Guns and a Threatening Message on Snapchat Post; Sheriff’s Office Reassures Community

Threatening message1 guns

The above image is cropped from a message making the rounds on social media yesterday. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office says it was not intended for McKinleyville High School but instead for a school in Virginia. [Image provided by a reader]

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Around 8:53 p.m. on Jan. 7, 2018, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received numerous calls from concerned parents regarding a perceived threat made towards the McKinleyville High School. The threat was regarding a Snapchat post made by a juvenile subject picturing numerous firearms.

Early in the investigation, Deputies learned the threat was not directed towards McKinleyville High School and no MHS student was involved. The Snapchat post was directed towards Monticello High School, which is located in Albemarle County Virginia. Deputies contacted Albemarle County Police Department and were informed the threat had already been investigated and charges were pending towards the juvenile subject.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, along with the superintendent of the Northern Humboldt School District and the principle of the McKinleyville High School would like to reiterate there was no threat made towards the McKinleyville High School.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office acted quickly to address the alleged threat and takes these types of social media threats seriously. Ensuring the safety of all students and community members alike remains our number one priority. For further information, refer to the following link:



  • Thinking allowed

    This is why this site is so useful. It’s timeliness and awareness of what’s important to its readers.

  • What's in a name?

    How many High Schools would have initials MHS in the United States? Hundreds? Thousands? Best take any threats seriously.

  • “Social media” will destroy the world.

    • Too late😁

    • So right, have an upvote. Oh we don’t have upvotes. Have a Like. Oh we dont have like’s. Have a hashtag#. Oh why do I bother?

    • this comment section is a form of “social media”. I have a hard time thinking the bozos and blowhards will have any effect on the world. Generation Z will in fact change the world. I will place my bet now that you will blame social media when that happens. in 2020 there will be 90 million new voters in the USA.

      • 1. They’ll have to vote to change the world.
        2. They will be influenced by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
        3. I will blame social media for the fake news that will influence them.
        4. There is a blowhard, and several bozos, in the White House, having a very real effect on the world. Who got there, in part, because social media was used to influence ignorant and gullible voters.
        5. Observe globally.

        • Obama pioneered the internet use of gullible and ignorant voters. And turned them into entitled twits who thought that the group with the nastiest tweets always had their way.

          Guess what? The same entitled fools keep trying to out nasty Trump. Too bad, so sad. People who instantly label a large section of the voters with a different opinion “ignorant and gullible” got just the elected official they insisted on. So keep insisting away. There is still room to get someone worse elected.

          • Ted Nugent 2020?

          • If you think people who are swayed by fake news aren’t ignorant, or gullible, I can’t help you. Obama had nothing to do with it. Sounds like you got just the nasty elected official you insisted on. Don’t blame me for fake fucking news, or any other shitstorm Facebook, or Twitter brings us.

            • Conservative Stupidity

              Mango Mussolini Chump trump reminds me of those old pictures of Hitler when he was surrounded by his terrified generals.

          • So the name calling and blaming infighting isnt a sign of gullible folks ?
            You do realise that all the seperation is designed by both parties, that is why issuses are fought so hard over and so lopsided yet are renforced daily even laws and rules passed and set into action are infact based upon seperation and fueling the fighting and hate, as a people divided is one easily controlled. No goverment has power that the people havent given them, this is why they keep us fighting, so that we can never unite and take their power away. Everytime you act in such a manor you arent helping solve anything but you are giving the goverments more power over you , no matter which side you want to stand on, you are infact being played a fool. And comments such as above just prove it . Open minds can see past personal beliefs and see large picture. Self rightous hate for any and all things that do not fit into how your personal views are , is just weakness and unwillingness to get along and accept others. Divide and concour has been the oldest and longest means to control populations , and yet here we are with supposedly smart people falling for it time and time again, each right in their own minds but still playing the part of fools

  • Back in the 1960’s and before, every parent and their ilk would have brought their arms and stood guard with a “go ahead punk, make my day” attitude.
    Today, they call the press and make a huge fear campaign out of it and forbid anyone to stand guard over the precious assets that have become profit machines for political agendas.

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