Report of Two Armed Subjects Attempting to Gain Access to Home in Fortuna, One Eventually Arrested for Public Intoxication

Last night, law enforcement responded to an urgent call for help because armed subjects were believed to be breaking into a Fortuna home, however, the end result was one individual being arrested for public intoxication.

At approximately 10:50 p.m., emergency dispatch received a call reporting that two subjects, at least one brandishing a gun, were trying to gain access to a home in the 3100 block of Matthew Lane. The suspects were known and named to dispatch by the resident. Fortuna Police responded to the area as reports came that the subjects were gaining entrance to the home.

About the first four minutes of the video above, taken by neighbors mainly from an upstairs window, shows two subjects apparently trying to enter a home. The filmer says he can see a long gun like a shotgun or an AR. The latter part of the video shows the scene after Fortuna Police arrive on the scene.

According to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht of the Fortuna Police, when officers arrived on scene they eventually located an intoxicated subject, Jared Johnson, age 27, in possession of an airsoft rifle. “The reporting party did not want to press charges,” Ellebrecht told us so Johnson was arrested for public intoxication. No other suspect was arrested.



  • Ummm. Kym. Did you mean for your News Stream ‘headline’ title for this article to be, ah, redundant? You need more coffee this morning? (Or is it me?) 😉

  • He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the back by the Fortuna police

  • Good job FPD.

    People have been shot by police for similar stunts.

  • The person who recorded this posted it to YouTube which in turn was taking and posted to Facebook without his consent.. very desperate people I guess..

    • I certainly don’t want to post something that the videographer doesn’t want posted but according to August 2, 2012 the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that as long as you are embedding a video (not downloading and uploading it as your own) you aren’t committing copyright infringement. The uploader has the option to make a video not shareable and if s/he doesn’t, it’s presumed that s/he is giving permission for allowing this to happen. When a video is embedded, all the views on other sites like mine, count to the views on YouTube. If the video is monetized, the money goes to the uploader of the video. It’s as if it was viewed there.

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