Jail’s Body Scanner Finds 50 Xanax on Woman During Booking, Says Sheriff’s Office

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jamie Marie Remington,Humboldt County Correctional Deputies stopped a woman from smuggling controlled prescription medication into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility thanks, in part, to the facility’s new full body scanner.
Around 9:50 a.m. on Jan. 9, 2018 an officer with the Arcata Police Department brought Jamie Marie Remington, 26, into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility to be booked on felony charges. The officer alerted correctional deputies that Remington had possibly tried to conceal something during the arrest process. During a pat search of Remington, deputies were unable to locate contraband. A female correctional deputy performed a full body scan with the facility’s body scanner. The scan revealed contraband located inside Remington’s underwear. Body ScannerDeputies searched Remington and found 50, 2mg Xanax tablets.
Remington was booked into the facility on the following charges: assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, felony vandalism, smuggling a controlled substance into a correctional facility, assault, battery and possession of a controlled substance.
On April 22, 2016 the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received funding from the Community Corrections Partnership, a committee formed as a result of AB 109 Prison Realignment Act, for the purchase and implementation of the full body scanner. xanaxThis scanner is capable of looking through clothing and inside the human body for hidden contraband or weapons being smuggled into the correctional facility. The full body scanner has proven to be a helpful tool in our effort to make the Humboldt County Correctional Facility a safe and drug-free environment, allowing deputies to minimize the amount of drugs and contraband smuggled into the facility.



  • If the jail has this type of body scanner, how do drugs continue to get inside the jail? This could be said for every jail or prison. Seems the only other possible answer is either visitors or jail employees. Makes ya wonder………?

    • Aquaman knows the answers

      They can’t just use it on everyone, they have to have reason to believe the person is smuggling drugs.

      • Before even entering the courthouse building, every person has to take their shoes off, their belt off, empty pockets and be scanned; with no reason. A simple body scan would prevent drugs in jail. Simple solution.

        • But you can say no and leave just dont go in,its a choose you have the right to make,when you go to jail u dont have the right to leave,to many x-rays can be harmfull to a person in the long run .

        • Yes, however some could say that in order to have access to the courts one must be searched , which to most is unreasonable, there by breaching civil liberities. I cant wait to watch someone with time sue and get that whole thing changed. Think about it, our courts and goverment is so fearful of the population that they require everyone to be searched by armed guards before entering. To me , there is no need to fear folks unless you know or plan on taking advantage of them. One could say that they are being unfairly denied access to local goverment and courts by being unwilling to summit to these searches. Hell i will do almost anything to keep from flying commericial anymore due to the joke that tsa is. All that wasted money, when for 3 to 5 k i can charter a flight , never going through tsa and put anything i want on the plane. Oh and i dont have to deal with sick crying fussing kids either

    • Correctional Officers.

    • Simple. Not every person is scanned. Work crews aren’t scanned when they return to the jail either.

    • To these previous comments….to prevent drugs from entering the jail, why don’t they start using it on everyone entering the inmate part of the jail? They should suspect everyone, and everyone gets scanned. Would definitely be a huge deterrent from trying. Simple solution and wouldn’t have to use a high paid officer to run the scanner 24-7.

      • Simply put there’s too many moving parts. COs, work crews, visitors, deliveries, food, etc. you can’t check everything and convicts are very resourceful and innovative. Like everywhere else drugs find a way when there is a demand.

        • If that is truly their reasoning, we need to elect new officials. Either that, or just start serving drugs with inmate meals and make it easier for them. With some time, determination and effort, there is a way to stop drugs from getting to inmates, if they really care. Wait until some food server or delivery person finds a way to smuggle in a weapon and opens fire. Then maybe things will change, but too late.

        • Just like the airports?

    • The gaurds bring it in.

    • So…no one read “the New full body scanner”? IT IS NEW! Which means…they didn’t have it before!

  • butt flavored Xanax? or maybe fish? Think I’ll stick with toilet wine thanks tho.

  • The convict will always find a way

  • I could see the smuggleing charge if she had attempted to enter the jail of her own freewill , but since she was brought in by law enforcement officers i fail to see how one could say she was trying to smuggle into jail as jail was not her intended destation

    • True it would depend on the location of the contraband, however I believe that when they enter the jail they are told that if they have anything on (or in) them they will be charged that way.

    • Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Everyone knows, or should know, it is illegal to bring any drugs, firearms, etc. illegally into jail. Anyone who says they didn’t know, deserves to be charged for it.

  • Kind of defeats the self discrimation portion of things doesnt it ? Either admit to it and give it to us where you will be charged or risk holding onto it till later when you can get rid of it without being charged. Seems wrong to me, but then i see most things differantly.

  • A very obese woman once smuggled a meth pipe and lighter into the Mendocino co. jail by hiding it under a roll of fat on her obese body. Do a Google search on ” Kelisha Alvarez” if you`d like to see a photo of her charming visage.

  • Excuse me, do we or do we not have a Xanax detector? (Anyone else a Stargate fan?)

  • “contraband located inside Remington’s underwear” so a good old rubber glove strip search would have found them….but how do we justify the machine? Wait we just did…..Not a big fan of so called ultra low x-ray devices.

    “The flaw is and will continue to remain with staff. Staff are not checked,” he said. “The people who have unfettered day-in and day-out access to these institutions are the only ones who are not being checked.”

  • Fact is 20 dollar drone can deliver pills and small phones

  • She does not look like your typical drug user she’s not all tore back yet.

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