High Speed Pursuit Through Eureka to Fields Landing Ends With One Detained

Vehicle PursuitAt approximately 4:50 p.m., law enforcement pursued a 1985 black Acura southbound from Eureka to Fields Landing. According to Operation Safe Streets, speeds reached approximately 90 mph.

An occupant was reported to be tossing items out of the vehicle. Dispatch warned officers over the scanner that driver was possibly be armed.

The vehicle was eventually stopped near the intersection of Central and West in Fields Landing. One person was detained.

UPDATE: DTF Arrests Woman After 90 MPH Chase



  • PLEASE push your reps to seek much tougher penalties for vehicular crimes like this. The laws now are a sad joke. The people who do this are truly so stupid they cannot comprehend that the cops have this thing called ‘radio’, and this is becoming too common. We have already had tragedies and innocent deaths in this community thanks to racers and other criminals. Enough!

    • grow up-the laws we have are well supplied with penalties.wouldn’t wanna be this person right now.tougher penalties never detered anyone anyway

      • Tougher penalties would make a difference. Most people committing these crimes, and many others, are repeat offenders, no license, probation and/or carrying drugs. Tougher penalties would take them off the streets, and keep them from repeating the same thing over and over; at least for several years.

      • “well-supplied with penalties”??? Wow. Please tell me you are not in the field of Law.


    • Yes, let’s focus on it being an unsafe police practice instead of blaming the driver causing the chase.

      • Cops chase a citizen for one reason…the citizen did not obey the mighty police command. Cop is pissed off so he must catch and punish the citizen. It’s all about getting back at the disobedient citizen. Most of the time the citizen being chased is not even an actual criminal. High speed chases are caused by cops. Every time. Oooh and the beating they get when caught…cuz by that time Mr. Eureka’s Finest temper is a flaring!

        • The heck with all those crimes and inconsequential things. Anyone not stopping certainly can be assumed to be innocent as can be.

        • Preach – I’ve been detained at a high school for not being on the visitors list. They told me I could not see my little sister (we came out the same vai-j-j) and I went to leave no questions. Campus police followed me to my car questioning my identity and reason for visit. When I refused – BECAUSE I WAS ALREADY IN MY CAR WITH IT STARTED they put me in handcuffs. I was so embarrassed. They are bullies #NWAFTP

          • Unless they found you with a loaded weapon and suddenly the same actions were called “heroic.”

            The thing is I have been stopped and asked questions by various police a few times and never was threatened, bullied or even hassled with unnecessary orders. But then I never was disrespectful and antagonistic either. Just waiting for a person doing their work.

            It’s not that I think the police are always right or even always honest but I have seen them involved in situations where the person they talked to would try the patience of a saint and I don’t expect the police to be saints either.

            Many times I have talked to a person who was fixated on a detail of the “illegal” behavior of the police that arrested them while dismissive of the fact that the police were in the position of defective only because they were being arrested for an actual crime themselves.

      • Bingo. (And see how I did that without YELLING?)

  • What is the need to chase ? Seriously, there isnt a reason unless someones life is in danger which 9 out of 10 times it isnt. Cop sees someone not use a signal , person for whatever reason doesnt want to stop and takes off , cops get to chasing , placing peoples lives in danger over someone not signaling is pointless. Before computers and cameras sure there might have been a need but seriously record their tag drive along side get their photi before turning on those red and blues , if they run , you know where they are going and have their photo. Not hard, unless you are using those minor stops as a reason to intimadate folks into admiting to other crimes which you did not have probable cause to stop them for in the first place .

      • Yeah. They do such stuff on tv cop shows and it always works out within the hour time slot.

        • I have seen it on ride alongs. There is a reason that califorina got sued and lost over pulling folks out of cars and checking all ids on routine traffic stops.
          It amases me how police and courts will tell you they do not have to tell the truth. Yet if you lie to them, they can put you away. Think about that. People treat police like they are something special, yet they admit to lieing in order to get their way. I ll bet that if anyone in your life told you they lie to get folks to do what they want most wouldnt have anything to do with them.

          • Just about every store clerk trying to shine on a complaint, every receptionist covering for their boss, every workman covering their mistakes, every doctor not wanting to listen, every bureaucrat who has heard it all before, every mother trying to give a child a reason for not doing something, every neighbor who threw something ugly over the fense, every child trying to get their own way, every reporter who did an incomplete job, etc.

            Everybody in other words at some point. Except apparently those who always seem to being dealing with only otherls defects.

  • I saw this go down in fields landing it was crazy to the police k9 was barking they had the dog out and she was caught glad the arrested her

  • hop on the bus Gus

    With todays technology they could have a police car mounted drone that would zap the computer of the car in question.chase from the air,not the highway.Much safer.

  • You people are hilarious. Complain about the high crime rate, complain the cops never do their job and then complain when they do, and always know the right way to solve the problem. Well get off your duffs and jump in with both feet. They are always looking for applicants. All these niffity ideas you post have been tried. Notice the lack of responsibility to most of the comments, the driver that chose to flee is not responsible for his actions, it’s the cops. They can pull beside the guy and take his picture…if you can catch him, if he’ll smile for you, if the car isn’t stolen, if he doesn’t pull his gun out and shoot the cop because he just committed a serious crime…it can go on and on. Try the job, try the split second decision making, the second guessing by everyone, and see if you still have all the answers. Todays technology is great, if you don’t have everyone complaining about being paranoid that big brother is watching, listening, or that someone else’s rights are more important than the safety of society. And then you have the criminals that use that same technology to pray on society, they are quicker to come up with new ways to commit crimes ; they don’t have to follow the rules. Bad apples on both sides adds to this no win situation. Everyone has an answer, no one can agree, it will only change when society takes responsibility for their actions instead of making excuses for bad behavior. And that does include law enforcement also.

    • so far you are the only comment to make sense. As for law enforcement you are dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t

      • Yup. Welcome to the internet. I’d love to see these people say these things to a cop in person. So brave from behind the keyboard.
        If someone is going to roll 90mph and risk everyone elses life, do you really think we should just let them go? They will only do it again and again until they DO kill someone. And believe it or not, cops DO use judgement when chasing suspects.

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