New Temporary Location Agreed to for Trinidad Lighthouse and Bell That Was in Danger of Sliding into the Ocean

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse with PoppiesTrinidad Memorial Lighthouse with Poppies

Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse with Poppies.
[Photo from the Trinidad Chamber of Commerce Website]

Joint press release from the Trinidad Rancheria and the Trinidad Civic Club:

The Cher-Ae Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, the Trinidad Civic Club and the Yurok Tribe have agreed to a new temporary location for the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse and Bell.

Over the course of multiple meetings, the above-listed organizations developed a plan to move the monument, which stood for almost 70 years on Civic Club Property in the City of Trinidad above the historic Tsurai Village Site. In mid 2017, Trinidad Civic Club was notified that the Lighthouse was in danger of sliding from its current location on the bluffs overlooking Trinidad Bay. If the steep slope had completely failed it could have done damage to portions of the Tsurai Study Area below.

On January 5, 2018, the stakeholders arrived at consensus regarding the lighthouse’s temporary relocation. The parties agreed to move the monument from the Civic Club Property to the Trinidad Rancheria Harbor Property, where it will be staged until a permanent location is identified.

Parallel to the settlement discussions, a large group of Native and non-Native citizens advocated for the protection of the village and funerary remains by occupying the site for 12 days.

The Tsurai village is one of the largest traditional Yurok village sites. The natural harbor created by Trinidad Head offered access to abundant marine resources as well as ample opportunities to conduct commerce with other coastal villages and tribes.

The Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse, erected in 1949, contains a lens from the original Trinidad Head Lighthouse, which was built in 1871. The Memorial Lighthouse and Bell will be relocated prior to the end of January 2018. The Memorial Lighthouse, Bell, and the plaques commemorating those buried or lost at sea will be moved to a permanent location once the appropriate permitting process is completed and a final location identified.

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  • So where is the harbor property located? I’ve been going there for 44 years. Have pictures there with my grandparents, parents, cousins, my kids and now my grandkids. Went there last week and couldn’t get this year’s picture because of all of the commotion around it. Will we be able to see it when it’s moved??

  • Just wondering if we have a heavy rainy winter in the next few years and the cliff slides down on the village site, will they blame the city? Will they make Trinidad Civic Club responsible to pay for any work or damage? It looks like mother nature will eventually bring down that cliff anyway. Then what? Hopefully the city files a release of responsibility for any future damage caused by natural erosion. Hope it all works out.

  • So is this temporary location the same spot that was previously stated about twenty feet from current location?

  • Wow so sorry to hear your yearly picture taking was interrupted by “commotion”. Not.
    The horrible deaths native peoples were subjected to on the beaches below the lighthouse ought to make you at least step back from your first world problems for a second or two.

    I would imagine the harbor property means just that, the big parking lot next to the harbor that the tribe owns.
    In case you didn’t know, the pier would be in shambles and the restaurant closed if not for the tribe taking ownership and fixing things up.

    Im sure your picture taking next to the thing will be possible, its an interesting reflection on society that people want their pics next to a non-functional not used lighthouse. It serves no purpose….oh that’s right you’ll say its to honor those lost at sea, and I respect that.
    If that’s how you feel then why aren’t the native peoples allowed the same respect to have a spot for the same reason that is actually the very ground their ancestors are laid in???

  • Funny, one tribe agrees to something and another doesnt yet , because the folks side with the tribe that agreed to things , they are somehow less supportive of native rights ? This is a pointless battle and basicly proves that certain people will do anything they can to disrupt anything unless they get paid. Even using this saddly over used and often cheapened social battle , eveytime it is used in thus manor it cheapens it just a bit more, and before to long no one will care because of the misuse and that will truely be a sad day.
    And before anyone wishes to comment about i might be some privledged white guy that wouldnt understand, allow me to inform all that i have very close ties with pnw tribes, raised along side many ate in their homes attened pow wows sweat lodges fished with and along side, helped raise children worked to improve services on several reservations as well. So while i might be white i do feel i have a right to my opionons on many native matters as my family and i have spent several generations with many natives included as not just friends but family members as well.

  • much ado about nothing seems to be the continuing saga of Trinidad.

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