[UPDATE: Home Safe] Families Looking for Two Teens Missing From the McKinleyville/Arcata Area


Saige Olivia Mercado and Caleb Jadyn Hunt ArnoldTwo teenagers are missing in Humboldt County. “They are likely together,” said Ciara Hunt, the mother of 16-year-old Caleb Jadyn Hunt Arnold who went missing on Thursday from Arcata.

Caleb, Ciara says, has brown hair and brown eyes. He is about 5’11” and weighs approximately 200 pounds. Caleb Jadyn Hunt ArnoldHe was last seen wearing a green hoodie that says “Humboldt County Life.”

Saige Olivia Mercado is also missing. She is 13 years old. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. She is about 5 foot tall and weighs about 100 pounds.Saige Olivia Mercado If you have any information about either of the two, please contact the Arcata Police at (707) 822-2428 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE Sunday: A family member let us know that the teens are home safe.



  • You kids get your butts home!!!

  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    He’s on very thin ice.
    Consensual or not, a 16-year with a 13-year old is a mandated report under CANRA.

    • Doesn’t make sense.

      An eighteen year old can be with a fourteen year old but a sixteen year old can’t be with a thirteen year old?

      I cont believe that can hold up in court but from the chart see it can.

      • Mercy Me, Mabel!

        That’s the way it rolls.

      • thats because when your 18, your an adult and then it’s rape…

        • The chart says a 20 year old can be with a 14 year old without reporting it as child abuse. I’ll draw my own conclusions on the chart validity, thanks for sharing it

          • My conclusion is that it is a worthless piece of crap. According to this thing someone 14 years and 1 day old can have sex with someone 13 years and 360 days old and that is supposed to be some kind of abuse. Give me a break. Kids will be kids and all this age of consent stuff is such arbitrary crap. Age does not equal maturity and if there is some definite moral line how come it changes so much once you cross imaginary lines on a map.

            • A reply to Freedom Club. Well said and true! Kudos to you.👫

            • That’s a pretty hefty accusation to throw around for no good reason. Care to dispute something I said? Or would you just rather hurl around a term that I would bet you don’t even truly understand the definition of?

          • Mercy Me, Mabel!

            The chart is a valid depiction of California’s “Child Abuse Neglect Reporting Act criteria”. Doubters ought to check that CANRA link I provided — that’s why I provided it.

    • Mercy Me, Mabel!

      To whom is your remark directed?

      • I hope it is directed towards you for sexual abuse allegations when there is zero evidence in this article indicating that these two had any type of sexual relationship.

    • Liberal hypocrisy

      Well look the “Bob Costas” of the comment section has drifted away from Loco and showed up here.
      Prepare for information overload

    • Maybe the 13 year old should get into trouble also maybe these Girls should face consequences just like the boys , just saying

  • Just because they are missing together doesn’t necessarily mean they ran away together, or does it? The story isn’t clear, or maybe unknown.

    • Mercy Me, Mabel!

      “’They are likely together,’ said Ciara Hunt, the mother of 16-year-old Caleb. . .”

      Mamas know.

      • Go back to loco

        • Mercy Me, Mabel!

          First of all, I was checking back to see if their story had an update & was glad to read they are home safe & sound.

          That said, unless I am mistaken Kym’s in charge here — not you. I’ve been reading Blackbelt from day one and once in a blue moon, have posted a comment when I think there’s something I can add to the conversation. In this instance, I thought to add a cautionary bit of info, mostly for the families but especially as a heads-up to a couple of teens who might not have been aware of a potential consequence of their walkabout.

          I was not suggesting that they should get into trouble, only that they might.

          I had no idea that would be offensive or that I’d get trolled here. Shame, that.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Let’s give these two some compassion. No evidence of sexual activity is presented here, and no one knows where these two kids are, or what caused them to be missing.

    Let’s not speculate, or assume. Let’s hope they are safe. When they are found, let’s nurture them instead of blaming. Hopefully, if they decided to have sex, they planned ahead to be responsible.

  • Yeah!!! Their mothers have just posted on Facebook, that they are home safe and sound.

  • Who cares about their age! Let’s hope they get home safe!

  • Atleast their home safe & warm

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