[UPDATE 9:21 p.m.] Hit and Run With Minor Injuries in Fortuna

Hit and run

“The person is laying on the ground and that lady that is standing there I’m not sure if she was the witness but the car that hit him just left,” reported witness Shannon Coates who took the photo.

Last night at approximately 9:37, a 52-year-old man was struck by vehicle on Park Street near the intersection with Main Street in Fortuna. According to Shannon Coates who witnessed the aftermath, “We didn’t see it happen just heard the screaming and looked out and saw him laying in the road….Car that hit him just took off…”

According to Sgt Charles Ellebrecht of the Fortuna Police, the victim had minor injuries. It is unknown at this time if the vehicle was damaged. A witness told law enforcement that the suspect vehicle was gold . No other information is available at this time and Fortuna Police are investigating.

UPDATE 9:21 p.m.: Sgt. Ellebrecht was able to speak to the officer who was at the scene of the incident and after talking to him told us, “We are investigating whether the pedestrian actually walked into the vehicle or the vehicle bumped into him,…Preliminary indication is that the pedestrian was intoxicated and was transported to the hospital with a complaint of pain.”



  • Marcy…?

  • Hopefully that person is okay! I drive every day and there are alot of rude, belligerent, non-courteous, and speeding drivers.

    • It is not against the law to be rude or dis courtous while driving. However it is the polite thing to do. Just as no one should expect to have traffic move over so they can merge as the merging traffic is supposed to yeild in the first place. People who are left lane bandits are just as guilty of breaking traffic laws as those who are speeding since the law states slower traffic to the right. Perphaps if you notice the majority of drivers are being rude and mean, you might want to ensure that it isnt your behavior behind the wheel that is making them act in such a manor. I normally find most drivers a bit distracted not so much with phones but make up hair food kids ect. A good drive is constantly aware of not just controling the vehicial they are controling but of all other vehicials around them as well. Something to think about.

    • That dumbass walked into the car because silly told him she doesn’t want his sry ass no more

  • This isn’t an issue. We all know based on recent events that as long as you have money and leave the scene of the crime, you won’t get in trouble for it. It will just keep getting swept under the rug until they think it’s forgotten about.

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