Overdue Hiker Found by Shelter Cove Fire


The Shelter Cove Fire crew returning with the overdue hiker tonight. [Photos all by Shelter Cove Fire]

At 5:45 p.m., Shelter Cove Fire Department was dispatched to go look for a missing hiker. According to Cheryl Antony, spokesperson for the department, the hiker was supposed to have shown up for work today but had not appeared.

“The good thing was he had registered,” Antony said. The hiker had told the Bureau of Land Management where he was going and where his vehicle would be parked and what it would look like. The fire department was able to quickly ascertain that his vehicle was located in the north parking lot.

“We got up to the top and looked and we saw this tiny tiny light way down the beach,” Antony said. They didn’t really think they could be so lucky that it would be their lost hiker’s light but they sent a crew down the beach in their ATV.

The crew soon radioed back to her that it was their lost hiker and he was really glad that he was going to get a ride back.

“He had been hiking the trail for four days and hiked through a lot of rain,” Antony explained. “He got lost for a little bit….There were a couple of times he couldn’t tell which way the trail went…. Luckily, he had lots of gear…He had a cell phone but he couldn’t call because he didn’t have service…He was just so wet. His feet were really, really sore.”

Antony said the hiker “was a really nice guy.” She added that he was able to call his father from the Fire Department and reassure his family that he was safe.


The hiker tells the crew about what occurred.


The crew enjoy the hiker’s tale.



  • FFs kick ass. Nice job guys

  • Four days? Poor guy. Well done Shelter Cove VFD. Great job!

  • And my friend just got people filmed
    who ran the coast in 6+ hours.

    • What does that mean?

    • Is that good?

      • It means that those people fuk up out there too. Year n half ago one of those “extreme” runners ran off the trail,fell off a cliff on to rocks and broke just about every bone in His body. Luckily was found by hikers and it toke shelter cove fire and others 10 hours to rescue him and get him to a medivac helicopter. So point is…..shit happens on the lost coast!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The down-side of racing on a hiking trail is that you are much more prone to injury and you miss about 90% of the natural, outdoor experience that you allegedly came for. I am very glad for the hiker and great job to the Shelter Cove firefighters. The King Range is not to be trifled with. Getting a weather report and a tide book is required. The KR can take you if you have no idea what you are doing (or sometimes if you do) as this guy found out. Best thing he did was register with the BLM. One smart thing saved him. Funny, when you’re on the beach, the direction is north or south or up. He didn’t know which way he was hiking? Very lucky guy.

      • there are a half dozen other trails on the ridgetop of the lost coast trail
        all leading down to the beach, or to each other.
        some need bushwacking they are so remote and seldom used.
        it is very easy to lose your way out there.
        just look at a map of the king range trails.
        thank you shelter cove fire for helping so many hikers over the years.
        i miss you all down there!
        (and i miss the ocean)

  • Overdue hiker “found” on the beach on the way to his car…lol ok.

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