Fortuna Author Donates Proceeds from Book Sales to Scholarship at CR Named After Her Murdered Cousin

This is a press release from Nicole Dahl Creative:

In 2015, writer J. Lynn Bailey’s dream became a reality. She was offered a book deal, and a four-book series order at that. Black Five, the first novel in the The Black Chronicles Series was released and very well-received. J. Lynn Bailey, a Fortuna High School graduate, had made her mark in the Young Adult fantasy fiction scene.

In the midst of celebrating this incredible triumph, tragedy struck in the form of the 2015 school shooting at Umpqua Community College in southern Oregon.

Amongst the victims was Jason Dale Johnson, a man Bailey called her brother. Johnson and Bailey were, by definition, cousins, but were raised together as children, side by side, by their single mothers.

Johnson, well known for his kind smile and generous spirit, left a hole in Bailey’s heart; a hole where Standing Sideways was born.

Veering away from the fantasy world of The Black Chronicles, Bailey poured her heart, soul, and grief into a new story. Standing Sideways follows the ups and downs of protagonist Livia Stone as she navigates life after the death of her twin brother, Jasper.

The result is a powerful, emotional, and gripping novel that explores survival, courage, and compassion. Standing Sideways has been reviewed as “beautiful and poignant, “a relevant story about growth and love,” and “an incredibly important book.”

Parents and teens alike will experience smiles, tears, and, at the end of the book, a life changed in more ways than one. All of the proceeds from Standing Sideways will be donated to the Jason Dale Triumphant Return Scholarship at College of the Redwoods, a fund designated for those who are making their own triumphant return to college.

J. Lynn Bailey will be releasing and signing copies of Standing Sideways at Glamorous Boutique (1095 S. Fortuna Blvd) in Fortuna on Tuesday, January 30th at 6pm.



  • I’m grateful to know this woman, personally, and have known her for many years. She is a prime example of the rewards to which perseverance, strength, and love will bring. Knowing Jenn’s life, the hurdles she has overcome as well as the trauma she has felt and conquered are nothing short of awe inspiring. She, with the support of her incredible husband, have created a wholesome family life in which they continually and unconditionally give back to the community. Anyone that says, “I can’t do this”, or, “I don’t have time”, or,”Poor me”, would benefit from a conversation with Jenn. She is a true inspiration to anyone. Not only is she, unselfishly, giving the proceeds of the book toward education, the novel is a good read!

  • Thanks for covering this feat and honoring a local raised young woman. Published! Congratulations. I’ll look for her books.

  • Look forward to this being available in e-book.

  • Nicole Dahl, another great piece from you!

  • Awesome story. I want to read her books.

  • I’d like more info on the scholarship. My daughter list her lil brother to a horrific murder in Klamath. He was 13. She was 17. She us 20 now starting full time at CR. So proud. Keep your heads up.

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