[UPDATE 4:07 p.m.] Horse Injured on Loop Road Near Fortuna

Scanner traffic

At approximately 2:10 p.m., a horse was struck on Loop Road near Fortuna. The horse is still standing, according to scanner traffic, but it appears to be injured.

Several people are with the horse. Please be careful if driving in the area.

UPDATE 4:07 p.m.: A reader contacted us and said,

My daughter was involved  in rescuing this runaway Horse. Apparently while the owners were putting the mare in the  pasture, a nearby stallion aggressively approached them and spooked the mare. She bolted through the pasture, through the  fence,into the woods, taking with her several fence posts and strings of barbed wire. My daughter was able  capture the poor animal and return her to her owners. The  horse is severely injured with multiple large lacerations to her front legs and chest and has lost a lot of blood. Passerby were able to call 911 and  Police and veterinarian were on there way. Hope this helps. IMHO, animals and barbed wire are not good combinations.



  • I so hope the poor horse recovers fully

  • What irresponsible horse owner allowed their stallion to run loose? Who ever it was should be heavily fined at a minimum and/or have the animal removed if uneducated about stallion behavior or do not have the proper fencing to contain a stud. Scallions are to horses what wolves are to dogs. No matter how well trained or behaved they are potentially dangerous and any stud owner will tell you that you can never turn your back to one ever.

  • The HORSE will probably be just fine. I used to have a horse and I came to the pasture one morning to find a huge gash in his neck and a flap of skin hanging down several inches. It was the kind of wound that a human would need 30 or more stitches for. I brought the horse to the vet, who told me it was too late to sew up the wound, and had me wash it daily. I was amazed to see that huge wound heal right up in about 10 days and have hair growing over the scar.
    Horses are large animals and heel quite well and quickly from lacerations. Now broken bones and damaged joints are a completely different thing.

    • I certainly hope the horse will be ok, but after witnessing the accident and aftermath my first feeling was that euthanasia was the kindest choice. The poor animal had it’s chest and front leg completely flayed open, hanging like a Christmas ham, with major vascular/muscular damage. Barbed wire fencing is a real bitch on horse flesh. Not sure if the horse made it but sending lots of positive energy to it and it’s owners, regardless.

  • horse had to be euthanized

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