Woman’s Claims About Being Held Hostage Three Days With Children, ‘Not Quite as Reported,’ Says Sheriff’s Department

Humboldt COunty Sheriff's OfficeAccording to Samantha Karges, spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, just after 10:20 this morning, a female called and informed law enforcement that she had been held hostage with her children for three days by her husband in the Orick area.

She reported that she managed to escape, Karges said.

Law enforcement was told that the woman’s husband was possibly armed and responded to the scene.

“When we arrived, we made contact,” Karges explained and deputies are still investigating. However, Karges said, the situation is “not quite as reported.”

The situation appears to be a domestic dispute and deputies are still trying to learn more about the circumstances. But the woman and her children appear to be safe.

We’ll update when more information is released.





  • cabin fever is setting in

  • unbridled phillistine

    There is a difference from not willing to give a ride any where for 3 days and holding her there against her will. Setting up for custody battle?

  • Humbug County version of “SWATting” someone??? Call the cops o them & tell the cops they are heavily armed etc!!??? It is supposed to be “A Thing in bigger cities or so I’m told at least!!! Hoping this type of thing is not the latest of our woes!!!

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    It’s not nice to abuse your female partner, but it’s also not nice to lie to the Sheriff!

    Be good to each other, and always tell the truth!

  • In todays world, people think it is a status symbol or something to be or claim to be a victim of something. I struggle with alot of this. While everyone has real struggles , and people do and a right to their emotions and feelings on things, where is the responsibility of themselves to avoid or fight through? I often hear stories of victimhood used as excuesses for lack of action. If a person fails to act, are they truely a victim ? If someone yells at another is that the same as someone beating another ? I dont think so personally.
    At what point did it become acceptable to despise sucess and coddle or accept those who lack the drive to even try ?
    There will always be things that are easier for some and harder for others, the fact is the harder it is for you, the more you value it. The harder the climb the better the view.
    We need to start valueing the struggle. Instead of accepting excuesses.
    If it was i did xyz inspite of where or who or them and i accomplished xyz, that is something. But instead i see and hear, i cant do xyz because of who where or what i am or what someone else has done . I cant accept the latter.

  • I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Why not believe the woman?
    There are a lot of smart psychos in the world. It’s entirely possible that a charming and smooth man could talk a cop into thinking “she’s crazy” and act like everything is fine, when in fact…

    I don’t know what went on… just saying, there’s no more reason to believe a man saying “There’s no problem, Officer” than to believe a woman saying she’s been threatened or terrorized.

    • Thank you.
      My ex wrote a long letter to the judge when I applied for a restraining order asking the judge to have me committed and detailing all the things that proved I was crazy. He overplayed it and the judge granted my request, saying “I think we can see who is crazy here”
      I am forever grateful to judge Buffington.

      • Yeah. Gaslighting, etc., and putting on one face to the world, and another in private.
        Sorry about your experience, but glad you had a good judge. Jeebus, consider the alternative! Scary.
        We don’t know if this situation is like yours, but from what the article tells us, it seems just as likely as the opposite.

        • 2sides to a story

          My family member had the opposite. His ex played the victim and should have received an academy award. I lived there and all I ever saw or heard(in a house with no doors), was this woman screaming & beating on my relative. at the drop of a dime. He’d never touch her other than pulling her off him. It was so hard to not involve myself, when you see someone abusing your relative. I never could distinguish if her behavior was mental or if it was taught family dysfunction from her side. I always felt so bad for him. She then kidnapped his kids to start a new life with a stranger she met online. Told the kids, “Daddy’s gonna kill you!”and left the state with them. My relative won his custody in court when the judge caught her lying, during testimony.

          I’m one to believe a Damsel in distress but this situation was completely opposite. Folks were so quick to believe her. They never saw what I saw, cause she was too busy acting for them.

          • Had a similar issue with my ex wife, took 5 years of court before she finally “hung herself”. Had me in jail multiple times for domestic violence, never any evidence to back it up. I finally won full custody, she had supervised visitation, never used it. Go figure. So yeah, gender doesn’t matter sometimes, even large men are abused in relationships. Will say there is a huge difference if your partner is larger and stronger like most battered women, I didn’t have that, thank Bejesus!

  • Another A-hole getting away with kidnapping. The Dad probably told the kids if they didn’t lie he’d go to jail for a long time. I’ve known men like this my whole life.

  • There is abusive violent women out there too.Women have also proven to sometimes be Lying manipulating meth heads also.it goes both ways.

  • Drone pollinators inc.

    The real answer to her story lithium!

  • #belive women

    Because people with XY chromosome are incapable of lying.

    “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer”

  • This is my mom. None of what you are thinking is close to the truth.

  • Was she abused? #metoo. 😆 What a joke

  • When my ex husband went off the deep end, he threatened to kill me & our kids. He had guns, held one to my head, tormented me & the children by saying we were going to die. When I finally called the police on him, he acted like I was crazy. “He would never hurt me or the kids”… This went on for 2 years as we went through a divorce. He had visitation with the kids & told them all the time that he was going to kill me, or how would mommy feel if I killed you all & she never saw you again? It was horrible!! I feel for this woman & children if they are going through something similar. I finally secretly recorded my ex & showed the police to get them to believe me. They were shocked, because he was so convincing each time they talked to him. We would get middle of the night calls, him threatening suicide & wanting to tell the children goodbye. The kids cried every time they had to go with him. If they didn’t want to go, he’d drag them kicking & screaming out of the house. It was heartbreaking.

  • There must be something in the water orick is off the hook

  • Everything comes out in the wash. We’ll see.

  • The comment from “Mama” is spot on and particularly poignant. Abusers can be very intelligent, it’s like they went to some special school or something to try to take advantage of, or to be abusive to those most vulnerable. There should be some kind of anti-abuser training available.

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