Head On Accident on Myrtle in Eureka; Road Blocked

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAccording to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, “Deputies and medical are responding to Myrtle Ave. & Hall Ave. for the report of a head on traffic collision. Roadway is blocked. Please use another route.” This was posted just before noon.

An ambulance is on scene.





  • Time stamp would be nice.

  • My apologies. I was handling another story and forgot to add a time in. This occurred a little before noon. At this point, I don’t have any details.

  • HSU must be back in session, watch out! There will also be at least one wrong way driver on a one way street within the next week, happens every time skool starts.

    In LA theres no enforcement of no talk/text laws, theyre used to texting speeding and tailgating.

    Hopefully the chp/epd will finally listen to all the residents who have complained, and put an officer with the rounds of myrtle, old arcata and Jacoby creek!!

  • This intersection really needs to be pulled out of existence. There are wrecks there constantly in all weather. People going in and out of Hall run that stop like they are the only ones on the road. People coming around the corner going down the hill are usually speeding faster than the 35mph (which is too fast for that traffic spot). Then you get the afternoon/evening sun and no one coming up the hill can see a thing even with sunglasses. I would like to see them cap that outlet at Myrtle! Make them use Hubbard & Myrtle where there is a controlled traffic light.

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