Aries is Past the Pesky Puppy Problems and Ready for a Good Home

dutch shepherd mix

A reader has been fostering Aries and is hoping to help him find a good home. She writes,

Let me introduce Aries, Aries is a Dutch Shepherd mix and is looking for his forever home. I am currently fostering Aries for Redwood Pals Rescue. All adoption paperwork needs to be done with them, see the link below.

In the time we’ve had Aries he has proven to be one of the sweetest pups ever. Aries is about a year and a half old so most of those pesky puppy issues are already gone. Aries knows basic commands, sit, come, lay, etc. Aries is also housebroken and does well in a crate.

Aries adores both my kids ages 11 and 8 and also enjoys playing with my 3 year old lab. Aries has been around my 9 month old nephew and is very gentle with him as well.

Aries is a talker when he plays, he tells you all about how he’s going to win at tug of war, I love how vocal he is.

Aries has one of the softest mouths, when he is playing with you he may be talking but if your hands get anywhere near his teeth he turns his head as to not bite, he is so very gentle.

While Aries is a talker he is not much of a barker unless someone is knocking at the door or there is an unexpected noise he thinks you need to be aware of.

All in all this guy deserves his people and not to have to keep couch surfing. If you are interested in meeting Aries please contact me and we can meet up. Thanks so much!


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  • Aw heck, if I could take another dog, I would snap this one up in a heartbeat. If he reliably stays when told and comes when called, that is worth its weight in gold.

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