[UPDATE 7:42 a.m.: Road Open] Both Lanes of Hwy 101 Blocked by a Rollover Accident North of Leggett

flagman at accident

A flagger stops traffic as an ambulance and emergency responders surround the accident scene. [Photo provided by Lori Ford]

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, at approximately 6:53 a.m., a vehicle, possibly a Silvarado, rolled onto its roof on Hwy 101 north south of the Peg House between Leggett and Confusion Hill. Both lanes of the highway are blocked, according to the CHP site. Caltrans, an ambulance, and a tow truck as well as other emergency personnel are responding to the scene.

We’ll update when we know more.

UPDATE 7:42 a.m.: The CHP is reporting the roadway is now clear.



  • Death Trap, happening everyday now, seems like anyway.

    • Seems like it …people need to slow down and put their phones down!!
      Not saying this was the case in this accident but I often see people on the highway with their phones in hand 🤨

      • JT your correct i few weeks back a kid in big high truck passed me doing 80 while on his phone. about 50 miles down the hill south 101 he hit cl trans truck that was parked doing work. not sure lived trough the crash. i stay to the right and let them all go by.

        jT your right

  • What the hey?? How many accidents in this area now? Need to do something for driver awareness.

  • Very little can be done on this stretch of 101, which I drive many, many times a year. There are signs all over the place posting speed limits, LED-animated signs posting your speed (south of the Peg House) and reminding you to slow down. If people don’t pay attention and slow down, the accident is their own responsibility. Last time I drove this, a yoyo in a red Mustang sat on my tail as I drove about 5 mph over speed limit, until I got fed up and pulled over. At the Cunningham exit, I was happy to see that he’d been pulled over by CHP. Hope he got a YUGE fine! Hahahahahah.

  • I drive it everyday. Just slow down

  • The roads are wet this morning. You’d think that would slow people down a bit, but . . . . . . .


  • If only people drove better cars, germans know what they are doing . I never have cell reception around there so not sure why folks would be on their phones other then playlists or checking time

    • Yeah, they’re sweet vehicles except for every-time you take it in, it’s 750 to 1100 bucks…..and there’s always something stupid failing on them like a module or some solenoid you need to remove major parts just to get to. No thanks

  • unbridled phillistine

    Fell asleep? Most likely snoozing thru the worst part of the road.

  • Yeah it was a siver gray little truck.right on its roof ..one lane traffic opened up at 7:35…

  • South of the Peghouse….is WAY south of Confusion Hill. Are you confused?

  • Yeah that area from north of Laytonville to Confuson Hill is the death trap. Can’t they declare it a “Safety Zone” and double the price of moving violation tickets? Then put in a checkpoint for driver intoxication (drunk or stoned) and just really hammer it for couple years? Morons are driving like idiots in this area, passing in bad spots and just acting like impatient, spoiled brats. This is a serious part of the road.

  • ……Yeah that area from north of Laytonville to Confuson Hill is the death trap……

    Only for people who are to stupid to observe the driving conditions of this part of highway.
    Slow the f down & put away your cellphone!!!!!
    Get a grip, this isn’t Hwy 5!!!!!!!

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