Breakfast All Day Collective Celebrating First Anniversary of Outer Space Arcata

This is a press release from the Outer Space Arcata:

ARCATA, CA: On January 19, 2018 at 7pm OUTER SPACE ARCATA located at 1100 M St, is throwing their One Year Anniversary party and kicking off a new fundraiser — with a party! Featuring performances by TRUST FALL (Olympia, WA indie rock); SQUILL (Olympia, WA heartfelt folk); LA MANCHA (Cumbia Rock, Arcata) and GROCERY OUTLIT (Siri, Cherish & Claire, Arcata). ALL AGES, $6. IN ADDITION to this Party, OUTER SPACE is releasing a compilation album of bands who have played at the space in the last year since opening. Proceeds from the sales of this album called “A YEAR IN OUTER SPACE” will benefit the continued existence of OUTER SPACE ARCATA. Artists on the compilation are: Sirena Victima; Rex Manning Day; Tufawon; Street Eaters; Aye Nako; Free Cake For Every Creature; Maya Songbird; Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries; Smile Bright; iji ; R. Ariel; SOAR; Hello Shark; Mister Moonbeam; Roman Candles; Palberta; Talulah Paisley; Julio Perdido; Total Bettys; Arrington de Dionyso; White Manna; Body Academics; Clean Girl & The Dirty Dishes. There is one track from each artist.

    The Breakfast All Day Collective, a DreamMaker Project of the Ink People Center for the Arts (Eureka, CA), opened OUTER SPACE in Arcata as an “Arts Center for the Community” on Jan 16, 2017. Since then they have hosted over 70 events in the building located at 11th and M St in Arcata. All of the events, ranging from poetry workshops, art shows, yoga classes, writing groups, and live music have been 100% ALL AGES, DRUG FREE and ALCOHOL FREE. OUTER SPACE is a volunteer run effort with no paid employees and is 100% grass roots funded. When there isn’t a scheduled event happening, OUTER SPACE also acts as a retail space for local artists, musicians, writers, and crafts people. Breakfast All Day Collective & Outer Space strive to provide a safe(r) space for people from marginalized groups and diverse backgrounds of all ages to express themselves and congregate with their peers. Outer Space focuses on community building, youth empowerment, and promotion of understanding societies varying forms of oppression through education and creative expression.

     “Young people should be allowed to have pretty unfettered access to feed their curiosity about the world and figure out who they are and what their beliefs and values are. I think that art is a really wonderful gateway to exploring different parts of yourself and the world around you,” Alex Nordquist, Breakfast All Day Co-Founder.

    Upcoming events at OUTER SPACE ARCATA include: 1/20 BROKEN SPIRIT (Anarcho Peace Punk from Portland, OR); 1/22 Signor Benedict the Moor (Hip Hop, CA), Pink Navel (indie rap, Boston), Kim Tilman (Alt-pop, LA) Orlando Kennedy (Pop a la Prince, LA); 1/30 Arrington de Dionyso (Olympia, K Records; 2/21 NO AGE, Flesh World (Art Punk, LA)


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  • Thanks Kym and Oliver! Hadn’t known about this place. What a fun, interesting, alternative community based entertainment venue!
    I plan to GO to Outer Space soon!!

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