Pups Abandoned Behind the Blue Room in Garberville Without Food or Water

Puppies abandoned in a crate

Puppies abandoned in a crate in Garberville. [Photo from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office]

About 11 a.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies learned that the pups pictured above had been abandoned behind the Blue Room in the alleyway called 2nd Street in Garberville.

The pups had no food or water and the crate was filthy, according to a tweet issued by the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Department believes these might be Basset Hound mix puppies. Do you have any information about them? Please contact the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.



  • Whoever did this should be found and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Enough is enough, Humboldt!

  • Unfortunately the law is not severe enough & as we all know, seldom enforced with anything resembling enthusiasm.

  • I disagree Stephanie. They should be commended for noticing they aren’t caring for the dogs properly. And fr leaving the dogs where can be found and in a manner in which they wouldn’t be run over.
    I certainly hope the sheriff isn’t asking where they belong so he can return them to an inappropriate setting. That would be criminal.

    • I agree with Ernestine. Thanks for not abusing these animals or leaving them where they would starve and suffer. I would rather see the people who leave their dogs alone out on the hill after the season get busted and shot. That is a terrible way to treat your most loyal worker and friend and so I think these people must be sociopaths.

    • That’s a nice way to look at it, but there are options out there to surrender animals – rather than leaving them in a dirty box with no food or water. I’m happy that they’re safe now, but this signals a much larger issue.

  • Those dogs are fine.They will find a new home and live happily after.
    Oh my god they went without water and food for an hour or two big stinkin deal.
    flipin bleeding hearts.You cant take them to the pound cant shoot them.What is a person to do?

    • Get your dog fixed so no unwanted puppies.

    • You are truly disgusting.

    • Perhaps give you the same treatment & see how well YOU like it???

      • unbridled phillistine

        I second that Dan Fuller! Lets see how he would like it? What a tool box you are Humkid. Cruel people suk!

    • Humkid, heard of having spay and neutering?

    • I am so sick of seeing all the homeless humans in Garberville carrying around puppies. Where are the Mothers of these pups? Can we locate them and offer to help with Spay or Neutering? I tell them all the time that PARVO runs rampant in Southern Humboldt and they just don’t get it. Makes me so sad. 🙁

    • Humkid,
      How do you know how long they were left in the crate?? I highly doubt that you do…
      Also, he/she could have taken the dogs to the Shelter instead of leaving them behind a building in a very small, dirty crate! There are NO EXCUSES for abandoning animals. It is not about having a bleeding heart, its about being a decent, caring, and conscience human being.

    • I’m ashamed you are a Humboldt kid. You are the kind of “kid” who’s part of the problem—selfish, cruel, and uninformed.

  • Garberville: Where the dogs run free, and the hospital CEO hires his daughter.

    How low down can you get? Garberville, the town with no standards, and approximately the same amount of class, sets the bar on the ground again!!

  • Too bad there wasn’t a camera that captured who left them. Put them in a cramped cage for a couple hours and see how they like it. I do agree, at least they placed them where they could be found. They will find a good forever home. Hopefully they can hang together as I am sure they have a special bond.

  • They Knew the would find a good home… DESPERADOS!

  • Just glad someone found them in got some safe food and water

  • Its a dog kennel .For dogs.They were found around 10-11 am. The bar closed at 2am.do the math .no one saw them the day before.like I said the dogs were fine.Obviously needing a new home.That is why the the owner left them there to be found.But you want to put them in jail for doing the right thing, the reality is unresponsible owners don’t get their dogs fixed.

    They dont look cramped they look fat and healthy .maybe a bit cold and lonely.People love to make a stink over abandoned animals left were they can be found and cared for.Would it be better for those responsible to keep them when they cant care for them that would be the real tragedy.

    Go invite some homeless to come camp in your backyard with their animals and save the world .Then we will see how much you love people and animals.

  • I am not selfish or cruel . just wanted to state some facts .how do we know they were hungry look fat and sassy to me.in a kennel built for dogs.with a blanket to keep them warm. Would it be better if they were left to roam the streets and possibly get ran over?I did not abandon them .I am very glad they have a new life.As Im sure the horrible person who left them had attended.

  • Seems obvious to me, the owner didnt care whether the dogs were ‘rescued’ or not. A person mistreating their animals isnt going to go bother with ‘dropping them off to be found & cared for’. Chances are someone else saw the need for rescuing them & did what they could to find them help. Im embarassed to live in a community of such judgemental people. I cant imagine anyone dropping them off in the middle of the afternoon and no one saw a thing. Could it be they were there for several hours and NO ONE NOTICED THEM til then? Now I find that very interesting…

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