Ferndale to Receive ‘Necessary Small School Funding’

Ferndale School from their webpage.

Ferndale Elementary School [Photo from their web page]

Press release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Senator McGuire has been a fierce advocate to strengthen our state’s public schools.

Earlier this year, Senator McGuire brought leaders from Ferndale Schools and five other small districts to the Capitol to permanently secure over $2 million for unique, small school districts across California. McGuire is pleased to announce that those in-depth talks were successful: Governor Brown included $2.3 million, permanently, in funding for six rural small school districts across the state, including Ferndale Unified in Humboldt County. If these funds weren’t included in today’s budget proposal, these districts would have otherwise stopped receiving “Necessary Small School Funding” – a dedicated funding source for unique small districts.

Necessary Small Schools Funding provides support for districts that operate very small schools, particularly those that are located in rural areas of the state and where students would otherwise have to spend an excessive amount of time travelling to and from school. The program subsidizes the high operating costs of small schools in districts that lack the size to absorb those costs. State law restricts this funding to very small districts.

“This is an equity issue. All students – from the rural corners of the North Coast to the urban neighborhoods of Los Angeles – deserve results driven schools in their community. Ferndale Schools are some of the best in Northern California and we are so grateful that the Governor agreed to re-instate this important funding back into the budget. This was truly a team effort with the community of Ferndale and today’s action will benefit generations of Humboldt County kids,” Senator McGuire said.

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