Welcome! Three New CHP for SoHum

New CHP officers in SoHum

Pictured from left to right are Officers Ryan Burris, Jose Maldonado, Neil Johnson and Lt. Randy England. [Photo from the CHP]

Facebook post from the Garberville California Highway Patrol:

On Friday, January 5, 2018, the California Highway Patrol celebrated the graduation of 108 new officers from Cadet Training Class II of 2017. Attending the graduation ceremony that day was Lt. Randy England eager to welcome 3 new officers to the Garberville area. Pictured above from left to right are Officers Ryan Burris, Jose Maldonado, Neil Johnson and Lt. Randy England. The new officers will begin their assignment at the Garberville Office with an administrative week where they get settled into the office and begin to learn the area. After the admin week it is onto 3+ months of field training with their respective field training officers. Congratulations to Officers Burris, Maldonado and Johnson. We can’t wait to personally welcome you to the office.



  • Congratulations boys. Hope you got an A in profile stops. We need more of that around here. Yes hippie, it’s legal but not.

    • Awhile back, my neighbor was a CHP & he told me that while the new officers are training in Redding, they are told that everyone in SoHum is a scumbag. Who knew? I thought & think there are a lot of truly nice folks here. Being a good neighbor never ever goes out of style…

  • Good luck boyz. You’re more than welcome here!!

  • Down with police


  • Southern Humboldt needs all the help it can get

  • Jose looks like he has an attitude. He must think that having wings on the back of his head makes him special! 😉

  • I can’t believe people are welcoming this expansion of a police state here. These officers are not here to make you safer, they are here to oppress locals and ramp up intimidation. You want more seat belt tickets and warrantless searches? This is for you.
    This community already has more CHP per capita than anywhere and they don’t respond to complaints. That is the Sheriff’s job according to them.

    • Could you tell me where you found the numbers of CHP per capita? I would like to compare.

      • Of course you are right to call me out for not citing a source. Because there is no source. Nobody keeps those numbers. The only knowledge I have is anecdotal. I’ve been here a long time. 30 years ago visitors commented on how many CHP they saw when arriving in this county. It really wasn’t that much back then, but the the ones like Anderson were really intrusive.
        Now it is ridiculous. I regularly see two or three CHP on my 10 mile trip to Garberville and often see two pulling over one car in the middle of the afternoon.
        I have driven across the country twice lately, and when I left Humboldt, I saw a few CHP in California, but After crossing the state line I never saw one-not one-until I reached New York.
        So that is the basis of my statement.

        • I’m going to tease you just a bit about not seeing any CHP once you crossed the state line…probably not too many California Highway Patrol in other states….

          But I know what you meant was just Highway Patrol. I’ve never noticed there being a large number here. I will say that growers trying to transport claim there is a large number by Willits which they call the Gauntlet.

          I would like to see some numbers if anyone has any. It would be interesting to find out if we do have a larger number per capita and if so, why.

          • Ahhh…yes! That was not really well articulated. Thanks for not taking the easy shot! Silly mistake. Of course I meant State Troopers or whatever they are known as in other states. Heck, the gauntlet is Garberville to Santa Rosa these days if you hear the stories. Especially since the majority of people stopped, do not get arrested and do not make a complaint.
            I was stopped 6 months ago for slightly tinted windows on 101 by Cloverdale PD.
            For no reason the Cloverdale Police officer asked if he could search my car. I said no. He asked me why and I told him I didn’t want my privacy disturbed.
            He told me to get out of my car (for our safety) and stand down the hill. He made me wait 45 minutes until a canine unit showed up. At that point, he ran the canine around my car for 10 minutes while his associate tried to pick a fight with me. Dog didn’t alert. Surprised the hell out of me! Thought he would signal his dog to alert.
            This is typical behavior by CHP also. They don’t seem to be interested in adding to our safety, only busting weed transporters. Maybe that is where the money is.

  • Probably funded with the new cannabis tax to interdict black market trafficking.

  • Thank God! We need more of you on the road. Good Luck.

  • Badges? Badges! We dont need no stinking badges!
    Would be nice if they patrolled Alderpoint and Shelter Cove roads.
    Also ticket all the cars with wonky maladjusted blinding headlights.

  • How do they find housing here?
    No one else can.

  • Well all you anti-police folks can kiss my balls! However when I look at these guys all that pops into my head is the movie SUPER TROOPERS. I see a Ram, a Rod, a Rabbit and a Mac.

  • Just what we need is a whole group of rookies to stop everyone just to get to know them . At least that’s what the last group said . I never thought I’d say this but I wish we had Dave Anderson and Mike Stickles back !

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