Where were these drivers when the hail came down? Another dimension? How can you miss it?

        Way too many California drivers refuse to alter their driving for the weather or road conditions. Pedal to the metal, devil take the hindmost.

      • I agree Wog 1000 percent!

  • Its 46 in McKinleyville right now

  • “… 1/2 inch of hail, and people don’t have a clue how to drive.”

    Hail is ball bearings… made of ice.
    When I see hail on the road, I pull off and watch the accidents!

    • I was once caught at the top of Fickle Hill when it went from sunshine to inches of hail in a few minutes. Nothing like looking down a drop like that sitting on the “ball bearings” you mention.

  • Always listening to bs

    It takes common sense and people just don’t have that anymore.

    • There has been no change in that item from one generation to the next. There are old wrecks off a road that I use that cover decades of the same mistake at the same stretch of road.

      Maybe the difference is that experience has taught you caution. There are always a coming generation needing to learn similarly.

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