11-Year-Old Asks for Pet Food Instead of Presents

Two boys delivering pet food to animal shelter.

Seth Morton and his brother, Dominik, delivered pet food to the Sequoia Humane Society last week. [Photo provided by Jennifer Morton]

Anytime an 11-year-old boy says he wants pet food for his birthday…well, you got to wonder what’s up.

In this case, Seth Morton wanted to help animals so instead of presents, he asked people wanting to give him gifts to bring pet food instead.

“I’ve always really like animals,” Seth explained. “I just really wanted to help in some way.”

His mother, Jennifer Morton said that “he is a really sweet kid.” She said she has tried to raise both of her sons to help. “We do things in our community,” she said. “I want my boys to have a sense of helping even if it is only one person.”

Nonetheless, when Seth asked for pet food instead of gifts for his birthday, she said she thought she should give him some time. “I gave him a week just in case he changed his mind,” she said. “He is only 11.” Birthday presents are important to kids that age, she pointed out.

But, in a week, he still wanted pet food. So, she said, “I did a group text to friends coming to his party.”

Eventually, Seth gathered 172 pounds of dog, puppy, and cat food to donate to the Sequoia Humane Society. They showed up at the Humane Society near King Salmon last week, but no one was there yet.

“They weren’t open,” Seth explained. “We got there at 9 in the morning. But, my mom called them. They came with a cart and they unloaded [the pet food].”

Seth said he and his brother, Dominik got to go inside. They got to see two dogs. “My brother got to pet the boxer,” he said with a hint of wistfulness.

He told us he was glad to trade presents for pet food. Seth pointed out, “All I could do before was give them a bone sometimes. Now I got to give them this.”



  • Thank God for people like this young man. We need MANY more like him. The parents should be proud of raising a proper Human being. Amazing kid!

  • Mama you are just as sweet as your sons. Every now and than I see a spark of humanity and it gives me hope for my grand children and my great grand children.

  • Youngsters like this give me faith & hope in future generations. Thank you for being so caring & thoughtful Seth!

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • unbridled phillistine

    You are a great example to your little brother Seth! 172 pounds! Wonderful. Making a difference at 11 years old, Future looks good.

  • Awesome! Kudos to him and his parents (for instilling good values in their son)!
    Give Seth a speaking tour of other local schools to engage and inspire other kids his age.

  • Seth you “Rock” my friend God Bless You!!!!

  • Way to go Seth. Great job.

  • An incredibly AWESOME thing to do congratulations young man on setting an example of some others to get off their collective “Dead Butts” & do something for someone else for a change!!!!

  • Good on you seth

  • What a kind and generous thing to do.

  • very precious, so proud of you and your family Seth! happy birthday

  • Wow what a great kid! Feels great to know there are still great kids out there. You did a great thing Seth!

  • unbridled phillistine

    The more I think about this? The more I think he deserves a presents! Hope his parents still take care of him!Anyway! Good boy, I know I would.

  • These are great kids and they have a wonderful mother who works hard to raise her boys right, so proud of them and her.

  • Seth, you are an amazing young man. It really warms my heart to know that there are still people in this world like you & your parents who want to help & make a difference.

  • I just want to say thank you for all the warm appreciation that has transposed as a result. He is reading the comments as they come and the smile is enormous on his face. He truly is a great kid with a big heart. Your support and recognition means the world to him. He was blown away to have the article written and even more surprised about the reaction it’s bringing. Thank you.

  • Great mom, great kid. Nice story.
    GOOD JOB!!!

  • Thumbs up!!

  • Cabin in the woods

    Nice job guys!

  • (Not that) Guest

    Happy belated birthday, Seth! I’m going to my vet this week and I’ll pick up a bag of some prescription diet food to drop off at SHS in your honor. Good work (and you too, mom)!

  • Even though I don’t know you, I think you are an amazing young man. You have a huge heart for the animals who need a forever home. I am sure you will become a caring and thoughtful teenager and adult. Congratulations to you and your family!

  • Faith in humanity restored! Can u please make more kids? I think we need them…

  • A friendly helper makes our world just a tiny bit better.

    We all can do good deeds. This young boy should be an example to all of us that life is so much more than about ME. Practice Random Act of Kindness everyday. There are so many people who would appreciate a small act of kindness that comes from your heart. Nothing is too small. Examples: A woman had two items and was nervously waiting in line at WINCO. I told her to pass through the line and I would pay for her two items. She showed me a huge smile and passed thru. Total cost of her two items $6.58. It made her feel important and worthy and it made me feel good to help someone out. Or an elderly lady at Costco with a case of bottled water in her cart. I ran over and said, “let me put that in your car for you”. She was thankful and I felt good helping out. There are tens of people who would appreciate a little help. Do something nice for your neighbor. They will appreciate it. Or hold the door open for someone, man or woman. It isn’t sexist. And the guy who was parking outside of Target when it was raining. I had my umbrella open and walked over to him and shared my umbrella as we walked into the Target. Of course, he thanked me, but that is not the important thing. It is just finding a need of another person and helping out. We can all do something helpful for someone else. The need is out there everyday. You just need to raise your head up and look around you. Random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. Do ONE everyday and you will feel happy and even better about yourself. Our world doesn’t get better by itself. It takes a bunch of us to help each other out. No rewards, just help.

  • Thankyou Kyme. Wonderful young man.

  • Excellent job Seth!!! Making Humboldt proud.

  • This young man is the best. Solid Gold human. We need more conscious young folk, thanks man you made my day.
    Anything you need? X-Box,? Toys? What do you want?More dog food?
    You deserve it. Let me know and it will happen. Anyone else want to reward this stellar young man?

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