[UPDATE 8:47 p.m.] Cannabis Extraction Lab Explosion by Hyampom

Fire with explosionA cannabis extraction lab reportedly exploded causing a fire in the Hyampom area about 5:50 p.m., according to information over the scanner. The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department was requested to respond to the scene.

The fire department needed to use Hazmat protocol when fighting the fire. Reportedly, law enforcement is seeking a search warrant for the property.

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department won’t respond to any questions about the incident.

UPDATE 8:47 p.m.: One reader states, “They have a female and male from [Washington] in custody one with minor burns to hands.”





  • Pot extraction lab??? I don’t know what that is

    • Usually THC is extracted from marijuana using butane in labs that explode. Though that isn’t always the case. https://www.medicaljane.com/category/cannabis-classroom/extractions-methods/

      • Butane is used as a solvent; it dissolves the resin or whatever is in the devilweed that is desired. Butane is pretty close to propane, which your kitchen stove burns, except it has no odor. It`s of course extremely flammable; slightly more so than propane. The people using this aren`t trained chemists or chemical engineers or it seems even very smart and have no concept whatsoever of safety procedures or how to handle flammable gases. Their haywire procedures often allow a huge leakage of butane. Being odorless, this isn`t noticeable and mixes with air, forming a flammable or borderline explosive mixture. Any source of ignition — throwing a light switch; lighting a cigarette or “fatty” then ignites this, resulting in the fire, explosion and crispily cooked stoners.

        • static sparking off clothing serves as a flash point as well

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Butane is also heavier than air and will sink and pool in poorly ventilated rooms resulting in possible suffocation but more likely an explosion from any random spark. Ice water extraction is not the most efficient method but is 100% safe and good for amateurs not interested in maximum extraction.

      • definitely saw some tricked out law enforcement trucks on hyampom rd today… its all comin together now

      • sigh and there is no need for these explosions,
        its folks using opencircuit blasters like the “honeybee(tm)” which exhaust the butane into the surrounding air that is the problem. The safer way to use such a device is to first get a 5lb dry chem ABC fire extinguisher, then locate a site away from habitation or fuel(on the sand is ideal) and in the open away from ANY ignition source which includes car engines(be downwind from all such).. and then proceed carefully. extinguisher at the ready, to do your extraction..keep in mind that Butane is at least as bad as CO2 for climate change when released into the atmosphere…

        a far safer route is to use a closed circuit extractor such as the Terpinator which uses refrigerant R-600(Iso-Butane) rated components and extracts the gaseous and liquid butane from the process for continual reuse and exhausts none or minimal amounts into the atmosphere..
        R-600/Butane is commonly used as a refrigerant liquid in camping fridges, motor home fridges etc and the technology to use and handle it safely in honey oil extraction processes DOES exist…

        fellow traveler

    • Beverley Sherman

      Makes oils & tinctures

  • The nitrators at the old Hercules Powder Co. at Hercules would on occasion explode. Each nitrator was in a revetment and had an escape tunnel with a thing like a playground slide for the operator to escape if the reaction got out of hand. I knew an old man who lived within sight of this plant in the 1930s. He`d seen several explosions and said he could always tell when the man failed to make it down the escape slide. The smoke would have a yellow color if the man was entrained in the explosion.

  • Whats the big deal Eureka is putting a lot of those labs in town now.

  • Caught em “red handed”

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    I went out to Hyampom a couple years back in September. I was astonished by the shape of the river there. It was horribly disgusting and full of moss and algae. What struck me the most was that the South Fork of the Trinity has no dams but was much more contaminated than the Klamath. Go figure. Happened to be a murder took place that same weekend. Too bad our beautiful counties have succumbed to the Green Rush.

    • The increase of moss and Algae are also caused by the many larger scale fruit and vegetable farms located along the river but the most damage comes from the increase of water that is diverted to the Central Valley from the trinity river! Water is the new gold in California!

      • Water is always gold. Our community, paradise, place in the sun is showing severe damage caused by greed and years of abuse. It’s sicking to sit back and watch it unfold as a future for the next generation

      • South fork trinity is not part of the cvp. It stayed more healthy looking this year near the confluence anyway cause we had more rain. Weed farmers contribute to river problems but you can’t blame them for a severe drought which is a natural occurrence.

        • Good comment. There’s also a 37 acre, non-organic vineyard on an old river bar that diverts all of Pelletreau Creek during the summer.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yes, exactly right. The undammed Wild and Scenic South Fork of the Trinity is not diverted into a public water system. “A couple of years back in September” puts Bluehaired Hillbetty in a major, historic 4-year drought at the end of the dry season. Of course the river was low. Poorly managed marijuana farms can be a problem just like every other ag. pursuit but are not the main problem.

          The Scott and Shasta Rivers, once known as popular salmonid streams, get heavily impacted by often-conservative ranchers. Will the DWR and DFW be jumpin’ up and down with these folks as cannabis farms come under rigid control? Dammed rivers often have higher summer flows because the water is released all year, unlike the South Fork. Hope this helps.

        • Greatnortherness

          None of the weather is natural anymore
          Fucking where have you been. Just look up its all toxic bad.

      • Fertilizer needs flushing?interesting perspective.

      • The government doesn’t divert water from the South Fork, but the growers do.

        • It’s a natural flowing river.. so you can’t blame the govt. The green color is due to all the cattle operations upriver, and sure why not blame the growers too I’m sure they contribute.

    • Bluehaired Hillbetty, That is so sad about the South Fork of the Trinity River. My in-laws have had property in Hyampom since the late 1940’s and when I started visiting them in 1970 and saw the South Fork of the Trinity it was a beautiful gushing river that ran through their property.
      So much has changed over there, as it has in Southern Humboldt it really makes me question the intelligence of the Human Race.
      Because of nasty, dirty, self centered actions we are reaping are the karma of our times.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        I’ve been to the South Fork Trinity a few times in recent years and it looks very good to me. When was the last time you were there? Since 1970? Don’t believe me or anyone else, except maybe your in-laws if they say so. Severe, historic droughts are always bad and look bad. They’re bad.

        • I used to fish the south fork of the trinity,it had a great salmon,and steelhead runs. That was back in the mid to late 80’s now the fish are gone for what ever the cause. Congratulations. You all suck, and if it was only the south fork that would be one thing, but it’s all the rivers,Smith,klamath, mad,eel,Mattole, Russian, all of them and all in prime grow zones…once again congratulations!

    • Bluehaired Hillbetty, many rivers and creeks in Trinity County experienced the same gross, green algae that summer. Canyon Creek, for one, was extremely low, lower than I’ve seen in in my 52 years of living in Trinity.


    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$COOL$$$$$$$$$$$$That shatter is worth 5 times more a pound $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Try not to get blown up or lose a leg$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • “Hazmat protocol” stand back a wait for it to finish blowing up however much butane was on site.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Fact is, hash oil is only the stupidest possible way to consume cannabis.

    Clearly, hash and oil can be made by other methods (in Pakistan and Afghanistan the solvent is water), but the criminals involved use butane since it is easily available, and since ANY IDIOT can make oil almost anywhere, with little equipment out of the practically free shake available by the ton in Humboldt, Trinity, Mendo and Lake…

    Go ahead, kill your lungs, dissolve your brain, burn down your landlord’s property – here is one more chemical our government should ban, since it is primarily used for purposes too stupid to ever talk about, and since most “hash oil”, which wasn’t invented recently (I first smoked some in 1972), is used by children, it should be tightly banned, and, harsh jail sentences should be given to the folks who cause these “occasional explosions”. I wonder how many local and statewide fires have been caused, and how many people have been killed, due to the obtuse, creating the unnecessary, to be consumed by the drug addict children… The fire that burned down Middletown and Boggs Forest and half of Lake County – caused by a hash lab? Check it out…

    • The Valley Fire that burned Middletown in 2015 was caused by faulty wiring in a hot tub, according to Cal Fire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_Fire#cite_note-19

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        Dear Ms Kemp,

        The persons mentioned in your link were not charged. Nothing was proven here, not in court.


        Early reports on Lake County news services indicated that evidence had been removed from a shed, on Cobb, where the blaze appeared to have begun. I admit I am struggling to find the story now.

        Let’s conclude that the manufacture of oil needs to be done by competent persons, using safe procedure, under controlled conditions, and using proper equipment.

        Whether or not these products are safe for human use, is another matter.

        Using volatile solvents to extract substances is very dangerous, and inadvisable. Calling these operations “labs” is a disservice to those who spend their careers operating various types of laboratories. The best thing you can call an “exploding extraction operation” is a “drug cook”, as their products are crude, used as street drugs, and are likely to be contaminated and not pure or high quality.

        • Nothing was proven in a court a law against the suspects. However, there is no significant evidence that anything but faulty wiring was involved and absolutely no evidence that I can find that a cannabis extraction lab was responsible. I don’t like butane labs but I do like facts.

          • In 2 months, in my Vacaville neighborhood in 2011, two houses exploded in flames.

            I moved.

            To Kelseyville.

            It is difficult in a fire of huge scope to obtain evidence. There were various reports at the time of the Valley fire, and the wiring mentioned here, was removed from the site where it was found. A kerfluffle ensued, but the fact is, little proof of anything exists, and there were no charges filed.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            That’s exactly right, Kym. Just the facts, ma’am. Please, no “alternate facts”.

    • Brilliant I didn't know

      So your saying growers use butane because it is more readily available than water?

      Inhaling butane is no more toxic than inhaling motor exhaust.

      If you want to save the planet, kill yourselfs, the “green rush” hasn’t ruined nearly as much of those wild a scenic forrest as usfs has by letting them burn.

    • Butane is a gas made up of some of the same chemicals that are in natural gas and used at oil refineries so if your going to ban the “chemical” butane start walking and hope your matches don’t get wet.

  • So it was a “hash lab”…..why doesn’t the news also say “hash lab” so all can understand.
    Having a hash lab is legal too???? How would you know if your Pot growers who live next door are doing the same dangerous “hash lab”. This sucks big time.

    • One way you might have a clue: Butane-powered hash labs make a lot of noise, at least the one that my tenant had… another reason not to have them anywhere around. Big grinding machinery sound, though it might be mistaken for an obnoxious generator.

      • Your tenant had a butane powered hash lab? Like a butane powered generator that uses electricity to extract thc from dope?

  • Another fine BHO Gart Product?

  • Turkey fryers have still caused more fires. The extraction process isn’t rocket surgery. A 6th grade science class could figure out how to make some “groovey shatter” or whatever the hell hippies say these days. It’s no more hazardous than filling a propane can just shouldn’t be done inside but is because no one wants to catch a charge equivalent to meth manufacturing because of a nosey snitch neighbors prying eyes. The term “hash lab” was spawned by media and the law trying to make it sound like more of crime and a bunch of growers thinking there Einstein for figuring out a elementary school science fair project.

    • No shit huh, me and my buddies were making honey oil by the time we were 14. but even then we had enough sense to do it outside and not render the shit over open flames.

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