Concealed Carry Holder Shoots Co-worker in Leg While ‘Manipulating’ Firearm, Says EPD

Officers speak to people on the balcony of the motel.

Officers speak to witnesses on the balcony of the motel where the shooting occurred last night. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On January 10, 2018, at about 9:25 p.m., the Eureka Police Department, Humboldt Bay Fire, and City Ambulance responded to a hotel room on the 200 block of W. 5th St. for the report of a male that had been accidently shot in the leg.

The male received a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Based on the investigation and statements, it appears that out of the area contractors were drinking in their room when they began manipulating several firearms. One of the males pulled the trigger and accidently shot his coworker in the leg. The involved parties were in legal possession of the firearms and the shooter is a CCW holder.

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  • Manipulating, code for playing with guns.

  • And yet people act like it’s a good thing every time another variety of alcohol or alcohol-serving establishment appears…

  • A firearm is more likely to injury a member of your household than defend you from danger. Of course everyone thinks they’re the exception.

    • Unfortunately, that statement is similar to “most traffic accidents happen close to home”, or ” Most car accidents happen to those who drive a car”. After all, the amount of time you are around the gun vs the time you are protecting yourself with it HOPEFULLY are vastly different than one another.

    • Think about your statistic, how many people report a home invader they shot and how many people report a member of household accidentally shot, pretty simple logic,but I do prefer the taser around the house, no harm no foul

      • I cant imagine any significant number of people fail to report shooting a home invader. Makes me question your sanity.

        • Why include an insult in every post?

        • Someone who lives in the hills may tell a neighbor they shot a intruder that was trying to steal something but may find it a waste of time to report it if law enforcement is always hours away, assuming the intruder was wounded and fled [edit]

    • I ve owned guns all my life (61) never harmed anyone and especially a family member.and all the people I grew up with have never either.probably because we got our first gun at twelve after our safety Hunter course.then our fathers took us hunting and instructed us for several yrs.i assume that most gun accidents occure from lack of experience and or playing with them under the influence such as this case.maybe you have a standard liberal rhetoric statement you could apply here then that inept statement

      • Right, because your personal experience is superior to aggregate data. Most accidents occur not from lack of experience or ignorance of safe practices, but instead to people who think they know the practices so well that they can choose to ignore a few.

        • hmm, your comment about people who know (safe gun) practices but choose to ignore them is well taken. That may well be what happened in this article with the accident on January 10. The link to the Washington Times article to me is an example of how stupid some people can be, not someone choosing to ignore safe gun practices. Who in their right mind would carry a loaded and loose hand gun in a car, with children? Anyone who thinks a four year old is mature enough to know about guns is themselves limited mentally. All of the gun owners I have met over the years maintain control of their weapons at all times, never allowing an inexperienced person to handle a weapon without strict supervision in a proper environment.

          Gun ownership is one of those rights that may have been considered normal a long time ago, but today I believe it should be considered a special right that places the gun owner under high scrutiny. To do otherwise may lead to events like the one in this link. Please note that this link leads to a very disturbing event.

          Back to the article. Perhaps the shooter in it should spend a week in jail (and have his permit revoked), just to give it some thought. Perhaps the person shot should also spend a day in jail. Anyone who hangs around someone who is mishandling firearms is themselves not so bright.

      • Exactly, Patrick. The gun is as good or as bad as the man carrying it.

      • You have got that exactly right. My dad, uncles and grandpas taught me absolute respect for guns at a young age, something no amount of training in later life can give you.

        This guy had obviously had some training to have a ccw, but he violated so many basic safety rules it seems obvious he never faced the threat of having his gun tossed into the river if he ever pointed it at someone even on accident, or if he ever picked it up without checking for an empty chamber, or if he ever hovered his finger over the trigger when he wasn’t shooting.

        • “Tossed in the river”? I still remember my first bb gun and my father telling me he’d “wrap it around my neck” if I screwed up…

    • …and here comes the false statistics parroted by those that repeat the left’s propaganda without question or doing any kind of research of their own. The truth is that firearms and alcohol do not mix and should never be mixed any more than alcohol and cars should be mixed (alcohol related car crashes kill far more people every year than firearm negligence or crimes but the libs never call for car control or alcohol bans). The bottom line is that this person, and any others present that were drinking and playing with guns should immediately lose their CCW permits and be charged criminally if warranted. Hold the involved party responsible, not all gun owners.

      • I’m left-wing, and an advocate of banning all internal combustion engines (for environmental reasons), and drug-related stupidity should be given a Darwin award.

      • Unfortunately “holding someone responsible” comes after the injury. Is the world not to even try to do something before that accident waiting to happen actually happens?

    • If you care to spend an hour away from social media and do a bit of research you’ll find that the number of violent crimes stopped or prevented by armed citizens is much higher than the number of people murdered by bad guys with guns. You do have to actually look for these numbers since the gun grabber politicians and the increasingly dishonest media will not report on this. The truth is out there, you just have to look for it….and it is not found in any “safe zones”…

  • Guns are more fun with booze!

    Sounds like someone needs to take another round of gun safety classes.

  • The only thing that will stop a good guy with a gun is a dumb guy with a gun.

  • Thay need there ccl revoked

  • Someone needs to go back to school. Alcohol and guns do not mix well, and the number one rule is : treat all firearms as if they are loaded, and never point it at anything you would not want to destroy. Really stupid! It is this kind of thing that gives all responsible firearm owners a bad image. Glad no innocent bystanders were killed.

  • unbridled phillistine

    Once the alcohol comes out the guns are soon to follow. Do not play with guns while drinking folks! Dry fire your brains out! lol

  • The CCW permit should be suspended and the guy should be required to attend gun safety classes, just as DUI and domestic assault suspects are required. These clowns did all the things that good gun safety is not. It is not the alcohol’s fault or the gun’s fault, just poor choice and irresponsibility by the gun owner.

  • >”Once the alcohol comes out the guns are soon to follow.
    Do not play with guns while drinking folks!”

    +1 on that. Drinking weapons.
    Lots of er… other’ stuff should be put away when drinking too.

  • Yes the permits will be revoked, there is zero tolerance for ccw carriers and stupidity, as there should be, now who were they contracted for? Packing guns and getting drunk in town on a Wednesday?

  • Revoke the CCW! What he did violates just about every gun safety rule there is. Maybe there is even reason for negligence charges here. He could have just as easily killed his friend!

    • or an occupant in the room below. they should have include a pic of the work truck. it looks like the surveyors working with Cal-trans on 4th. he will lose his job also, without a doubt. workers comp may get involved due to per diem.

      • Lol wow you guys should be detectives lol, you guys have no idea about any of cracks me up how everyone acts like they know what’s going to happen

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!! Didn’t California pass a law saying that all pistols have to have a loaded chamber indicator to make sure this type of thing can’t ever happen?

  • Big macho men and their guns and drink. Pathetic.

    Unfortunately where I work we sell alcohol. The same people come in day after day, including many health professionals. Folks, your loved ones may be in the care of a nurse who drinks a quart of vodka every night. No lie.

    • So you think alcohol sales should be banned, or just the gas station you work at?

    • Hey actually these guys are family men and are not even those macho guys your talking shit about, how can you guys judge these guys when you dnt even know them, I personally know both of them and they are hard working men that provide for there family

      • Because they were drunk and playing with guns? What more would the have to do before it’s ok to judge them negatively?

  • In my opinion, drunk and handling firearms can cause death.
    Lucky to get only a leg wound, could have been much worse. If you decide to drink, carefully unload your weapon first. Handle loaded firearms only when sober. You deserve to lose your friend AND your carry permit, and probably your job.

    • Every gun is to be ALWAYS handled as if it is loaded! …NO exceptions !
      Even if you just took the magazine out…It is still loaded! This one of the
      first things taught in gun safety courses.
      If you point a firearm at me, expect me to respond as if it is loaded.
      You may not like the response.

  • Maybe tonight he won’t miss.

  • I agree with Pat. And you’ll change your mind about guns when a ccw holder pulls out his gun and kills and active shooter mowing down an innocent crowd! You’re welcome. Don’t be dumb. First thing I was taught about my guns is never mix alcohol or drugs with guns. I’m 36 and never have in the 31 years I’ve had my own guns. There’s a process in which to obtain a permit. This guy will lose his, trust me.

  • With the exception of Sonny, huh uncle Pat? Lol!

  • I dont “ play around” with my 10 mm. It’ll blow your leg off!

  • I know personally only 2 people who have been shot by accidental discharge. Both shot themselves — due to carelessness and stupidity. Neither injury was especially serious.

    I do however know of many people who have defended themselves without firing a shot — simply brandishing the weapon was sufficient. A few days ago I heard yet another story from an elderly man who without question is an upstanding citizen. I suspect there is a huge number of incidents of this type where no shot is fired, no report is made and therefore never makes it into the sample space for statistics. Perhaps it`s a 10 to 1 ratio of this kind of defensive gun use that is never counted. Unfortunately, research is very difficult on this.

  • Was no one arrested? Evidently what they were doing, no matter how stupid, wasn’t illegal.

    I’m not condoning Wyatt and Docs actions but I’m not advocating stripping away their second amendment rights without a trial either.

    Without an arrest, trial and conviction, some of these comments harken to the firings of news anchors, actors, reporters, hosts etc without criminal convictions. For Pete’s sakes, canning someone without actual proof or official accusation in a timely manner is no better than a form of social media vigilantism.

  • Suppose this violates his CCC and it should be gone. I don’t think Sheriff Allman would allow that in Mendocino

  • They either broke the law or they didn’t Kitty. They were also in a motel room which was probably considered their residence at the time. They weren’t driving around drinking while playing quick draw McGraw. The gun was fired accidentally not on purpose.

    I don’t profess I know more than I do but since there wasn’t an arrest, neither person must of been breaking the law.

    When people can be arrested for plain old stupidity, we better all look out.

  • Maybe a screening question should be asked before selling anyone an intoxicant. “Do you own a gun or know where you can have access to one?” Then bar them from the legal sale of the substance.

    Unfortunately there are always people making an effort to pursue their impulses, illegally if not legal. Those who advocate banning anything are going to lose.

    The only way to reduce gun violence in reality is to make everyone feel no need to have one. And good luck figuring that out. So many are addicted to violence in gaming, movies and TV that it should be clear that a large segment of the population loves the idea that a gun gives the lazy power over others. Deal with that idea and gun violence will dwindle to a minor problem.

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