Slow Speed Pursuit in Fortuna on the Wrong Side of the Road/ Driver Flees on Foot

High speed pursuit

Background photo by Oliver Cory

According to scanner traffic, at approximately 12:44 a.m., a driver and his 1998 Nissan fled at speeds under 25 mph when Fortuna Police attempted to stop them. The driver failed to yield after the officer signaled him in the 100 block of South Fortuna Boulevard. The driver then went up what scanner traffic indicated was the wrong side of the Boulevard. He then traveled onto Main Street with an officer following in his own vehicle.

The driver turned south on 16th Street. He then stopped near K Street and attempted to flee on foot. The officer quickly captured the suspect and took him into custody.

UPDATE 8:48 a.m.: Orrin Bradley Brown was arrested for a misdemeanor probation violation, driving with a suspended license, and evading a peace officer.



  • Otis from Mayberry?

  • ‘fled at speeds under 25 mph’, that just made my morning.

  • U can’t make this stuff up…

  • He was just trying to find River Walk he’d lost his way.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana?

  • Had to be that evil weed making him drive so slow lol

  • This man chose meth over his beautiful wife and four amazing kids.
    He get’s arrested on a weekly basis.
    Catch and release.


  • This is the same man who was arrested on Jan 1 (less than two weeks ago) for leading police on a high speed chase at speeds of over 100 mph from Fortuna to Orick. His name was mis-reported as Orrin Bradley and it said that he also goes by Warren Brown. He bailed himself out of jail the following Saturday, bought another car and now has been arrested for evading police again. And guess what folks! Less than 7 hrs after that arrest, he’s been released. Law enforcement is working with two hands tied behind their backs. This is insanity.

    • That or just ensuring jobs and of course getting people riled up to pass tougher laws because everyone without a goverment job or badge os just a crook that jasnt been caught

  • >”Less than 7 hrs after that arrest, he’s been released.”

    Released or made bail ? (again)

  • Next, we will be hearing about him killing someone because of his driving. These stupid laws have to be changed, and the props allowing people out of jail repealed. The start to a lot of good change, hopefully, will be when our governor leaves office.

    • Something needs to change, that’s for sure. Once you give up a legitimate life, with a family and a job and a mortgage, there are no consequences after that. The jail is just a revolving door, so if you have nothing and you don’t care about your credit or a job, it really doesn’t matter

  • >”This is the same man who was arrested on Jan 1 (less than two weeks ago) for leading police on a high speed chase at speeds of over 100 mph from Fortuna to Orick.”

    Jeeze… did his license get suspended ????

  • So the people who support decriminalization of illicit drugs will have their way. He will be held responsible only when he has managed to kill someone. Until then it’s only his personal choice.

    • The USA incarcerates a greater percentage of her population than did Stalin’s Russia. That’s not the problem.

      • Drug addicts are the problem? The US also has more illegal immigrants than everyone else too. Maybe related?

        People start spouting statistics from dubious sources without understanding . Stalin killed many millions- the lucky few were in prison.

        • People who think like you lead us down the path of dictators and tyrants. Illegals and ‘illicit’ (not booze?) drug users hardly caused Stalins. Pol Pots and Hitlers. Only hate. The kind of hate you seem to want to wallow in.
          Seek some perspective in your life. Take a walk. Talk to your neighbors. TURN OFF THE TV.

  • Fortuna cops what a joke we caught the tweakers that has been breaking into our house these pieces of shit have stolen over ten thousand dollars worth of goods Fortuna cops don’t bother calling them they released these tweakers and sent them on there way even after one had broke his probation and one had tweak on them. What the he’ll is going on we can’t even feel safe in our own home street justice is what needs to happen what a wonderful town this is turning into , please no negative remarks my husband is terminally ill and we did not ask for this any ideas on how to take back our town and safty?

    • Vigilante.
      It’s creeping.

    • The FOPD is doing a great job with the resources they have. It’s not their fault these tweakers get released from jail. Blame our Governor and the voters of California for that one.

    • I caught a guy going through people’s stuff, even going up to doorsteps pillaging in peoples porches, i follow the guy while describing his actions to dispatch, when fortunes finest caught up with him on smith lane, they shook his hand and sent him on his way, I stopped the great officer that he is and asked what’s up. He told me the guy is paperworth 5150 and gets a free pass cause he was hit over the head a few years back. True story! I’m taking it the guy will be hit over the head a few more times before this gets taken seriously.
      I use to think fortuna had a good police force, clearly it has gone to shit and we will be the next eureka. The cops (some not all) don’t give a rats ass about anything but that dinky paycheck.

  • Half the people commenting say the police are too arbitrary and are bullies. The other comment that they are too lazy and incompetent. We have the police we asked for. They know more than any one commenting that the law favors the lawyer, not the law enforcer.

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