Sheriff’s Citizen’s on Patrol Presented with Community Builder Award by McKinleyville Community Services District

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

A Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office volunteer program received a big award this week for its work in the McKinleyville area.

The McKinleyville Community Services District (MCSD) awarded the Sheriff’s Citizen’s on Patrol (SCOP) program with the 2017 Community Builder’s award at the district’s board meeting Wednesday night.

“As Lieutenant of McKinleyville SCOP, I am extremely proud of these volunteers that are few, but very dedicated to serve the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and their community,” SCOP Lt. Marie Ruth said.

The MCSD Community Builder Award recognizes local individuals, businesses and organizations for their volunteer service, sponsorship, promotion of programs and events, outstanding service in the interest of the community and for other contributions significant to McKinleyville’s quality of life.

“Their selfless service and dedication to protect the McKinleyville community was the quality that made selecting them an easy choice,” MCSD General Manager Greg Orsini said.

SCOP is a volunteer program that assists the Sheriff’s Office law enforcement efforts. The first SCOP unit was formed in 1996 in McKinleyville and later expanded, creating a second unit in Eureka. Program volunteers patrol identified problem areas, conduct traffic control at incidents and events, conduct vacation checks and many other community improvement projects.

“SCOP on patrol saw a need for better School Zone signs and crosswalks on McKinleyville Ave.,” Lt. Ruth said. “SCOP contacted the facility responsible for painting and signage and had these put onto the street.”

SCOP volunteers also identified a need for a longer crosswalk crossing time allotment for middle school students on Central Ave. and helped implement the change. Program volunteers also suggested implementing yield signage coming off Highway 229 at North Bank Rd. to prevent potential traffic collisions. The suggested signage was put into place this year. SCOP volunteers also help with the Pony Express and McKinleyville High School Parades, Easter Egg Hunt and Trick or Treating crowd and traffic control.

“These are just a few of the events SCOP does to help our community and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office so deputies don’t have to put in their valuable time and may be use elsewhere,” Lt. Ruth said.

With much to do in Humboldt County, Lt. Ruth says the program is in great need of more volunteers.

“McKinleyville is now down to six active patrol volunteers and two semi-retired that still help where and when they can,” Lt. Ruth said. “Today the level of service that can be provided is limited by the number of volunteers.”

Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older, have a valid California Driver’s License, and pass a routine background check. Volunteers are provided with training and a basic uniform. Volunteers are expected to participate in at least one four-hour patrol each week and attend a one-hour meeting each month.

To join SCOP, download an application at Patrol-SCOP. Applications may also be obtained at the Sheriff’s Office Main Station (826 Fourth St., Eureka, CA 95501) or at the Sheriff’s McKinleyville Substation (1608 Pickett Rd., McKinleyville, CA 95519). Applications can submitted at either the Sheriff’s Office Main Station or the McKinleyville Substation.


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