17-Year-Old Sentenced to 7 Years for Burglary

Press release from the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office:

District Attorney DA Humboldt

On January 9, 2018 Superior Court Judge Feeney sentenced 17-year-old Matthew Snider to 7 years in a Juvenile Justice facility for the crime of residential burglary (Penal Code §459 – 460(a)) while in possession of a firearm (Penal Code §12022(a)(1)). Judge Feeney determined Snider’s sentence because Judge Hinrichs concluded that Snider should be tried as an adult following a hearing in June 2017.

The conviction stems from Snider’s actions in November 2016. On November 20, Eureka Police Officer Bise responded to a burglary call in the 1500 block of L Street in Eureka and found the residence ransacked. Security footage showed four subjects approaching the residence. Subsequent investigation revealed one subject entered the residence through a bathroom skylight. Multiple personal items were stolen during the burglary, including jewelry.

On November 26, Eureka Police Officer Southwell responded to a burglary alarm at the same address. Officer Southwell received back-up from additional officers from the Eureka Police Department and a K9 (police dog) Unit from the Fortuna Police Department. The K9 found Snider hiding in a dryer. Snider was wearing jewelry stolen from the residence on November 20. Officers observed a pile of personal belongings stacked by the front door of the residence; the security alarm had been ripped off the wall and disconnected. Access to the residence had been gained by breaking a sliding glass door.

Later inspection of surveillance footage revealed Snider exiting the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked in the driveway, then walking to the back of the residence holding a firearm at his side. The homeowner later located the loaded firearm that Snider brought into the residence under some clothes in a laundry basket.

Earlier Chapter: Juvenile Burglar Caught Hiding in Dryer



  • Not worth trying to rehab this one. Lock him away for good.

    • You are not qualified to know who will and will not be redeemed. On the other hand, keep up your judgement and you may find yourself ineligible.

      • How dare anyone judge a convicted criminal harshly!

      • You’re passing judgement on people who are passing judgement?

        • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

          You’re questioning the judgment of someone who is passing judgment on people who are passing judgment?

        • isn’t that what this comment section is for? grandstanding?

          “as long as you’re better than someone you’re doing alright” -no one ever

      • J. Worthingham Fatback

        Judgement is EXACTLY what you get in court, after stealing someones stuff and getting caught. And ADULT is right. I don’t know what YOU were thinking when YOU were 17, but I was married a year later (18) had a job and a home, and at 17 I knew that stealing/burglary was an offense that would get me locked up. Didn’t YOU know that at 17)? In THOSE days, the prisons had room, and 5 years was probably the least you would get for burglary with a firearm-hell, maybe TEN years! This (and his ilk) kind of punks are taking Eurtweeka down the tubes at a very accelerated rate. Having pity of these thugs ten-fifteen years ago was the BIG mistake. Did you think that they would grow out of their ‘phase’?

        PROPOSAL: Automatic 10-15 years enhancement for ANY crime where the perk is toting a firearm! (might slow things down a little!)

        • Brown just reversed the gun enhancement, google it, after all the bullshit laws he passed on guns and ammo he does away with the one thing that might help keep violent criminals in jail, the guys fuckin nuts 🥜

        • I’ll vote for it if you foot the bill. Prisons are full and expensive. Do away with the police go back to hill justice and it will end

  • Haha yes! finally some justice! Keep it up!

    • a good lawyer will have him out in the morning, somebody violated his rites, and numerous other things, he will run for senator next fall! don’t send letters, just telegrams. soon to be out.

      • The trials over. Too late for lawyers. He does time now. Its too bad that the Ca Youth Authority (CYA) can only hold people til they are 25, then they have to release them.

        • J. Worthingham Fatback

          you must have skimmed right over that part that said “TRIED AS AN ADULT!”

          R.T.D.I. (read the black part….you know, READ THE DAMN INK!

          He might be housed in CYA, (preston or the like) but if he screws up, catches a new charge while in custody, his time will well exceed the original 6 years, and off to the BIG HOUSE for this tweek!


            • He was sentenced. I think it’s harsh given what I see the same judge Probate daily. Why should this kid go to prison and marcy kitchens gets probation and suspended sentences. In this county it’s not tour crime but if you pay

      • Can you not read?

        • Moot question these days. I am frequently astounded by the lack of comprehension & inability to express thoughts…or even spell. These forums are quite a showcase for the failure of our educational system.

    • Agree. Fuking tweeker theives are the lowest of society. Throw the key

  • Explain this please?! He’s 17 y.o. being tried as an adult but will serve time in juvie hall? WTF?

  • Double speak outside of cheek

    Glad to see punk juveniles get held accountable for their actions. I don’t believe he will be spending 7 Years in Juvie. He will go to California youth authority or whatever it is called now.

  • I can’t help but wonder what his home life was like. What programming and messages did he get???

    • His home life? Is that an excuse for illegal behavior?

      • Brian. No. Not “an excuse”. But it is a way to help understand this very young offender and his potential for rehabilitation. If his home life was a warm, nurturing environment it will inform ‘the system’ differently than if his parents and his programming were highly dysfunctional.
        In the eyes of society the Matthew is still a child, and as such, while he must be punished for his terrible choices, we should offer him every opportunity to redeem himself. There are many, many stories of (young) men who have done worse things, who have been redeemed and have gone on to make fine contributions to society.
        I don’t know anything about Matthew, other than what is written here. And so I am not yet giving up hope for him to turn himself around.

      • Not everyone is looking for an excuse. Maybe looking for the cause so the issue can be addressed

    • Most likley a junkie parent too…

  • Let me get this straight… He got busted at the same residence he had burglarized a week before while wearing some of the stolen items from the original break-in? And they say homo sapiens are an evolving species.

  • Come to Fortuna and do that the so called cops will just let you go, I am fed up with tweakers and homeless they come out at night like cock roaches.

  • Betty Lou & SD, I love your comments on this article! !

  • Why is everyone assuming he was a druggie? Doesn’t say a word about that in the DA’s press release. You don’t have to be on drugs to commit crimes. I mean he didn’t sell the jewelry he stole, he was wearing it.

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